Sunday, September 30, 2012



today's Nailpolish Of The Day is KIKO #341 which is a light turquoise blue color.

It is my first KIKO post so I'll guess I give you all the information you need to know about this brand right away :) I do have another one that I will swatch for you in a futur post!

Two coats are enough for full coverage, it dries fast and the finish is very glossy. You could wear it without topcoat but as I'm used to wear mine always with topcoat I did it for the sake of it. Also does it last quite long. ^^
Depending on the light (indoors/outdoors) this color can look turquoise but under sunlight lighter like a heaven blue. Enough words, more pics:



All in all a great color and great brand!

I also wanted to add a word about my new camera, Nikon D3100, DAMN the pictures I take with it turn out soooo great :D A close-up like on the last picture would have never been able with my other little Sony camera xD 

Bissous and have a nice Sunday!

Miss Irsada


  1. lovely color!!
    I actually got a bunch of kiko nail polishes this summer, they were all on sale for 1,5€ *O* I got nice colors for summer and for the winter time!

    1. Ohhh what do they cost normally when they're not on sale, cuz I payed 5 or 6 € for one. Which colors should I absolutely get? :)

    2. When they aren't on sale they usually cost around 3.99€. The Specially ones like the "rock-top " , the magnetic or the holografics are the expensive ones - they are 4.90 here.
      About the colors, I totally love their 389 (a really pretty mint green *O*), 289 (a really strong and vibrant pink), 300 (a really amazing metalic blue). They also have really nice greens and corals.Their pinks are amazing too!

  2. oh i love kiko,i always buy them in livigno (taxfree) so they only cost around 1,50 ;) In Berlin i think i payed around 3,90 for one :)

    1. Then I payed too much! xD I bought them from a girl on Preloved… for 5 or 6€ one. It was more spontanous so I didn't know the real price, but it's okay, it wasn't a fortune either!

  3. Wow that is such a pretty blue color.


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