Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Meet My BFF Azra - Make-up & Pictures By ME!


This is a post about my bff Azra, 25, years old and in 2 days she will be married for 1 year ^^
So I decided to dedicate this post to her since I was her bridesmaid #1 and felt like you guys need to get know a bit more of my life and she is a part of it. We know each other for almost 5 years now. This doesn't sound maybe like long periode but we found each other and I hope we stay friends for the rest of our lives. It's actually funny that we turned out to be friends at all since we both though from the other, when we first met, that the other one is arrogant. But then we both got to know each other and at the second meeting, we were laughing like best friends and were unseperable.

The pictures you can see are taken by me a few weeks ago. She was going to a weeding and asked for my help as a make-up artist novice :P

The pictures were taken at her apartement. I think the pictures turned out really great :) So she was wearing her hair up with a braid wrapped around. She has the most beautiful hair you can imagine, it's like horse hair so full and voluminous, unfortunately you can't see it here really since she has it together. And I'm also jealous because of her wonderful skin tone, she always looks like she got home from holidays at a sunny place and she doesn't need much of a foundation. In case you wonder about the earings, they are by Swarowski.

Products used:

(unfortuanately I can't specify some of the products as I used hers)

Clarins foundation
dark brown blush (don't remember the brand at all)

for the eyes I used:
BeYu Catwalk Star Eyeshadow palette #04
 Includes one dark, one light grey color and a white eyeshadow!
Then I applied slightly some glitter by Claire's over the eye make-up and under the eyes

Chanel Ligne Extreme No. 31 Encre Noire liquid eyeliner
(which has one of the smallest brush I've ever seen and used)
Dior Maximizer
Dior Iconic mascara
Dior Addict lipgloss (I think it was Evening Rose)
Some individual Wimp'rs eyelashes

Btw she was so lovely and got me the same eyeshadow palette by BeYu ^^ how nice of her!

That's it! I hope you like this post as much as I did.

Read you soon again,


Saturday, November 24, 2012

1 Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway Winner!


Once again, one of my giveaways has come to an end and it's time to pick a winner!!!

So the winner is…


RAQUEL ESTAN from RelaxWithPolish


This is your price:

Have fun with your new goodies!
Much Love,
IrSaDa ;) 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ready for fall/winter! - New in

Hi guys,

It's been about time for a new post and this time I 'm showing you the stuff I'm gonna wear this fall/winter.

Starting with my new jacket by Zara which is what I call a two in one jacket since it has on one side fur (fake) and on the other you can take it out and wear it as a thinner version. That's what I'm doing right at the moment. I'm waiting until it gets colder to put in the fur in ;)

This is actually not a new jacket I got it last year, it's by H&M. I love wearing only a trench coat when it's not that cold and raining outside. Then I just take this trench coat out of the closet and combine it with a fluffy scarf.


My new scarf in taupe! Bought at New Yorker.

My new shoes! Yes they are green, and that's what I like about them. They were calling my name when I pasted them at the store. I bought them in Germany at Deichmann.


I offered myself a new enveloppe clutch with long silver hardware that I can pull out or just leave in the bag.


And I got this smaller clutch with lots of skulls, also with hardwear.


And this clutch fits perfectly with my boots for this winter that are also full of skulls and stars! :)

These are the shoes I was wearing on Halloween (scroll down to see post), these are Jeffrey Campbell look alikes. I bought them at a german shop named Rose Moda in Trier for about 25€ and I must say they kept me away from buying the original Jeffrey Campbell Litas since they were so cheap but so comfy.

 And these are btw the stuff I bought a few months ago but didn't show you. I loved wearing this grey scarf this summer on days that weren't that sunny.

And the shoes are very comfortable so as I couldn't decide back then which pair to take I bought them both. ^^

I will be soon introducing you to my fall/winter nail polish picks :)

And don't forget to subscribe to my 1 year blog anniversary giveaway (sidebar) since you only have a few more days!!!!!!!!!!!



Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Liebster Blog Award/Favorite blog award!

First of all I wanna thank fashion5point2 and Mademoiselle-Mirabelle for nominating me for this award. I really appreciate it and I'm gonna answer both of your questions together in this post.

This is how it works: 
  • When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions.
  • You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you! (You can google the image, there are plenty of them!)

My 11 random facts:

1. I prefer staying at home sometimes then going out because I like being a couch potato than dancing all night at clubs :P
2. I'm a nail polish freak. I buy them everywhere and in unbelievable amounts xD I call them my little soldiers. And some of them I don't even try on but it feels good to have them.
3. I don't like my 2 older brothers. Kind of hate them but I do love my little brother because we understand each other better and laugh more often together.
4. I love cats.
5. I order books because people tell me you have to read this and this but never find the time to read them xD
6. I'm in love with Jared Leto... I feel like he is my soulmate. And I wouldn't care being with him even if he is almost 18 years older than me.
7. My room looks like a bomb exploded in it. Sometimes I feel even comfortable in that mess.
8. I used to try lots of diets but I do believe there is nothing better than fasting or/and doing fitness.
9. I started to go to the gym 2 months ago but my family has no clue where I'm going everyday. I want them to be all surprised when I suddenly look thinner and I will say I have no clue how I lost those pounds LOL hahahaaaaaa
10. I'm a very shy person when it comes to flirting. I would probably mess it up before it even starts.
11.  I check my facebook like every minute and feel disappointed when no one is writting something new and then get easily bored.

Questions aked by fashion5point2: 
  1. What’s your favorite book? I loved Harry Potter… All the Jane Austen books. A thousand shinning suns by Khaled Hosseini made me really cry. I also like Everybody loves you when your dead by Neil Strauss (which is a collection of the best interviews with stars).
  2. What’s your favorite online shop? Ebay.
  3. Why did you start blogging? Because I like to write, and I like to share my opinion about stuff I like and bought.
  4. What is your favorite accessory? I like to wear long chains.
  5. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? Sleeping until I feel like waking up, but still staying in my bed watching movies or shows on my laptop, listing to music, visiting family and in the evening 90 minutes work out and then back home watching some tv.
  6. What is your dream job? I am probably the only person on Earth who sees herself doing all kind of jobs, one after the other or some at the same time. Like I want to write a book some day or write for a magazine, I would like to do music, acting, maybe some fotoshootings but also direct myself or work as a photograph or work as a make-up artist. And I'd also like to do paintings… My list never ends!
  7. Do you have any weird habits? Well yeah there is one… not really ladylike. I don't even know why I do it but everytime before I flash the toilet I have to spite in it xD
  8. What is your favorite fashion piece you own? I would say my purple Juicy Couture bag :)
  9. If you could travel the world, where would you start? I would start in London, then Island (In case you wonder why Island? Because I'm fascinated by it's beauty, hot springs, mountains, and Björk is from there so it has to be cool there), then NewYork, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles (of course), Tokio, Shanhai and Dubai :)
  10. What is your vice? I'm way too kind to people sometimes…
  11. Can you speak more than one language? I speak 5 languages fluently; Luxembourgish, German, French, English and Serbo-Croatian (mother language) and I do understand lots of Portuguise.
Questions asked by Mademoiselle-Mirabelle:
  1. What's your biggest dream? Finding the one person that completes me.
  2. If you could emigrate to another country, which one would it be? I would probably move to Los Angeles Hollywood because people there are the way they are and don't give a sh… about what other people think of them, it's most of the time sunny and I like to speak English :)
  3. What's your favorite movie or series? My favourtie movie would be "Pride & Prejustice" because I love Jane Austen. And series: Pretty Little Liars, True Blood, The Vampire Diares, Gossip Girls, Naruto Shippuuden, Don't Trust The B In Apartement 23!, Gilmore Girls, and many more…
  4. If you won the lottery, you... I would stop working for a short time and leave tomorrow for my world trip (cities mentioned above) and do lots of shopping… but also donate some money as I know how it is to not have any money and being in difficulties.
  5. What's your biggest strength? I think my biggest strength is that I can see throught people and know in a few seconds who they are and what they've been throught or what they plan.
  6. What's your biggest weakness? My biggest weakness is that I have sometimes difficulties to concentrate on things that I'm not interesting in and start daydreaming about the things I do like/love and then notice that I have no clue what's going on/happened.
  7. What era should/would you have lived in? Probably in the future… a better future, where people are cooler than today.
  8. What's your favorite book? Answered above.
  9. What season do you like best? I would say Spring, because it's not too cold but not too warm.
  10. What's your favorite blog? I would say Lina's Beauty Diary since she is a good friend of mine and I often check what she's been up to.
  11. How are you today? I'm feeling good, just got home from work but I'm still in a good mood.
Blogs I nominate:

My 11 questions:

1. What makes you the most happy?
2. You can't leave the house without…
3. What would you never admit?
4. Your favorite color?
5. Favourite book?
6. Your dream man? Or things that turn you the most on on a guy?
7. Your biggest dream?
8. The most incredible moment you had so far?
9. What are you looking forward in the next few months?
10. Your favorite nailpolish?
11. If you were an animal which one would you be? Or what animal affinity do you think you have?

Once again thanks for the award! :)

In Love,


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Real Techniques brushes + REVIEW!


First of all, I'm really sorry that this post wasn't on earlier since I promised to do it 2-3 months ago xD Don't kill me. I finally found the time! Enjoy :)

So these review is about my Real Techniques brushes that are designed by the wonderful make-up artist Samantha Chapman, which is one of the famous pixiwoo sisters. If you don't know them yet go follow them on Twitter, you will not deny it, they are just great. (to follow them immediately just click here on PIXIWOO)

Starting with the Core Collection which includes a set of four brushes!

From left to right:

  • Contour brush: I use this brush to apply highlighter, liquid concealer, to contour the hollows of the cheeks to create a sheer soft focus finish and sometimes to put on liquid foundation
  • Pointed foundation brush: I use it for liquid foundation, pretty good coverage and to blend concealer 
  • Detailer brush: I use this little brush mostly for my lips because it's so easy to create a perfect contour of my lips with it but you can also use it for little concealing problem areas
  • Buffing brush: This is one of my favorite brushes among all I have! You can see that I use it very often since the color of the brush washed out a bit. I use it almost everyday to apply liquid foundation or powder and mineral foundation because as the name is saying it it buffs it perfectly into the skin and gives it the perfect finishing touch.

There is also a brush case that goes with this set. You can close it which is perfect when you travel or you can make it stand and take the brushes out easily for application and then put them back after you finished (pictures HERE).

  • Foundation brush: I use it for liquid foundation
  • Blush brush: I use it to apply blush and bronzer on my cheeks. This brush is really good defining/contouring the cheeks and it feels so good on the cheeks as it is so fluffy. It feels like a massage for the cheeks ;) Which makes it also one of my favorite brushes!
  • Stippling brush: I use this brush for stippling the foundation really into the skin for a full coverage and to take away the hardness of contour or blush on my cheeks going slightly over them. It is a dual fibre brush for creating an airbrushed high definition effect with any type of makeup (described by them).This would be my third favorite brush from all.

The second set I have is the Starter Set for the eyes! It includes five brushes and the same case as the Core Collection set with the same properties.

From left to right:

  • Deluxe crease brush: I use this brush for my eye contouring, to blend the color in my socket, to apply cream concealer under my eyes or to remove eyeshadow that fell off from under my eyes/on my checks
  • Base shadow brush: I use it to apply the eyeshadow on the lid and for blending it. By far the best eyeshadow brush ever. I just love the form of it, it allows a flawless application.
  • Accent brush: I use this brush to apply eyeshadow under my eyes, in the inner corner of my eyes of for some details depending on my eye make-up look.
  • Pixel point eye liner brush: I use this brush to apply a fine line of gel eyeliner. But I have to be honest I don't like it very much since it's kind of hard to create a thin line, you need lots of practice, so I only use it for thick lines.
  • Brow brush: This brush is for brow definition but I barely use it that way since it's pretty thick. I use it sometimes for eyeshadow under my eyes. But I'm not a fan of it.

  • Fine liner brush: I use this brush for thin lines when I use gel liner.

Here you can see it comparing to the thicker pixel point eye liner brush! Big difference.

Pixel Point Eye Liner Brush - Fine Liner Brush

So this is my whole collection!!! In case you are wondering why they have all different colors it's because those colors are well-ordered by their function. The orange ones are mostly for foundation, the ones that aren't for foundation but still for the face itself are pink and the once concetrating on the eyes and brows are purple.

LAST THOUGHTS: Since I LOVE these brushes so much I'm definitely gonna order more of them because I don't have them all yet. I need the Expert Face Brush, the Setting Brush and maybe I'm going to order also the Kabuki Brush ^^

I saw in some Youtube videos (before ordering the first time) that there are girls that have the stippling brush, the blush brush and the expert face brush a few times (like 5-6) and thought to myself one of them is enough but now that I used them already for months I really can understand why, you really can't have enought of them.

Since those kind of brushes need to be cleaned very often it's very time-consuming so it's easier to have them a few times but also very expensive in that case. I prefer cleaing mine after use with a daily makeup brush cleaner and once a week I wash them with a soft shampoo and water!
The price of a kit or one single brush is quite okay and inexpensive if you look at the price-performance ratio ;)
The only thing I didn't like is that (as mentionned above) my buffing brush lost its color so now I'm paying more attention when I clean them under water to not get that part wet.

This review turned again into a roman, sorry for that! We are done now ;)

Have a nice day!



Friday, November 2, 2012

My favorite summer items! (belated post)


Before I never do this post, here it is! XP

These were kind of my summer favorites!
I wanted to do this post weeks ago, but somehow I always told myself tomorrow tomorrow… but now you can finally see my picks.

This summer I was keeping my eyes pretty much colorfull! I was wearing most of the time blue colors.
From L to R: Maybelline Turquoise Glamour, Urban Decay Mary Jane, Sephora Jumbo liner in purple and gold

Maybelline Eyestudio Quad in Turquoise Glamour; because I had this summer lots of turquoise accessories.

Urban Decay "Mary Jane"; one of the best blue colors ever. You can use it always, not only for summer :)

Sephora Jumbo liners; which are waterproof! Unfortunately I had no holidays over the summer in which I could have gone to a beach and dive my head into some ocean water but I bet these colors would have stayed on their place. They are pretty good pigmented but you can also blend them out to take away the hardness of the color and make the eyes look more smokey and smooth! I did both.

I also used at the end of summer Maybelline color tattoo in permanent taupe a lot but I got it very late since it was sold out forever -.- (review comming very soon)

On my skin I was practically wearing only this powder "Benefit Hello Flawless in Honey" which I used over a moistrizer. It has a SPF of 15 which I thought was enought for this summer as it wasn't that hot at my place anyway. I think a powder is better ass a foundation in summer as it always feels so heavy in summer.

Benefit Coralista… Do I have to say more? This might be the summer blush in general ^^ The blush you might find/see in every Summer pics post/video. And so it is a favorite of mine cuz the color is just perfect for summer and so easy to apply.

Essence sun club oil control paper… wich absorbs excess oil on your skin. Really good for skin that tends to get oily after some time.

And my favorite summer item of all!!!!! Save the best for last: the Jil Sander EVE fragrance which I absolutely ADORE! I still you use it btw :P It's a mixed scent of grapefruit, wildrose and patchouli. Just give it a try ;)

And it finally happened :D Mission completed!


Irsada Bond

No just kidding, Irsada's beauty-full world :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

HALLOWEEN Outfit + Nails!

Since yesterday was Halloweeeeeeeeeeen today I'm showing you my outfit and my nails :D

I decided to go this year as ROCK CHIC! :P Kind of turned Kelly Osborn alike but that was unintentional!

With purple hair hahaaaaa I really love Halloween for that reason, you can dress up as crazy as you want on that day, including purple hair ^^ 

On the first pic you can see me with my friend Sandra who was dressed as a wizard.

Me with my friend Christelle (Sandra's twin):


Here you can see the whole outfit! Jack Daniels t-shirt, lumberjack shirt, cool leggins with a short, killer shoes and of course purple smokey eyes with red lips!

On my face:

Flomar Mat Touch foundation in M308 Fair Ivory 
Benefit Hello Flawless powder in Honey

Nars Orgasm

Yves Rocher  eyeshadow in #41 Purple Petal (inner corner)

Urban Decay Stardust Retrograde (out corner)

Fake eyelashes by Forever
Sephora longlasting eye liner in 01 noir black
Maybelline Super Stay 24 color in #510 Red Passion on my lips

My Nails:

They pretty much look the same like the mani I did last year for Halloween but this year I used another Catrice polish as base: Catrice #690 Fred Said Red which is more a bloody orange color ^^

As you can see here: HALLOWEEN NAILS 2011
I didn't had much time to think about my nails so I thought better this than nothing!

And since I couldn't/didn't wish you yesterday happy Halloween I'm doing it today


Can't wait seeing your outfits and manis :D

With Love,