Sunday, September 30, 2012



today's Nailpolish Of The Day is KIKO #341 which is a light turquoise blue color.

It is my first KIKO post so I'll guess I give you all the information you need to know about this brand right away :) I do have another one that I will swatch for you in a futur post!

Two coats are enough for full coverage, it dries fast and the finish is very glossy. You could wear it without topcoat but as I'm used to wear mine always with topcoat I did it for the sake of it. Also does it last quite long. ^^
Depending on the light (indoors/outdoors) this color can look turquoise but under sunlight lighter like a heaven blue. Enough words, more pics:



All in all a great color and great brand!

I also wanted to add a word about my new camera, Nikon D3100, DAMN the pictures I take with it turn out soooo great :D A close-up like on the last picture would have never been able with my other little Sony camera xD 

Bissous and have a nice Sunday!

Miss Irsada

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to fix your broken blush/powder! :)

Hey girls,

today I wanted to show you how you can easily fix a broken blush or powder if you want. For this occasion I'm using my Benefit Coralista blush... Noooo, I didn't break this on purpose. I think it was my mother who didn't pay attention while she was cleaning in my room and then dropped it from the shelf -.-" No wait, I'm pretty sure she was it, this could never happen to me... But it doesn't matter anymore. Now I have a good reason to do this post!!!! ;)

So here you can see the way it looked like when I wanted to use it, opened it and found it like this:

No time to cry. And no need. But what you need is...

Most importantly alcohol!!!!! I bought this one by Hansaplast which has 70% of alcohol and it works the best way when you use pur alcohol like something like this. You can buy it at every big store, drugstore or at the gas station but if you don't find anything like this you can use schnapps with lots of % of alcohol. It doesn't have to be like 70%, I think even 15-20% are enough. I tried this once before with a schnapps and it worked! You also need toothpick or something else like a little spoon, I went with a toothpick as you can just trow it away after use. Also, you need a crepe papper (it doesn't have to be a Hello Kitty papper as I used ;P) and you need some object for the stamping part. As my blush is in a cube form I went with a nail polish that has a cube bottom.

FIRST: You have to break the blush even more until it looks like this!

SECONDLY: You should take all the pigments out of the form and put on a plastic bag.

THIRDLY: You can now add some of the alcohol, I used like almost a whole stopper and then you have to mix it with the pigments until it looks like this. All the pigments have to be wet in fact!!!

FOURTHLY: You put it all back into the form and spread it evenly!

FIFTHLY: You have to put the crepe papper over it and stamp with your stamping object all over it. In every corner! This step is the most important step as it depends on your stamping skills the way it will turn out/look like after. So make sure you do it right by taking some time for this step ;)

The crepe papper will absorb some of the alcohol already at this process and it will protect your stamping object from getting dirty. You will have to use it more than once, use the clean corners or another new crepe papper. I used 3 or 4 for this blush.


Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… Like new!

I stamped the pigments at the end a bit together with my ring finger to really make sure it's all pressed together and even. And here below you can see a close-up of the result ^^

HOW IT WORKS? Well if you are afraid of the alcohol ruining your blush/powder you don't have to be! The alcohol will evaporate after some time, so I suggest you to just leave your blush/powder open a few hours/a whole day/over night and it will all disappear and so will the smell of it of course too! So in fact it will be just like before ;)

BTW: don't forget to clean your blush brush! Lots of people don't do this or forget it. Just a little reminder ;)

Just to compare the broken and fixed blush:

Doesn't it look like new? :D
Didn't I tell you there is no need to cry for?
Did this help you in any form?

Just let me know by leaving a comment ;)



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Liu Jo bag from the winter fall collection 2012

Hello again,

My birthday was a month ago and because of that I kind of offered myself a little present and bought this bag by Liu Jo from the recent winter/fall collection 2012! The color is taupe and it has this black print on it which looks just perfect for the coming fall and winter.

The brand is starting to become really famous at the moment, if you haven't heard from it you will probably do very soon ^^

What can I say about the brand or my personal bag? Well, the bags are Made in Italy and so you can tell that it's really good quality of material that is used in order to make this bags. I'm very satisfied with my bag, it's easy to wear and easy to maintain. They don't do only bags but you can also get purses, shoes, belts and of course clothes by this brand. The prices are okay for the products, somehow I always keep comparing this brand from the very beginning with Guess but I do believe that it's better quality than Guess.

I might get the green lacquered bag (that you can see below) next year but not exactly this color, a brighter green that's coming out again in the spring/summer collection 2013.


Btw Kate Moss is the new face of the brand, another reason to check out Liu Jo!!! ;)

That's it with my report!

Bye bye,


Thursday, September 20, 2012

NOTD - Sally Hansen 'Peach of Cake'


Today I'm just doing a Nail Of The Day post.

And this is the polish I'm presenting: Sally Hansen '#421 Peach of Cake'

As the name is saying it it's a peach color which I think turned out quite well on my nails, it's not too light or too dark for my pale skin. I like the formula of this polish but I'm not crazy about it. Two coaths of the color are enough to get a beautiful opaque coverage. I thought the brush of this polish is a bit strange to work with but not impossible. After all I think they are a bit too expensive for what they are, I don't regret buying this polish but I'm not sure if I would buy another Sally Hansen polish except if I would find a color that is quite unique then I would probably but another one.

Here you can see it with flash light:

That's it. More coming sooner than you think!

Bye bye,


Thursday, September 13, 2012

DIY brush holder and more!

Bonjour/Bonsoir mes amis,

I made a brush holder for some of my brushes that I didn't buy in a set and also because I was sometimes desperate because I was taking a brush out of my real techniques brush holder but when I was in a rush I didn't have the time to put it right back from where I took it, which can be sometimes a real pain in the ass. So that's another reason why I decided for a solution that can make me throw my brushes fast on a safe place without wrecking them ;)

This is what I came up with!

What I needed:

You need a container, mine is out of glass and pretty heavy which make him stay where I place him and it doesn't move at all but I'm sure it works also with one of plastic. It can also be a vase with a similar form, square or round, just large enough to have enough space for the brushes but of course this depends on how many you have ^^ and you also need some decoration stones. Normally you should able to find both at the same store. I bought my touls at CASA. And yes the stones had to be in purple lol (purple freak) but of course you can use the color you want, and the stones can be even smaller or thicker, you should just check at the store if you can put a pen in the stones and if it stands straight! ;)


Also make sure you don't make a mess by putting the decoration stones in the container!

Maybe you could give me an idea what I could do with the 3 empty bottles of the stones? I still don't have any…

And here is my whole beauty corner, well at least the top of it where I have my brushes, my chains, bracelets and rings, …

And I also wanted to share this DIY ring box instruction picture which I really liked and maybe gonna try to make if I find a beautiful box ;)

BTW here it is! My new camera wooohoooooooooooooooooooo I bought a Nikon D3100 and the pictures turned out all great so far :D

Also, there will be a new giveaway up in the next days because I'm soon gonna celebrate my 1 year blog anniversary :D So stay tunned and don't forget to subscribe!!!!!

Goodnight and sleep tigh,



Monday, September 10, 2012

My personal summer feet trend

Hey guys,

it's time to show you what nail color I've been wearing the last couple of weeks on my feet

First a little story…

Usually I've been always wearing on my feet, most of the time and also the last summers a red, pink or peachy color. But this year was all in all very colorful with all the crazy colors that came out for clothes, hair and nails I though I'll give it a try and wear a color that I would actually never wear.
So a friend of mine who went this summer to Montenegro (my motherland, born there, couldn't make it this year to go myself) told me that all the girls are really looking great, wearing the latest trends. And she said that they wear like neon, metalic & very colorful nail polishes on their hands and feet. That friend of mine had this amazing eyecatching green metalic nail polish on her feet. I really got green of envy hahahaaaaa A few days later I run to a store and found a pretty good dupe to hers.

I don't know if you have a Hema store in your country or if you know that brand. It's not a big brand, more of a drugstore, some good stuff for less money. Maybe not the best quality but good for what I needed ;)

And so this is the way my feet looked like:

I know only the though of green metalic on the feet is like WTF NO WAY, NEVER EVER but I think the color actually does look great :) and I was so happy with it, that's the most important thing to wear something you love and feel comfortable with!!! Wearing it here in Luxembourg, while everybody else wears normal colors, "seen and done that" I really feel more special and cool lol Btw I'm still wearing it :D

So for the upcoming posts I was thinking about maybe answering some questions! Like things you wanna know about me, beauty secrets or what my favorite stuff is...
Don't be shy and just leave a comment of whatever you wanna know ;) I'll try my best to answer it!



Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DIY skirt!


I found this picture in the world wide web and really love the idea!!!!

Unfortunately I don't have a pullover with such a big opening/décolleté, to try it out myself but I know what to put one my shopping list for the next time. and I hope it inspires you to try it and maybe post it under here :D

Can't give any credits so that's it for today! ^^



Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lovely birthday gift!

So I finished my internship, that lasted 6 months, on Friday and got this lovely birthday/good luck for your futur/goodbye present from my work colleagues ^^

The gift came very surprising as I already got a lovely little Yves Rocher hamper 2 weeks ago when I acutally celebrated my birthday!

That's what I got:

A lovely Happy Birthday card, signed by almost all of my collegues
1 Estée Lauder nail polish, in #26 Metallic Saga (taube with bronze/redish shimmer)
1 YSL nail polish, in #17 Bleu Cobalt (my first YSL polish!)
1 YSL wet & dry eye shadow palette in #11 Pure Chromatics (4 beautiful colors, 3 dark, 1 light)

I love all the stuff and can't wait to try them out and review them here!!! :D

So I'm saying once again THANK YOU to all of my colleagues participating in the purchase of it :)

And also a huge THANKS to the bloggers who wished me a happy birthday 2 weeks ago!

NOTE: Me finishing my internship means I'm on HOLIDAYS now :D Hell yeahhhh Well deserved! It also means I have more time for more blog posts ;) and I can keep some promises I made, and I can finally enjoy some sun bath without thinking of work or my internship report that is done by now.

Hugs and kisses!