Wednesday, December 25, 2013

NOTD - Winter Wonderland

Merry Xmas Hooo Hooo Hooo,

In one of my recent NOTD posts I already showed you the beautiful color by P2 '120 Urban Queen' (<<< for more pictures click on the link) and now I just wanted to show you a more Christmas/winter look in combination with Essie '291 on a silver platter' from the holiday Encrusted Treasures 2013 collection.

Also very nice Essie '291 On a silver platter' applied on all nails ^^


I love this Essie polish, the color is so amazing. It's described as: 'violet holographic glitter and antique silver add bold contrast to this pearlescent gold polish that proclaims: the world is yours for the taking'. It's a gold/silver color with blue-green glitters. I applied 2 coats and the lasting was okay. 

I hope you all have some nice holidays! Enjoy the time with your family :)

More coming soon!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Deauty Box Of December!

Heeey Deautynistas!

Almost Christmas! My deauty box of December arrived just on time. Before the coming holidays Deauty send me a box with stuff that will make sure I am prepared and all looking good from head to finger nails ^^

This box is also more wrapped than a present than usually. Very pretty I must say :D

This month I received 5 goodies:


Menu of December:

EVOCURE - Anti-aging serum (4 ml)

"Innovation at the forefront of cosmetic technology, Evocure serum is a real elixir of youth for your skin. It's composition with advanced active ingredients and encapsulated hyaluronic allows it to penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin in order to release it's acitfs principles that will stimulate deep collagen production and cell repair acid. Purity, simplicity and composition of elements naturally present in the body make, it's a exceptional treatment. A few drops. Apply every morning / evening to the face before your moisturizer. Full size: 30 ml & price: 65,00 €."

Uhhhhh sounds like a really good young unit fountain. The fact that 30 ml are 65,00 € probably means it's exclusive. 

Edit: Haven't really noticed a big change. So far.

PLANTE SYSTEM - Massage Candle (full size)

"Stressed and tired at the end of the year? Deauty thought of you. We offer a real moment of relaxation channel that will awaken all your senses. Made of vegetable waxes, this massage candle delicate fragrance of flower cotton is enriched with shea butter with nourishing and softening properties. Light it and let the candle burn for 10 minutes then turn the wick. It will turn into oil massage, sweet and mesmerizing. Full size & price: 8,00 €."

OMG this smells sooooooo good it makes me even fall into a heavy daydream before lighting it and I had no clue something like this even existed, what an amazing idea. I guess I will use it after Christmas, on myself. Yeahhhhh I don't have a boyfriend who can put it on me or I on him, shame on me but we girls always know how to help ourself ;)

Edit: Still no boyfriend, still no use.

MAYBELLINE - Color Show in '#291 Lights out' (full size)

"December is the month where we should not go out without nail polish. This is your power an ultra-feminine look: it makes your hands stylish and at the forefront of a trend brushstroke. Trust the expertise and it's Maybelline Color Show and let your nails wear their finery party. Full size & price: 3,99 €."

That really is a color I would wear. However looking at it from the way it looks in the bottle I kind of have 1 or 2 colors that are very similar ot this one but we'll see how it appears on the nails. (post coming soon)

Edit: The color doesn't show off as it looks in the bottle, it's actually just a black polish. And the lasting didn't please me either.

FRUCTIS - Miraculous oil (full size)

"You want to shine at parties? Need a miracle to your dull hair? Here the miraculous oil, 3 in 1 oil that will soon become an essential in your bathroom. His secret? It contains argan oil nourishes the hair thoroughly. Applied before shampooing, it regenerates hair. Before blow drying, protects the heat and reduces the drying time. Finish, it makes the hair shine and illuminates without weighing it down.  Full size & price: 10,99 €."

Okay, this is really really amazing! I ALWAYS need products like these. Especially heat protections! And it smells so good, well argan it a really nice smell. Only con: your hands are really oily for minutes after applying some to your hair. 

Edit: This is really is a nice product. I can't find anything bad to say about it!

BIOTHERM - BB Cream (5 ml)

"This bb cream is on the border between care and makeup. This is an all-in-one product. It moisturizes, brightens, smoothes, softens and protects corrects with its SPF 15. It's light texture gives an ultra natural finish to your skin. Biotherm is a true expert in moisturizers, this product will be a must-have this winter, when the skin takes a bit more moisture. Full size: 150 ml & price: 25,00 €."

The smell of it reminds me of something but I can't tell you what it is. However it also smells really nice. Swatching it on my hand back it blended into my skin immediately without leaving any tracks which makes me pretty excited to test it on my face tomorrow.

Edit: I gotta be honest. I don't know where I put this... ohhh, I'm so bad.

Final thoughts: I wasn't flashed unboxing this month's box but after reading the menu I was more and more happy about each product actually. It doesn't look spectacular but I believe it is :) And OMG there are 3 full size products that would cost 23 € together if I would go to the store to buy them seperately. Don't forget the Deauty box cost 15 € every month and I got 2 more products!!!!

Have some really nice holidays!!! ^^


Friday, December 13, 2013


Hello Ladies,

Time to get NAKED again!!!

Nooooooo, do not take your clothes off! I was talking about the new Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette that came out these days and if you haven't bought it or found it yet it's because it's probably sold out. It looks similar to the NAKED 2 and also comes with an dual-ended eye brush and a week’s worth of samples of each of their primers.

I first couldn't believe there was a new NAKED palette and I remember I first thought this was a joke when I saw the first pictures of it on instagram. But then more and more makeup artist had it and then I just couldn't wait anymore to get it too.


This is how the palette looks like and all you get with it.


no flash

 with flash

This palette has 12 brand new eyeshadows! 3 of the shades: strange, limit & nooner are matt colors; darkside has a semi-matt finish and the rest of the colors are shimmery.


 If you ask me personally YES YES YES

Compared to the first which has more bronze-toned shades and the second palette which has more taupe-toned shades, the third NAKED palette has more pink-toned colors. I believe that rosy toned neutral colors really suit every eyecolor and are working better for all day, therefore I would say this might be the best NAKED palette released so far :D


 no flash light

with flash light

FAVORITE SHADES? I was all the way in love with Blackheart, that color looks so stunning O.O but I also like Liar, Nooner, Buzz & Trick.

The 4 Urban Decay Primer Potions

The original, sin, eden & anti-aging. I personally only tried the original and eden. The original is not bad on my eye but I prefer eden, the color turns out more stunning and I think the lasting is even better than with the original primer. Each sample pd holds about a week's worth of primer!

Crease & shadow brush


Compared to the brush that comes with the NAKED 2, it is a bit smaller. The crease brush has shorter hair but is more fluffier, the shadow brush is almost the same just this one is a bit larger than the one from the NAKED 2.

PRICE? I think in dollars it is 52 $ but in Europe it is available for 45 €. I only payed 38 € because I had some money left on a gift card I got some months ago for my birthday ^^

I love that it has almost the same great packaging and brushes as the 2nd NAKED palette :)
 I haven't tried them on my eyes yet but I will sure post soon some creations with it!

GOOD LUCK getting it! ^^



Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winner of my 2 years blog anniversary giveaway!

Hey Hoo,

Time to pick a winner for my 2 years blog anniversary giveaway!

I know it ended two days ago but I was so busy I even forgot about that.

Here we go the winner is:


 And don't be sad if you didn't win, I might soon do another giveaway with other great products ;)

I wish you all some really nice holidays!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013



Today's NOTD is a special one. It's one of Chanel's topselling nailpolish called '#583 TABOO' ^^

with flash light:

I saw this so many time on instagram, seems like every famous fashionista is a fan of it. It was released this year (2013) in Spring.

It's described as a 'violine with red iridescence'. It's a deep purple with a red and blue ton to it with purple, red, blue and pink sparkles. Indoors it looks more like a blackened pruple. If you find it too dark, you could put on two coat, take a pad with some acetone on it and slightly go over yours nails to remove some of the purple, then you'll have a more red color. But I LOVE the color the way it comes from the bottle, it is like you have the galaxy on your nails. It's already opaque after one color but is recommanded to use two coats and a topcoat for a shiny finish. Pretty long holding up to one week with minor tip wear. I don't know how you feel about Chanel polishes but for me they have an amazing formula, easy to apply and longlasting!

I hope you like my true color swatches, I did not use any photoshop to edit the pictures and sorry for my dry hands, winter is here.

Buy it as long as you can find it ;)