Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Deauty box of August - the 1 year anniversary box!

Hi Ladies,

It's deauty time again! And this month's deauty box is a special one because the Deauty box is already celebrating it's first birthday!

Pity, I couldn't enjoy these wonderful boxes from the begining on but I'm glad I found out about them cuz no other box is delivering to my country (Luxembourg). 

This month's special box contains 5 full size products that cost all together more or less 48 €. And there are two extras, one headband out of silk and as a client you can pick up an extra shower gel by Bioderma in the iU stores (but unfortunately they are only in Belgium).

Deauty box of August:

Menu of August

Bioderma - Sensibio H20 (Full size)

"Sensibio H20, is the 'must-have' micellaire solution: 1 flacon of Sensbio H20 is sold every 8 seconds in the world. And so every beauty addicts of the world have adopted this make up remover and cleaner. Full size: 100 ml! Price: 9,20€."

I wanted to buy this for ages but always forgot it or never found them in the stores I was looking for a cleansing solution. Yesh!!!! Can't wait to see if it's really that good. And it's true that I've seen so many beauty gurus using the cleaner of Bioderma.

Maybelline - Baby lips (Full size)

"Stop it with the classic lip balms! This cute little stick is the latest trend in the balms era: nourishes your lips with it's rich formula of shea butter, antioxidants and vitamins. Don't wait for the winter to heal your lips! Join the "Baby Lips" revolution. Full size! Price: 3,99 €."

I had this baby ball in blue, can't remember what taste it was, wasn't much using it althought it was good, maybe this one tastes better.

Garnier - Lisseur Optique (Full size)

"This revolutionary basic complexion concentrates light reflectors with exceptional optical properties for a matte immediately effect, that's filling and smoothing the skin. For best results, apply the base after your day cream. Full size! Price: 10,99 €."

Hmmm not that I need this already at my age but you never know. I'll give it a try anyway thought ;)

Clinique - Rouge Longtemps All Heart (Full size)


At Deauty, we celebrate our anniversary with color! Entrust your smile with the big brand Clinique lipstick that combines comfort and long-lasting. This red satin under the shades of brick, beige and pink is perfect for any occasion. Full size! Price: 21, 47 €."


I must say this is my first Clinique lipstick! I never was really a fan of their lipsticks, they never catched my attention when I was at the counter, althought I love their Chubby Sticks!!!! I'm really glad that I got this little goodie to maybe change my mind about their lipsticks. Color looks good thought. ^^

Avril - Blush (Full size)

"Brighten your complexion with this delicate blush thanks to April. Very pigmented, easy to apply and blends perfectly, it will enhance your cheeks with a veil of fresh and natural color. The plus? It contains no parabens! Full size! Price: 2,00 €."

The pigmentation looks quite good to me. And I love these little goldish shimmer in it. We'll see if it can keep up with my other peach blushes. I also love the fact that this one is paraben free :)

Final thoughts: I really enjoy this month's Deauty box! All the stuff looks nice to me. The fact that all of these are full size products and would cost me almost 50 €, if I'd buy them seperately, is amazingly awesome. This box really payed off!!!!!! The only con in my eyes are the extra gifts they are promising, I can't really benefit from them, the sild headband I don't know what to do with it and I wish they would have included that shower gel by Bioderma immediately in this box. But all in all as I said before I'm really satisfied with this one!

BTW I'm thinking about doing a "Back to School Giveaway! It might be already up by the end of next week. I still have to buy some stuff for it ;)

Have a nice day!


Thursday, August 22, 2013


Heeeey guys,

 I really need your help! I don't know what I did some time ago but somehow I managed to turn off my e-mail notifications. What I mean is I don't get any e-mails, whenever someone is leaving a comment below one of my post, anymore :( And I HATE that fact! But the main problem is I don't know how to turn it on again!!! Somehow everything I tried didn't work. So if you are an expert in these kind of things PLEASE let me know what I have to do!!!!



Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Heeeey guys!

My birthday was on Monday, 12th August. I turned 24 years old.


And I thought I could share with you some of the gifts I got. I already did a wishlist, about 2-3 months ago, and I got a few things that were on it ;) wooohooooooo This year I got like almost just jewellery and lots of money!

The Chanel eyeshadow quad in 37 Variation

Konplott earrings! Not the color that was on the wishlist, since they were appearently sold out, but this color is very nice too and it's a limited edition ;)

A Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet in rose gold, not the one from the wishlist but such as beautful as the thicker version.

My best friend bought me these sweet little turquoise earrings 

and this beautiful green-purple arm candy bracelet from La Vie en Or!

I also got this H&M chain

From me to me, since had these already but broke them. I found them in my car, one glas was broken and a bit of the frame too, unrepairable! And I just can't survive the summer without these ;)


And since it was my birthday and I couldn't buy the MK bags that were on my wishlist (sold out) I went for another pair of Ray Ban glasses, with green mirroring, from the new collection.


 Might be my new favorites :D They look soooo cool

I might get a few more gifts or money when some of my friends & family are back from holidays ^^ hihiii

I love birthdays and especially presents! 

From Luxembourg with love,


Sunday, August 11, 2013

MY Love Letter To NIVEA!!!

Hey! What's up? How are you all doing?

I have to tell you about the amazing new product NIVEA launched some short time ago. 

What it is?

From now on you can buy body milk/lotion that you can rinse while you're showering. I don't know how you feel about body lotions but I always forgot them in my room or didn't feel like using some because I actually dislike to put creams on my body if I really don't have to, I just don't like when I put on my clothes on and they are glued to my skin for some minutes. I HATE that!!!!!! But everything is so much easier with this new innovative products!!!! I feel like this is a product made for ME.

How it works?

Well after you used your normal shower gel and rinsed, you just use some of this and allocate it all of your body and then you rinse! Simple as that.
I tried both bottles, the blue for dry skin which I think is better for me and the white for normal skin. I just feel the blue bottle makes my skin smoother! I will buy this for the rest of my life!!!!!! ^^


So a huge THANK YOU to NIVEA!!! I <3 YOU!

In love,


Thursday, August 1, 2013

HOW TO: Avoid Shaggy Hair!

Hey guys,

Short blogpost!

I'm just giving you a tip how you can keep your hair in better shape if you have fuzzy curly hair that tends to look like mine when I do a ponytail. I call them my little antennas. So today you'll find out a secret of mine.



 My secret weapon!!!!!

Yeah, this is really a toothbrush! I once read about this tip in a fashion magazin and had to try it out. And ever since then I can't imagine how I did it without it. You basically just spray some hair spray on the brush and then brush through your hair. You can of course spray it on to your hair and the brush through, it turns out the same. You can use an old toothbrush that you don't feel like using anymore for your teeth (I change mine every 3 months - also recommanded this way) or buy a new one only for the hair. Up to you!!!! 
You can also spray your hair and then go with your tangle teezer over it ;) works good too.
Have a great day!