Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Birthday wishlist :D


I'm celebrating my birthday in 2 weeks 😁 and like every year I'm doing a little wishlist for my friends and family so they don't have to think hard what I could actually want.

Engelsrufer with purple ball!

but I wouldn't mind getting more colored balls. lol

White Converse All Stars

in 38,5! Why? Because I feel like the kast person on earth who doesn't have these! And everyone seems to have them in white, and they always seem right.

Hourglass Ambiente Lightning Blush Set

Because I always wanted this but for some reason never ordered them. And you can always use blushes!

Hermes Eau de Merveilles

because my bottle is already empty :(

Gift cards!!!

I'ld never complain if I received a gift card from Sephora, Mac or Konplott cuz they always have amazing stuff that and new collections to try out.


Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to clean your makeup brushes

Hello my lovelies,

Since I showed you in my last post my whole Real Techniques collection, I thought it would be also a good idea to show you how I clean them:)

Btw if this post looks strange to you and the appearence isn't as usual it's because I'm on holidays now. I will write the upcoming posts on my blogger app, so don't be worried about how it shows, I might edit it when I find some time.

So brush cleaning is a big theme and there are a few tips and tricks that can help you to get them so clean they will look like new.

I use brushes to apply my makeup since a few years and I think I figured out the way to clean them the best!

I'm NOT saying this is the BEST way to do it, I'm just sharing my method. And for my method you will need the following items:

- dirty brushes (of course)
- a little tank or something else you can fill in a bit of water
- brush sosp or cleanser
- a towel

So you fillyour tank with some water (cold or warmer, it doesn't matter), enought so that when you put your dirty brushes the way down into it, the hair is all in the water.
Leave them for 1-2 minutes like that!!! 

Close up! ^^

And this is like the major trick of cleaning them actually! I noticed when I washed my brushes like most of girls do, one by one or more, that the ones that got wet before I got to use any baby shampoo or whatever where cleaner and so I did test and wetend them all before doing it as usual and was fascinated. 

After 1-2 minutes you can let the water out.

Now the soap will be used! So you dip your brush in and swirl it a few times around until it's all soaped up.

Do that to all the brushes that need a cleaning!

At the next step you take one, swirl it in your hand until all the makeup/dirt seems to come out and then hold the brush under water. 

Repeat this to all your remaining brushes and put them once they are washed horizontally on your towel. I first swirl them also on the towel before putting them down.

If your brush isn't 100% clean after this process, repeat it! 

And if this method still doesn't help to get all the makeup out, then I suggest you to try it with some liquid dish soap ;)
And if that doesn't help... you're brush has probably reached his end and should be replaced!

I hope this was in any case usuful to you and if there are some questions left, you can leave a comment and I will reply asap.

With love,