Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Zoeva makeup brushes!

Hello my dear followers,

In my last post I shared some great promo codes with you and I used one of them too.

Since I had 20% off, I bought some new Zoeva brushes!

Have a look at the new Zoeva Bamboo vol.2 and Rose Gold Luxury vol.2 brush sets:

Bamboo set vol. 2

From left to right: Defined buffer - Face paint - Cream cheek - Highlight - Concealer buffer - Classic shader - Soft definer - Wing liner 


Eight face and eye brushes, all vegan! They come with a brush holder and clutch.
The Vol. 2 Set is made of three renewable materials: Soft vegan taklon hair, bamboo wooden handles and golden colored aluminum ferrules refining the eco luxe design. 

I had the first bamboo set and it was my very first set I bought and I loved it back then and I also love this one. It's very different from the first edition. I don't have many brushes left from that set cuz I gave some away to friends but I do have some left and they are used from time to time and it feels good to have some more. The hair feels very good on the skin, it is indeed very soft and I also love the feeling of the wooden handles.

Rose Golden Luxury Set vol 2


From left to right: Buffer - Luxe cheek finish - Luxe paint face - Luxe crese - Luxe smoky shader - Smudger - Brow line - Wing liner

Also eight brushes, same price, same quality.
Love the color of the handles, love the color of the aluminum ferrules, love the clutch that comes with it. "Feminine chic"
They are just beautiful, beautiful designed and made with a lot of love. I also love this Zoeva sign on the aluminium ferrules, they look special to me and they make me feel special. Glad to call them mine. Zoeva quality brushes, great hair, easy to clean and of course the amazing princessly design.

Tipp: When you buy a new set of brushes and they have these plastic forms, don't throw them away, keep them and everytime you wash your brushes put them back on in order for them to keep their shape ^^

Both sets cost 65€, each. I would say the price is okay for the quality you get. You won't be disappointed with no matter wich set you choose! The clutches/packaging are a dream.

Thanks for stopping by!

Irsada ;)

Thursday, October 1, 2015



Once again it's time for one of my favorite posts!

It's Glamour Shopping week time, from 2nd to 10th October 2015 you can shop your ass off and this with plenty of coupon codes that I listed for you so that you don't have to actually buy the latest Glamour magazine, or maybe they are all already sold out...

Leave everything you were doing and take a look at this list :D

About You: 15%; SHOPPING;
Accessorize: 25%; GLAMACCESS20,
Adidas: 20% on one item! Glamour2015;

Anita Hass: 15%; glamourAH15;
Asos: 20%; GLAMOURHW15;
Buffalo: 20%; GSW15;

Calzedonia: 20%;
C&A: 20%; Glamour2015;
Christ: 10%; christ15; 
Clarks: 20%; BGLAMOUR15;
Comma: 15€ off on the new collection; glamour;
Conleys: 20€ off; ZA2STR4RTR;  
DaWanda: 20%, GLAMOUR15;
Douglas: 10% off on your favorite perfume; GLAMOUR15 on
Dress-for-less: 20% + free shipping for the first 200 orders! GLAM15DRESS; / at / ch
Ebay Fashion: 20%; CGLAMOUR;
Esprit: 15%; Glamour15;, &
Fashionette: 20%; Glamour2015;, .at & .ch

Falke: 15%; GSW15FALKE; 
Flaconi: 15%; MPA15PGSW1H5,
Gaastra: 15%; GLSW5;
Gerry Weber: 20%; GLAMSH4P;
Gina Tricot: 20%; GLAMOURSHOPPINGWEEK2015;
Görtz: up to 20€ off! glam10 or glam20; & .ch

H&M: 20% on 1 item; 3054;
Happy Socks: 25% + free shipping; HappyGlam25;  
Hunkemöller: 20%; GLAM@HKM; / .at
Jochen Schweizer: 20 € off; GLAM2SHWE15;, &
Just Fab: 50%; JFGLAMOUR2015; 
Kiss a Frog: 25€ off; GLAM2015;
Kiko: 20%; GLAMOUROUS;
LiuJo: 20%; GLAM@LIUJO; 
Lufthansa: up to 20€ off; LHGSW,
Mirapodo: 20%; 20GLAMOUR15;
Mister Spex: 20%; MSXGLAM-1015;, .at & .ch
Monnier Frères: 20% + free 24h express delivery! SHOPMONNIER20 on & .com
Only: 20%; ONGLAMOUR;
Orsay: 20%; 40042;
OUTLET CITY METZINGEN: up to 20%; GLAMOUR2015;   Peoples place: 20%; GLMR1015; 
Pandora: 20%; GLAMOUR;
Pimkie: 20% off of the new collection; SHOP20; 
Promod: 20% on one item; GLAMOUR;
Pull&Bear: 20% off of the new collection; PBGLAMOUR20;
River Island: 20%; GLAMOUR2015;
Roland: 20% GLAM15;
Sacha: 20%; GSW20;

Sidestep: 20%; SDS-GSW-1015;
s.Oliver: 20%; sOliverGLAM; 10% off + a secret surprise!  glamstyle15;  
Tally Weijl: 20%; GSWFALL2015; 
The Body Shop: 20%; GLAMOUR; /.at 
Tom Tailor: 20%; TT-GLAMOUR-1510;  / .at  
Triumph: 20%; 2015GLAMOUR;   
Urban Outfitters: 20%; GLAMAW15;
Uhrcenter: 15%; uhr2015; 
Vero Moda: 20%; GLAMOUR-VM;

Vestiaire Collective: 30€ off; VESTIAIRE30GLAM;  
Vila: 20%; VILAGLAMOUR20;  
Yves Rocher: 20% + 1 free mascara; GSW15;; &
Zoeva: 20%; ZOEVAGSW20;

Some food & helth related promo codes

Arko: 20%; more infos under
Chocolissimo: 20%; GLAMOKT15; (not so healthy lol)
Foodist: 10€ off; FITGLAMOUR;  
Gegengift: 20%; LOVEMYSKIN2015;  
Green Cup Coffee: 15%; GLAMOUR-KAFFEE2015; Hello Fresh: 25€ off; FreshGlamour; & 
MyMuesli: one free muesli; GLAMOUR201502;  
Tea Tox: 20%; gswteatox20;
Tree of tea: 3 mini cans; GLAMOUR-TEE2015;

PLEASE NOTE: This are NOT ALL the codes available from the Glamour magazine but a large selection of those I believe are the best!

If you buy the magazine, you get a card with it that allows you to get most of those promotions also at the stores in Germany. (or/and Switzerland and Austria)
I hope at least one of these is usefull and that you find something nice ^^
Enjoy yourself and let the credit card burn!!!! ;)
Read more soon.

With much LOVE,


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Travel essentials!

Hellooooo :)

Back from my holidays, I decided to show you which liquides I took with me. If you are a girl like me who can barely close her suitcase when she packed it for the annual holidays of 2-3 weeks, then you can't afford the space of taking your shampoo, conditioner, bodyshower, what so ever with you.

- My ReNu multi-purpose solution for my lenses, travel size :)

- My shampoo (first bottle, yellow color), it's actually shampoo for horses lol I know this sounds crazy but it makes the hair stronger and longer and I love it for that reason

- My conditioner, Hello Hydration, coconut extracts, from Herbal Essences.

- MAC Prep& Prime Fix Spray to keep the makeup in place! And it's refreshing when you spray it on in a heat like this :D

- Coconut oil, since it was so hot these days it is luiquid, normally it is pressed but it melts over 25 degrees. I use it for everything possible. It's great after you wash your hair as oil, it's great as after sun (you could also use it as sun screen, 4 SPF) and since it's antibacterial it is simply great to clean your skin with it and get rid of zits.

- luiquid plaster, this is something new but also great to dry out zits, when you want to cover them under your makeup. But depotting it wasn't such a great idea cuz with the heat it totally dried in the pot and you can't open it anymore, so I had to throw it away without using/trying it once.

- Baby powder! What... baby powder you will probably be thinking?!? Hahaaa YES, baby powder is also a magic potion for your skin when it's to dry and helps dealing with zits too. (at least in my case)

I didn't take any body shower in particulary with me cuz with a sommer like this you shower so often that I would have needed 2 or 3 bottles, and I'm not so picky when it comes to body showers, I can use pretty much everyone I found at the hotel or our holiday sleep over places/family.

I hope you liked this one and I wish you already a nice weekend and enjoy your holidays till the last minut! ^^

With Love,


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Birthday wishlist :D


I'm celebrating my birthday in 2 weeks 😁 and like every year I'm doing a little wishlist for my friends and family so they don't have to think hard what I could actually want.

Engelsrufer with purple ball!

but I wouldn't mind getting more colored balls. lol

White Converse All Stars

in 38,5! Why? Because I feel like the kast person on earth who doesn't have these! And everyone seems to have them in white, and they always seem right.

Hourglass Ambiente Lightning Blush Set

Because I always wanted this but for some reason never ordered them. And you can always use blushes!

Hermes Eau de Merveilles

because my bottle is already empty :(

Gift cards!!!

I'ld never complain if I received a gift card from Sephora, Mac or Konplott cuz they always have amazing stuff that and new collections to try out.


Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to clean your makeup brushes

Hello my lovelies,

Since I showed you in my last post my whole Real Techniques collection, I thought it would be also a good idea to show you how I clean them:)

Btw if this post looks strange to you and the appearence isn't as usual it's because I'm on holidays now. I will write the upcoming posts on my blogger app, so don't be worried about how it shows, I might edit it when I find some time.

So brush cleaning is a big theme and there are a few tips and tricks that can help you to get them so clean they will look like new.

I use brushes to apply my makeup since a few years and I think I figured out the way to clean them the best!

I'm NOT saying this is the BEST way to do it, I'm just sharing my method. And for my method you will need the following items:

- dirty brushes (of course)
- a little tank or something else you can fill in a bit of water
- brush sosp or cleanser
- a towel

So you fillyour tank with some water (cold or warmer, it doesn't matter), enought so that when you put your dirty brushes the way down into it, the hair is all in the water.
Leave them for 1-2 minutes like that!!! 

Close up! ^^

And this is like the major trick of cleaning them actually! I noticed when I washed my brushes like most of girls do, one by one or more, that the ones that got wet before I got to use any baby shampoo or whatever where cleaner and so I did test and wetend them all before doing it as usual and was fascinated. 

After 1-2 minutes you can let the water out.

Now the soap will be used! So you dip your brush in and swirl it a few times around until it's all soaped up.

Do that to all the brushes that need a cleaning!

At the next step you take one, swirl it in your hand until all the makeup/dirt seems to come out and then hold the brush under water. 

Repeat this to all your remaining brushes and put them once they are washed horizontally on your towel. I first swirl them also on the towel before putting them down.

If your brush isn't 100% clean after this process, repeat it! 

And if this method still doesn't help to get all the makeup out, then I suggest you to try it with some liquid dish soap ;)
And if that doesn't help... you're brush has probably reached his end and should be replaced!

I hope this was in any case usuful to you and if there are some questions left, you can leave a comment and I will reply asap.

With love,


Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Real Techniques Collection

Hiii peeps,

I thought it would be a great idea to do an updated post of a post I already did some years ago, have a look >>>> HERE <<<<

Real Techniques brushes are my favorite brushes because they are just so handy, their unique design and the pay-off deal you make when you buy a set or single brush. I have some that are like 4 years old and I still use them almost every day and when I wash them they might look like they are new. Not a single brush died so far or has lost a big amount of hair if no at all.

Now let's be honest, just look at those amazingly designed brushes, every single is just beautiful. And everyone who owes a set will probably understand my love for this brand. I also included a few times a set in my giveaways and I only got good responses to them. I also never heard anyone complaining about them. Just a few people claimed the stippling brush would fall apart after some time but I haven't experienced that personally.

The only brushes I don't have YET are the brushes from the Bold collections but that's because they came out only recently and I'm waiting till they are available at the shops I would normally buy them.


You see 5 brushes that are included in the Starter Set (deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush, pixel-point eyeliner brush & brow brush), and the brushes I bought after my RT collection post are the domed shadow brush, the fine liner brush, the lash-brow groomer and recently I got the silicone liner brush.
  • Deluxe crease brush: I love using this brush for my cream concealers or for zit covering
  • Base shadow brush: I apply eyeshadow over the whole lid with it. The form of the hairs is well shaped, you could also blend your crease with it.
  • Accent brush: Great to apply eyeshadow under the eyes and for the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Pixel point eye liner brush: I only use this brush when I decide do a Cleopatra.
  • Brow brush: I know I said in my previous RT brush review that I don't like this brush so much but I found a eyebrow product I can use it perfectly with and I changed my opinion about it. Althought I belive it could be a bitter thinner thought.
  • Domed shadow brush: I haven't used it that much yet but I use it from time to time to apply an eyeshadow over the whole lid or to just blend my crease.
  • Fine liner brush: I prefer this liner brush over the pixel point eye liner brush because it's half as thick and you can apply your liner very thin and more precise
  • Lash-brow groomer: I haven't used it to brush throught my eyebrows much, I believe the hairs are way to hard for that but it's a great comb for the eyelashes thought
  • Silicone liner brush: I only used it once so far to apply my new Anastasia Beverly Hills cream colors as eyeliner and I thought it did a great job.
Nic's Picks Set


This is a limited edition set, grab it if you can before it's too late!!!!!!
I forgot the eyeliner brush on this picuture but I will update this picture when all of them are clean again. Sorry lol
  • Eyeliner brush: Only used it once since it's very much new but I like it. The angled head gives you optimal control for your eyeliner. This is a set exclusive, so you won't be able to get it as a single brush, another reason to buy this set.
  • Base shadow brush: This is the same brush as the the one that comes in the Starter set. 
  • Angled shadow brush: Also a set exclusive! Perfect for layering eyeshadow in the crease, kind of of a blending brush.
  • Cheek brush: And another set exclusive!!!! I LOVE this brush, great to apply blush or bronzer on and under your cheeks, great for contouring.
  • Duo-fiber face brush: I like to use this brush for loose powder or to remove eyeshadow that fell off on under my eyes.
Base shadow brush:


The new vs. the old!!!

I think the new one has a slightly thicker shape than the old one. And of course they have different colors but only because they are from two different sets. They do the same job thought, I haven't noticed any difference in that and that's what counts. ^^

Duo-fiber face brush:

The old vs. the new!!!


Same brush and I can only say the same about these two as I did about the base shadow brush! The new one is slightly thicker when it comes to the shape, different color but same feeling while working with it.


Not such a big fan of this set. I believe you don't really need any of these brushes really.
  • Duo-fiber face brush: As mentioned above for lightweight application
  • Duo-fiber contour brush: I sometimes use this brush for my cream blushes or to apply loose powder under my eyes
  • Duo-fiber eye brush: For finishing touches to the eye.  

From left to right: Setting brush, stippling brush,  multi task brush and the blush brush. I bought all of these as single brushes!
  • Setting brush: Great to apply hightlighter to the cheeks and powder under the eyes.
  • Stippling brush: My favorite stippling brush! Self-standing, handy and blends in foundation like a dream.
  • Multi task brush: For effortless powder, blush & bronzer application.
  • Blush brush: Another brush favorite! Beautiful and also photogenic brush lol And does the blush job so well
Collector's Edition Sculpting Set:

One of the newer sets that came out, it has a high-shine pink instead of the classic matte and it's a LIMITED EDITION!!!!!
  • Setting brush: Great to apply hightlighter to the cheeks and powder under the eyes.
  • Fan brush: Whisks away any excess of makeup.
  • Sculpting brush: Love, love, love this brush!!! The angled form of the brush allows to creat a defined contoured look but I also love to use it to apply my foundation and it does a really well job for that too.
Setting brush:

The new vs. the old!!!


Same brush I would same except for the high-shine pink instead of the matte.


From left to right: Powder brush, contour brush, essential foundation brush, expert face brush & buffing brush. Three of these brushes are from the Core Collection, I actually forgot to include the detailer brush in this picture, maybe because I never use it.
  • Powder brush: Great to apply hightlighter to the cheeks and powder under the eyes.
  • Contour brush: To contour or to create a sheer, soft focus finish
  • Essential foundation brush: I think this brush was renamed in the new core collection set. It's supposed for liquid foundations but I never use htis brush unless all my foundation brushes are dirty. Not a big fan of it, it has nothing special to me.
  • Expert face brush: Must have brush! I love the design, works so well for so many different things but mostly for foundation applying.
  • Buffing brush: Full coverage application of powder, mineral foundation and also great to apply blush or blend it in. My most used brush of all I have! You can see that I use it very often since the color of the brush washed out .
Miracle Complexion Sponge

Last but not least, the miracle complexion sponge! I love this sponge, one of the best on the market so far.
  • Grounded sides blend large areas of the face with a repeated dabbing or stippling motion.
  • Precision tip covers blemishes and imperfections.
  • Falt edge for the contours around the eyes and nose.
And you could probably do a lot more things with it. I have two of these :D 
They are made from polyurethane foam which is latex free. They recommand you to replace this sponge every 3 months.

And that's it for my Real Techniques Collection show off!!! I wish you a great weekend and I hope you'll read more soon.

With much love,


Sunday, June 7, 2015

NOTD - Marc Jacobs 142 Fluorescent Beige


Since my last post was a bit more personal talk than an actual blogspot, I thought I'll do a NOTD post about the nailpolish that you could see on the picture from the last post ^^ I recently purchased two shades from the brand Marc Jacobs.

Been loving Marc Jacobs designs since I discovered the brand for the first time and when they launched a beauty line and nailpolishes I was beyond excitment :D

I wasn't at all disappointed with the design of the nailpolish bottle and I was going to try some of his makeup stuff anyway. They are just so pretty!!!! This is one of the two shades I got, it's called Fluorescent Beige. It was one of the colors that hypnotized me immediately with it's shimmer. The other color I bought is brighter, like almost a fuchsia pink and called Shocking!


Marc Jacobs said about this neutral color: "I love the idea of something neutral being really eye-catching, like the fluorescent beige."


With this iridescent beige color comes a pink shimmer, that unfortunately doesn't show as much on the nails as it shines through the bottle but you can still see it sometimes depending on the change of light and sometimes it seems more like a beige creme.


Sometimes it looks a bit more taupe and sometimes just like an old pink but no matter which color it seems like, it's ALWAYS beautiful.


The formula is a dream! It's a more milky formula which I thought I would not like until I tried this nailpolish ^^ You'll should get a perfect coverage with 3 thin coats.


You can get this beauty in the bottle at for 18€/$.

 Thank you for reading!


Monday, June 1, 2015

About time... for a change!


I'm back from the dead. It's been exactly 2 months since my last post.
The last 2 months have been a real roller coaster. I had ups and downs, more downs thought and that's why I found it hard to write a post down for you guys until now. I even considered giving my blog up :( but it would have been pity for all the time I invested in it and all the views I got so far.
I kind of felt like I had a blogging blockade, I don't know if something like that exsist but I really couldn't come up with what I should blog about next or I had some ideas but didn't write them down and then forget about them.
It had a lot to do with my new work too, me and my collegues were given objectifs that we had to reach before everyone took his holidays. And so I was more focusing on work and was more tired then usual. Then I had a few days off and when I got back I kind of had to get into business at work again, catch a bit up, prove myself and also make some plans before other collegues took their holidays. Afte work, when I got home I barely could relax and then gym took a lot of my time too. So since a few weeks I turned that a bit down, I'm trying more to concentrate on what I eat, to hopefully get a good looking bikini-body for this summer season.

Back to the actual blogpost!!!

What I wanted you to tell is that it was TIME for a COME BACK, I'm better and stronger in my believes than I ever was before. I consider this like a fresh start, I hope I can manage to turn it into something more serious and who knows maybe one day I can live from it.
I changed my blog quite a bit if you haven't noticed. It took some time but I'm satisfied so far with how it turned out and I'm still working on my blog-design skills ;)
I also improved my photograpy skills! I was given some great tips, had some new motives to photograph and I was looking for some workshops that I could participate at this summer. ^^
I have plenty of ideas and I don't want it to be only about makeup anymore. I wanna take it a bit further. Let's cross fingers that everything goes as I imagined it in my thoughts.

So this post was all about a new beginning and changing things up a bit. ^^

Thank you for taking the time to read this!



Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Heeeey hooooo my dear folks,

Unbelievable but it's almost Glamour Shopping Week again, from 2nd May till 11th May 2015 :D

You know what that means?!? Lots of promo codes and hopefully lots of bargains for you and for me heheeeee

Just as the last time I have a list of those brands I thought you might be interested the most.


About You: 15%; GLAMOUR;
Accessorize: 25%; GLAMACCESS25,
Adidas: 20% on one item! glamour2015;
All Posters: 35% Glamour2015;
Asos: 20%; GLAMOUR2015;
Buffalo: 15%; GLAM15;

C&A: 20%; GLAMOUR20;
Comma: 15€ off on the new collection; GLAMOUR;
Conleys: 15%; 5CR57Z2E4Q;  
Douglas: 10%; SHPF68 for & SBPHC9 for
Dress-for-less: 20% + free shipping for the first 200 orders! GLAM2015DFL; / at / ch
Esprit: 15%; GLAMOUR2015;, &
Fashionette: 20%; Glamour20;, .at &

Flaconi : 15%; MPA15PGSW1F5,
Gina Tricot: 20%; GLAMOURSHOPPING20;
Görtz: up to 20€ off! glam2015; & .ch
Guess: 20%; GUESSGLAM20;

Happy Socks: 25% + free shipping; HappyGlamour25; 
Hunkemöller: 20%; GLAMOUR2015@HKM; / .at

Jochen Schweizer: 20 € off; GLAM1SHWE15;, &
Kiss a Frog: 25€ off; GLAMOUR2015;
Mädchen Flohmarkt: 20%; GLAMOUR;
Lufthansa: up to 20€; lhgsw, 
Mirapodo: 20%; GLAMIRA2015;
Mister Spex: 20%; msxglam-2015;
Monnier Frères: 20% + free express delivery! GLAM20DE for Germany, GLAM20AT for Austria, GLAM20CH for Switzerland
Only: 20%; NGDspring2015;
Orsay: 20%; 40002;

Peoples place: 20%; GLMR2015;   
Pandora: 20%; GLAMOUR;
Pilgrim: 25%; PilgrimGLAM; 
Pieces: 20%; PiecesNOW;
Promod: 20% on dresses;
Sacha: 20%; GSW20; 

Scotch & Soda: 20%; GLAMOUR2015; scotch-soda-de/glamour
Sheego: 20%; 15151;
Sidestep: 20%; SDS-GSW-0415;
s.Oliver: 20%; sOliverGLAM; 10% off + a secret surprise!  glamstyle2015; 
Tally Weijl: 20%; GSWSPRING2015;
The Body Shop: 20%; GLAMOUR; /.at  
Tom Tailor: 20%; TT-GLAMOUR-504;  / .at
Triumph: 20%; GLAMOUR2015; 
Urban Outfitters: 20%; GLAMOURA2015;
Uhrcenter: 15%; GLAM45; 

Vero Moda: 20%; GLAMOUR-VM; & .ch

Vila: 20%; VILAGLAMOUR15;
Yves Rocher: 20%; GSWA2015;; &

Some food & helth related promo codes

Chocolissimo: 20%; GLAMSW; (not so healthy lol)
Foodist: 10€ off; FOODGLAMOUR;
Frank Juice: 20%; glamour;
Gegengift: 20%; HappyDetox2015;
Green Cup Coffee: 15%; GLAMOUR2015;
Hello Fresh: 20€ off; HelloGlamour; &
Tea Tox: 20%; gswteatox20;
Tree of tea: 3 mini cans; GLAMOUR-TEE;

If you buy the magazine, you get a card with it that allows you to get most of those promotions also at the stores in Germany. (or/and Switzerland and Austria)
I hope at least one of these is usefull and that you find something nice ^^
Enjoy yourself and let the credit card burn!!!! ;)
Read more soon.

With much LOVE,


Sunday, March 8, 2015

U N B O X I N G!

Hello Ladies :)


This post should have been up already last weekend but something went wrong, thank you Blogger for being a pain in the ass again.

I showed you already on my Instagram (@Irsada_lxbg) some days ago everything that was in the box I received from a dear friend from the USA and now I'll give you a closer look on everything. Just look at this package. It was HUGE and I still can't believe that my friend Kelly put all of this stuff in their. It really felt like birthday and Christmas on the same day. No, wait like 3x birthdays and Christmas! Lucky me for having such a great friend ^^


Just look at this! OMG It's not just a lot, it's a LOT! It also was kind of difficult to take a picture of everything together.

LORAC Eye Candy full face collection


They look like mini chocolate bars, very cute and great idea. The packaging is just beyond amazing. And when you open the box it smells AMAZING.


There are 6 little palettes, 4 eyeshadow palettes, 1 cream eye liner palette and 1 cheek & lip tint palette:

Ooh la la vanilla - nude eye shadow palette
Tantalizing cocoa - bronze eye shadow palette
Caramel love affair - golden eye shadow palette
Blackberry truffle seduction - smokey eye shadow palette
Mesmerizing dark chocolate - cream eye liner palette
Indulge in berry kisses - cheek & lip tint palette


While swatching them on the back of my hand, I noticed that there are 2-3 that almost don't show up, 2-3 that are intensily pigmented and the rest is quite ok.

TOO FACED Pretty Rebel


"Badass beauty eye shadow palette
Even pretty girls can break the rules. Be as rebel as you want to be with 10 powerful after-hours approved (and all new) shadows in the deepest jewel tones, the most vadass metallics and one scene-stealing pink" 

That's exactly what I thought when I opened it. all eyeshadows have a great pigmentation, I can't decide which color I love the most, they are all quite stunning. Girly, Jailbird, Miss Sparkles take my breath away... and I only swatched them once. This is such a great palette. And the name of it says it already, BADASS approved!!! 


:D yeahhhhh another Anastasia eye shadow palette I can call my own.



And this baby is very welcome too. I love how my ABH collection is getting bigger and bigger. 

LORAC The Stylist

First impression, neutral colors. 

"Lorac introduces The Stylist palette, featuring a gorgeous, velvety-smooth array of 10 eye shadows plus 2 extra-large hightlighter shades. Satisfy your inner fashionista and savvy sensibility with this trendy houndstooth palette, perfect for everyday wear at an incredible value. Become your own beauty stylist with Lorac!"

SIGMA Créme de Couture

Macaron-inspired eye shadows and 3 of their blushes; blackberry essence, cherry apple & strawberry ambrosia

I think when it comes to color, there's never been a palette like this one! Ohh my... let me see what I can do with it. I swatched 3-4, they all seem to perform matte.

STILA smudge stick waterproof eye liner set

Smudge stick waterproof eye liner set/collection baguette maculage eye-liner indélébile in the colors stingray, lionfish, aubergine, navy, emerald.

TOO FACED Bonjour Soleil

"Limited edition summer bronzing wardrobe
Say bonjour to a gorgeous, golden tan with this collection of bronzing best-sellers including the matte, cocoa-powder infused cocolate soleil, the original too faced bronzer sun bunny and the luminous bronzer snow bunny."

This palette came at the right time. Spring started and summer is only around the corner :)


Perfect for travelling or for a touch up on the run! 5 eyeshadows with UD quality, 2 blushes, 1 highlighter, 1 black eye pencil & 1 high gloss lip pencil.

Interesting, let's see...



This was already on my wishlist over a year ago but my friend told me the whole time not to buy it cuz she already did that, I just had to wait a bit more so that she could add a few more things to the box. :)

Picture turned out a bit blurry :( Sorry!

TOO FACED Chocolate Bar palette


And this is also one of the palettes that I couldn't wait to get my fingers on. Smells like a dream come true. Colors, never seen such colors before. Just stunning. STUNNING.

"Indulge your craving for chocolate with these 16 antioxidant-rich cocoa powder infused matte and shimmer shades, inspired by our best-selling cocoa powder based Chocolate Soleit Bronzer."

UD 24/7 glide-on double-ended eye pencil, SUGARPILL loose eyeshadow in "LUMI", THE BALM Mary-Lou manizer highlighter & NARS single eyeshadow in Persia


The Balm highlighter and the UD eye pencil were a surprise but the Lumi and Persia eyeshadows were a personal request of mine because I can't get them here at all and I've seen really great Youtube videos in which they were used.

Tried both already once out, they truely are great but I need to find out with wich other colors they work the best and then I'll let you know to which conclusion I came ;)

BTW I also got an Essie polish I always wanted but they never sold it here I guess... forgot to put it with the other stuff lol It's called Toggle to the top.



I'd never say no to chocolate! Chocolate is always a good idea and you can't do anything wrong when you gift it to someone.

Then I also got a cute chain with a cat pendatif on it and a rose gold handcuffs chain that looks pretty cool on.

WHAT A PACKAGE!!! I think I spend one hour or more unboxing, trying and swatching everything :D

I'm so happy over everything and I would have been as happy if I only got half of the stuff but of course I wouldn't miss a thing now that I have all this amazing stuff. It really left me spechless at the end and there are so many new eyeshadows to test but I only have 2 eyes xD hahaaaaa
It's going to be hard to beat this box! I hope this year will bring lots of new stuff on the market that I can send to my dear friend in exchange.

Next post coming in 2 days, pictures have been already taken! Stay tunned for more.

Have a nice week and enjoy the lovely weather ;)