Sunday, June 7, 2015

NOTD - Marc Jacobs 142 Fluorescent Beige


Since my last post was a bit more personal talk than an actual blogspot, I thought I'll do a NOTD post about the nailpolish that you could see on the picture from the last post ^^ I recently purchased two shades from the brand Marc Jacobs.

Been loving Marc Jacobs designs since I discovered the brand for the first time and when they launched a beauty line and nailpolishes I was beyond excitment :D

I wasn't at all disappointed with the design of the nailpolish bottle and I was going to try some of his makeup stuff anyway. They are just so pretty!!!! This is one of the two shades I got, it's called Fluorescent Beige. It was one of the colors that hypnotized me immediately with it's shimmer. The other color I bought is brighter, like almost a fuchsia pink and called Shocking!


Marc Jacobs said about this neutral color: "I love the idea of something neutral being really eye-catching, like the fluorescent beige."


With this iridescent beige color comes a pink shimmer, that unfortunately doesn't show as much on the nails as it shines through the bottle but you can still see it sometimes depending on the change of light and sometimes it seems more like a beige creme.


Sometimes it looks a bit more taupe and sometimes just like an old pink but no matter which color it seems like, it's ALWAYS beautiful.


The formula is a dream! It's a more milky formula which I thought I would not like until I tried this nailpolish ^^ You'll should get a perfect coverage with 3 thin coats.


You can get this beauty in the bottle at for 18€/$.

 Thank you for reading!


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