Thursday, August 6, 2015

Travel essentials!

Hellooooo :)

Back from my holidays, I decided to show you which liquides I took with me. If you are a girl like me who can barely close her suitcase when she packed it for the annual holidays of 2-3 weeks, then you can't afford the space of taking your shampoo, conditioner, bodyshower, what so ever with you.

- My ReNu multi-purpose solution for my lenses, travel size :)

- My shampoo (first bottle, yellow color), it's actually shampoo for horses lol I know this sounds crazy but it makes the hair stronger and longer and I love it for that reason

- My conditioner, Hello Hydration, coconut extracts, from Herbal Essences.

- MAC Prep& Prime Fix Spray to keep the makeup in place! And it's refreshing when you spray it on in a heat like this :D

- Coconut oil, since it was so hot these days it is luiquid, normally it is pressed but it melts over 25 degrees. I use it for everything possible. It's great after you wash your hair as oil, it's great as after sun (you could also use it as sun screen, 4 SPF) and since it's antibacterial it is simply great to clean your skin with it and get rid of zits.

- luiquid plaster, this is something new but also great to dry out zits, when you want to cover them under your makeup. But depotting it wasn't such a great idea cuz with the heat it totally dried in the pot and you can't open it anymore, so I had to throw it away without using/trying it once.

- Baby powder! What... baby powder you will probably be thinking?!? Hahaaa YES, baby powder is also a magic potion for your skin when it's to dry and helps dealing with zits too. (at least in my case)

I didn't take any body shower in particulary with me cuz with a sommer like this you shower so often that I would have needed 2 or 3 bottles, and I'm not so picky when it comes to body showers, I can use pretty much everyone I found at the hotel or our holiday sleep over places/family.

I hope you liked this one and I wish you already a nice weekend and enjoy your holidays till the last minut! ^^

With Love,