Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Real Techniques Collection

Hiii peeps,

I thought it would be a great idea to do an updated post of a post I already did some years ago, have a look >>>> HERE <<<<

Real Techniques brushes are my favorite brushes because they are just so handy, their unique design and the pay-off deal you make when you buy a set or single brush. I have some that are like 4 years old and I still use them almost every day and when I wash them they might look like they are new. Not a single brush died so far or has lost a big amount of hair if no at all.

Now let's be honest, just look at those amazingly designed brushes, every single is just beautiful. And everyone who owes a set will probably understand my love for this brand. I also included a few times a set in my giveaways and I only got good responses to them. I also never heard anyone complaining about them. Just a few people claimed the stippling brush would fall apart after some time but I haven't experienced that personally.

The only brushes I don't have YET are the brushes from the Bold collections but that's because they came out only recently and I'm waiting till they are available at the shops I would normally buy them.


You see 5 brushes that are included in the Starter Set (deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush, pixel-point eyeliner brush & brow brush), and the brushes I bought after my RT collection post are the domed shadow brush, the fine liner brush, the lash-brow groomer and recently I got the silicone liner brush.
  • Deluxe crease brush: I love using this brush for my cream concealers or for zit covering
  • Base shadow brush: I apply eyeshadow over the whole lid with it. The form of the hairs is well shaped, you could also blend your crease with it.
  • Accent brush: Great to apply eyeshadow under the eyes and for the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Pixel point eye liner brush: I only use this brush when I decide do a Cleopatra.
  • Brow brush: I know I said in my previous RT brush review that I don't like this brush so much but I found a eyebrow product I can use it perfectly with and I changed my opinion about it. Althought I belive it could be a bitter thinner thought.
  • Domed shadow brush: I haven't used it that much yet but I use it from time to time to apply an eyeshadow over the whole lid or to just blend my crease.
  • Fine liner brush: I prefer this liner brush over the pixel point eye liner brush because it's half as thick and you can apply your liner very thin and more precise
  • Lash-brow groomer: I haven't used it to brush throught my eyebrows much, I believe the hairs are way to hard for that but it's a great comb for the eyelashes thought
  • Silicone liner brush: I only used it once so far to apply my new Anastasia Beverly Hills cream colors as eyeliner and I thought it did a great job.
Nic's Picks Set


This is a limited edition set, grab it if you can before it's too late!!!!!!
I forgot the eyeliner brush on this picuture but I will update this picture when all of them are clean again. Sorry lol
  • Eyeliner brush: Only used it once since it's very much new but I like it. The angled head gives you optimal control for your eyeliner. This is a set exclusive, so you won't be able to get it as a single brush, another reason to buy this set.
  • Base shadow brush: This is the same brush as the the one that comes in the Starter set. 
  • Angled shadow brush: Also a set exclusive! Perfect for layering eyeshadow in the crease, kind of of a blending brush.
  • Cheek brush: And another set exclusive!!!! I LOVE this brush, great to apply blush or bronzer on and under your cheeks, great for contouring.
  • Duo-fiber face brush: I like to use this brush for loose powder or to remove eyeshadow that fell off on under my eyes.
Base shadow brush:


The new vs. the old!!!

I think the new one has a slightly thicker shape than the old one. And of course they have different colors but only because they are from two different sets. They do the same job thought, I haven't noticed any difference in that and that's what counts. ^^

Duo-fiber face brush:

The old vs. the new!!!


Same brush and I can only say the same about these two as I did about the base shadow brush! The new one is slightly thicker when it comes to the shape, different color but same feeling while working with it.


Not such a big fan of this set. I believe you don't really need any of these brushes really.
  • Duo-fiber face brush: As mentioned above for lightweight application
  • Duo-fiber contour brush: I sometimes use this brush for my cream blushes or to apply loose powder under my eyes
  • Duo-fiber eye brush: For finishing touches to the eye.  

From left to right: Setting brush, stippling brush,  multi task brush and the blush brush. I bought all of these as single brushes!
  • Setting brush: Great to apply hightlighter to the cheeks and powder under the eyes.
  • Stippling brush: My favorite stippling brush! Self-standing, handy and blends in foundation like a dream.
  • Multi task brush: For effortless powder, blush & bronzer application.
  • Blush brush: Another brush favorite! Beautiful and also photogenic brush lol And does the blush job so well
Collector's Edition Sculpting Set:

One of the newer sets that came out, it has a high-shine pink instead of the classic matte and it's a LIMITED EDITION!!!!!
  • Setting brush: Great to apply hightlighter to the cheeks and powder under the eyes.
  • Fan brush: Whisks away any excess of makeup.
  • Sculpting brush: Love, love, love this brush!!! The angled form of the brush allows to creat a defined contoured look but I also love to use it to apply my foundation and it does a really well job for that too.
Setting brush:

The new vs. the old!!!


Same brush I would same except for the high-shine pink instead of the matte.


From left to right: Powder brush, contour brush, essential foundation brush, expert face brush & buffing brush. Three of these brushes are from the Core Collection, I actually forgot to include the detailer brush in this picture, maybe because I never use it.
  • Powder brush: Great to apply hightlighter to the cheeks and powder under the eyes.
  • Contour brush: To contour or to create a sheer, soft focus finish
  • Essential foundation brush: I think this brush was renamed in the new core collection set. It's supposed for liquid foundations but I never use htis brush unless all my foundation brushes are dirty. Not a big fan of it, it has nothing special to me.
  • Expert face brush: Must have brush! I love the design, works so well for so many different things but mostly for foundation applying.
  • Buffing brush: Full coverage application of powder, mineral foundation and also great to apply blush or blend it in. My most used brush of all I have! You can see that I use it very often since the color of the brush washed out .
Miracle Complexion Sponge

Last but not least, the miracle complexion sponge! I love this sponge, one of the best on the market so far.
  • Grounded sides blend large areas of the face with a repeated dabbing or stippling motion.
  • Precision tip covers blemishes and imperfections.
  • Falt edge for the contours around the eyes and nose.
And you could probably do a lot more things with it. I have two of these :D 
They are made from polyurethane foam which is latex free. They recommand you to replace this sponge every 3 months.

And that's it for my Real Techniques Collection show off!!! I wish you a great weekend and I hope you'll read more soon.

With much love,


Sunday, June 7, 2015

NOTD - Marc Jacobs 142 Fluorescent Beige


Since my last post was a bit more personal talk than an actual blogspot, I thought I'll do a NOTD post about the nailpolish that you could see on the picture from the last post ^^ I recently purchased two shades from the brand Marc Jacobs.

Been loving Marc Jacobs designs since I discovered the brand for the first time and when they launched a beauty line and nailpolishes I was beyond excitment :D

I wasn't at all disappointed with the design of the nailpolish bottle and I was going to try some of his makeup stuff anyway. They are just so pretty!!!! This is one of the two shades I got, it's called Fluorescent Beige. It was one of the colors that hypnotized me immediately with it's shimmer. The other color I bought is brighter, like almost a fuchsia pink and called Shocking!


Marc Jacobs said about this neutral color: "I love the idea of something neutral being really eye-catching, like the fluorescent beige."


With this iridescent beige color comes a pink shimmer, that unfortunately doesn't show as much on the nails as it shines through the bottle but you can still see it sometimes depending on the change of light and sometimes it seems more like a beige creme.


Sometimes it looks a bit more taupe and sometimes just like an old pink but no matter which color it seems like, it's ALWAYS beautiful.


The formula is a dream! It's a more milky formula which I thought I would not like until I tried this nailpolish ^^ You'll should get a perfect coverage with 3 thin coats.


You can get this beauty in the bottle at for 18€/$.

 Thank you for reading!


Monday, June 1, 2015

About time... for a change!


I'm back from the dead. It's been exactly 2 months since my last post.
The last 2 months have been a real roller coaster. I had ups and downs, more downs thought and that's why I found it hard to write a post down for you guys until now. I even considered giving my blog up :( but it would have been pity for all the time I invested in it and all the views I got so far.
I kind of felt like I had a blogging blockade, I don't know if something like that exsist but I really couldn't come up with what I should blog about next or I had some ideas but didn't write them down and then forget about them.
It had a lot to do with my new work too, me and my collegues were given objectifs that we had to reach before everyone took his holidays. And so I was more focusing on work and was more tired then usual. Then I had a few days off and when I got back I kind of had to get into business at work again, catch a bit up, prove myself and also make some plans before other collegues took their holidays. Afte work, when I got home I barely could relax and then gym took a lot of my time too. So since a few weeks I turned that a bit down, I'm trying more to concentrate on what I eat, to hopefully get a good looking bikini-body for this summer season.

Back to the actual blogpost!!!

What I wanted you to tell is that it was TIME for a COME BACK, I'm better and stronger in my believes than I ever was before. I consider this like a fresh start, I hope I can manage to turn it into something more serious and who knows maybe one day I can live from it.
I changed my blog quite a bit if you haven't noticed. It took some time but I'm satisfied so far with how it turned out and I'm still working on my blog-design skills ;)
I also improved my photograpy skills! I was given some great tips, had some new motives to photograph and I was looking for some workshops that I could participate at this summer. ^^
I have plenty of ideas and I don't want it to be only about makeup anymore. I wanna take it a bit further. Let's cross fingers that everything goes as I imagined it in my thoughts.

So this post was all about a new beginning and changing things up a bit. ^^

Thank you for taking the time to read this!