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My Real Techniques brushes + REVIEW!


First of all, I'm really sorry that this post wasn't on earlier since I promised to do it 2-3 months ago xD Don't kill me. I finally found the time! Enjoy :)

So these review is about my Real Techniques brushes that are designed by the wonderful make-up artist Samantha Chapman, which is one of the famous pixiwoo sisters. If you don't know them yet go follow them on Twitter, you will not deny it, they are just great. (to follow them immediately just click here on PIXIWOO)

Starting with the Core Collection which includes a set of four brushes!

From left to right:

  • Contour brush: I use this brush to apply highlighter, liquid concealer, to contour the hollows of the cheeks to create a sheer soft focus finish and sometimes to put on liquid foundation
  • Pointed foundation brush: I use it for liquid foundation, pretty good coverage and to blend concealer 
  • Detailer brush: I use this little brush mostly for my lips because it's so easy to create a perfect contour of my lips with it but you can also use it for little concealing problem areas
  • Buffing brush: This is one of my favorite brushes among all I have! You can see that I use it very often since the color of the brush washed out a bit. I use it almost everyday to apply liquid foundation or powder and mineral foundation because as the name is saying it it buffs it perfectly into the skin and gives it the perfect finishing touch.

There is also a brush case that goes with this set. You can close it which is perfect when you travel or you can make it stand and take the brushes out easily for application and then put them back after you finished (pictures HERE).

  • Foundation brush: I use it for liquid foundation
  • Blush brush: I use it to apply blush and bronzer on my cheeks. This brush is really good defining/contouring the cheeks and it feels so good on the cheeks as it is so fluffy. It feels like a massage for the cheeks ;) Which makes it also one of my favorite brushes!
  • Stippling brush: I use this brush for stippling the foundation really into the skin for a full coverage and to take away the hardness of contour or blush on my cheeks going slightly over them. It is a dual fibre brush for creating an airbrushed high definition effect with any type of makeup (described by them).This would be my third favorite brush from all.

The second set I have is the Starter Set for the eyes! It includes five brushes and the same case as the Core Collection set with the same properties.

From left to right:

  • Deluxe crease brush: I use this brush for my eye contouring, to blend the color in my socket, to apply cream concealer under my eyes or to remove eyeshadow that fell off from under my eyes/on my checks
  • Base shadow brush: I use it to apply the eyeshadow on the lid and for blending it. By far the best eyeshadow brush ever. I just love the form of it, it allows a flawless application.
  • Accent brush: I use this brush to apply eyeshadow under my eyes, in the inner corner of my eyes of for some details depending on my eye make-up look.
  • Pixel point eye liner brush: I use this brush to apply a fine line of gel eyeliner. But I have to be honest I don't like it very much since it's kind of hard to create a thin line, you need lots of practice, so I only use it for thick lines.
  • Brow brush: This brush is for brow definition but I barely use it that way since it's pretty thick. I use it sometimes for eyeshadow under my eyes. But I'm not a fan of it.

  • Fine liner brush: I use this brush for thin lines when I use gel liner.

Here you can see it comparing to the thicker pixel point eye liner brush! Big difference.

Pixel Point Eye Liner Brush - Fine Liner Brush

So this is my whole collection!!! In case you are wondering why they have all different colors it's because those colors are well-ordered by their function. The orange ones are mostly for foundation, the ones that aren't for foundation but still for the face itself are pink and the once concetrating on the eyes and brows are purple.

LAST THOUGHTS: Since I LOVE these brushes so much I'm definitely gonna order more of them because I don't have them all yet. I need the Expert Face Brush, the Setting Brush and maybe I'm going to order also the Kabuki Brush ^^

I saw in some Youtube videos (before ordering the first time) that there are girls that have the stippling brush, the blush brush and the expert face brush a few times (like 5-6) and thought to myself one of them is enough but now that I used them already for months I really can understand why, you really can't have enought of them.

Since those kind of brushes need to be cleaned very often it's very time-consuming so it's easier to have them a few times but also very expensive in that case. I prefer cleaing mine after use with a daily makeup brush cleaner and once a week I wash them with a soft shampoo and water!
The price of a kit or one single brush is quite okay and inexpensive if you look at the price-performance ratio ;)
The only thing I didn't like is that (as mentionned above) my buffing brush lost its color so now I'm paying more attention when I clean them under water to not get that part wet.

This review turned again into a roman, sorry for that! We are done now ;)

Have a nice day!




  1. *O* I totally want to get one of these !
    Specially the Core collection! plus some extra brushes!
    Thank you for this amazing review.

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    1. awwwww than you very very much! I wanna thank first my mother… hahaaaa what an honor :D

    I have nominated you :)

  4. These look so good! I really need some more brushes atm so I'm definitely going to check these out - thanks for sharing :D


  5. Nice post dear :)

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