Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Meet My BFF Azra - Make-up & Pictures By ME!


This is a post about my bff Azra, 25, years old and in 2 days she will be married for 1 year ^^
So I decided to dedicate this post to her since I was her bridesmaid #1 and felt like you guys need to get know a bit more of my life and she is a part of it. We know each other for almost 5 years now. This doesn't sound maybe like long periode but we found each other and I hope we stay friends for the rest of our lives. It's actually funny that we turned out to be friends at all since we both though from the other, when we first met, that the other one is arrogant. But then we both got to know each other and at the second meeting, we were laughing like best friends and were unseperable.

The pictures you can see are taken by me a few weeks ago. She was going to a weeding and asked for my help as a make-up artist novice :P

The pictures were taken at her apartement. I think the pictures turned out really great :) So she was wearing her hair up with a braid wrapped around. She has the most beautiful hair you can imagine, it's like horse hair so full and voluminous, unfortunately you can't see it here really since she has it together. And I'm also jealous because of her wonderful skin tone, she always looks like she got home from holidays at a sunny place and she doesn't need much of a foundation. In case you wonder about the earings, they are by Swarowski.

Products used:

(unfortuanately I can't specify some of the products as I used hers)

Clarins foundation
dark brown blush (don't remember the brand at all)

for the eyes I used:
BeYu Catwalk Star Eyeshadow palette #04
 Includes one dark, one light grey color and a white eyeshadow!
Then I applied slightly some glitter by Claire's over the eye make-up and under the eyes

Chanel Ligne Extreme No. 31 Encre Noire liquid eyeliner
(which has one of the smallest brush I've ever seen and used)
Dior Maximizer
Dior Iconic mascara
Dior Addict lipgloss (I think it was Evening Rose)
Some individual Wimp'rs eyelashes

Btw she was so lovely and got me the same eyeshadow palette by BeYu ^^ how nice of her!

That's it! I hope you like this post as much as I did.

Read you soon again,


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