Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dried Up OPI Black Shatter!

Moin Moin,

Before I start with the actual post theme I wanted to say that the OPI Black Shatter has been one of the very first OPI polishes I bought and was also one of the factors that made me like OPI from the very beginning since it probably was one of the first brands that brought out a shatter/crackle polish. 

I felt like doing this post already times ago but well it never happened and now that I got a new Black Shatter it just had to be done. (which I got btw by my friend, the beautiful and nice, Lina from Lina's Beauty Diary - check her out!)

Back to the post theme! So here you can see the actual disaster. On the left side is a brand new shatter and on the right side you can see my dried up shatter.

How did that happen?

Well, I probably didn't close the cab tightly... Back at the time when I got this polish I used it very often and then I didn't use it at all for a few months, so I only noticed the state of it after months when it was too late to do something about it. And the moral of the story… well now I always check my nail polish bottle twice since they are not so cheap I prefer taking better care of the ones I owe ;)

As you can see the formula dried completely inside and there are only a few lumps and dried black formula left on the inside of the bottle glas. You can see through the bottle, the glas is clear. The brush also got very lumpy so that once you open the bottle again and take it out it's difficult to put the brush in again.

A lot of people suggest dropping a bit of nail polish remover into your bottle, and although that does work often, its actually really bad for the polish (normal polish) and since shatter/crackle polish is different than a regular polish because it has a different formula than regular type of polish, doing something like putting nail polish remover in it could be really bad for the polish.

If you really love that kind of polish I think it would be better to buy another bottle than to try and salvage a bottle of totally dried up polish. Shaking the bottle might help, but if its really dry it won't do a thing.
It's a common thing that's happening with it. You can also use some nail polish thinner. This is what OPI recommends to restore your shatter polish. Just please do NOT add nail polish remover to it. REMOVER AND THINNER ARE NOT THE SAME THING!!! And remover can destroy your polish as shown here:

Why you shouldn't use remover to thin your polish?

I hope you enjoyed!




  1. I can't believe it! mine got exactly the same :( !!

  2. oh my god that's so sad T__T
    I used to do the same with my cheap nail polishes but, with an OPI one, I probably wouldn't, because it would die a week or so than...

    I think I'll try to get my very first OI or Essie nail polish this christmas. I'm either looking for a really girly pink or for some nude/casual color!

    BTW, if you want, check my giveaway - - it's in collaboration with other 2 bloggers.


    1. They are really great which ever you choose of both!

      And I also entered your lovely giveaway ;)


  3. My OPI Gold Shatter dried up as well, I just discovered the other day. My black seems to be fine though. I haven't put any thinner in the Gold Shatter yet, but I might give it a go.

  4. aww thank yo so much for the mention honey :) that polish looks like a complete disaster :O oh dear!!! I really need to get a nail polish thinner now :/ xxx

    1. You're welcome ;) <3 I told you it's not useable anymore! But I'll take good care of yours, promised!


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