Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hi gurls,

today I'm showing you the latest new stuff I bought :)


My Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats
Nude military shoes (no brand)

Skull sandals (no brand)


 by LYDC


 3 Sibylla rings, silver with a black stone, gold with a white stone & gold with a black stone; ordered on


by Six, scarf with snake pattern

 by six, blue scarf with white swallows

by C&A, white thin snod

And that's it! 
I wonder what are your favorite accessories? brands? secret brand tips?



Sunday, July 22, 2012

New purple bracelet by Haribo Bijoux!

Hey Girls,

Today I'm showing you my new Haribo bracelet :D

I bought it two days ago and it was love at the first sight!!!
And this time I bought a bracelet with many purple bears. (as you probably noticed this is my favorite color) This is my second bracelet by Haribo Bijoux, I already have a multi-colored bracelet which you can see HERE.



They do sell also earrings and chains with Haribo bears. I hope I can get my hands on one of the multi-colored chains, but for the moment they are too expensive.

That's it already!

I'm currently writting on my internship report, which steals a lot of my free time but I'll be back soon with lots of new things. I'm gonna show you some Do It Yourself stuff, I might do some stamping nails and I'm planning on trying watermarble nails, and I have to keep some promises I made ;)

This will be fun...

Hugs and kisses,


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back to short hair!

Hi ladies,

So as a matter of fact I decided to get a new hair cut for this summer! I felt like my hair isn't growing the way it used to (before I dyed it many times blonde and then back to brown) and that I needed a bigger change. It was a hard decision because actually I was hoping to not cut it at all so it could grow very long, which I'm dreaming of quite a time, but unfortunately it decided to protest and as I almost couldn't remember how it feels to have short hair, I probably had short hair for the last time when I was 15, so I decided to just do it :)
It might not look that short for you but for me it does and it is... I'm a girl after all that cries a tear for every inch of hair she has to get cut.

And this is how it turned out:

Once again a little BEFORE and AFTER picture:

I really like it! Hope you too.
They are so light now and they look like more volumed :)
Also I finish washing and straighning them faster ;P They look completely healthy again, I probably look also a bit more fresh and younger but I hope that for winter my hair will grow long again, or even longer!!!

Thanks for your visit!



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trendy T-shirt - Do it yourself!!!

Hey Fasionistas!

I decided that I need to do more posts about fashion and clothes, so let's start with a little trick to fast get a trendy top from a normal basic t-shirt :)

I hope this was kind of a help for you or gave you some inspirations of changing some of your clothes. Make something new out of something old and be creative ;)

Read you soon again!



Sunday, July 15, 2012

My ZOEVA brushes!

Here we go again,

So 3 months ago my Zoeva haul (click link to see) arrived, including the Zoeva basic brush set and today I'm gonna review them for you ^^

Zoeva Basic Brush Set:

This is the whole set with all kind of brushes, for face, eyes and lips.

It comes along in a very nice leather bag! Very pefect when you are on a trip.

The brushes are all handmade and very handy! I couldn't figure out if they are vegan or not because I know that some of the Zoeva brush sets are vegan but they're not mentioning it for this set so I'll guess we'll never know. I ordered the set in this SHOP for 20€.

For the FACE:

Foundation brush: I really LOVE this brush, when I used this brush for the first time I thought I could throw away the other foundation burshes I have. It's perfect for liquid foundation. The fine fibers are synthetical which leads to a perfect absorbation of the foundation and so the brush can apply it very easily and even on the face.

Blush brush: The distorted shape of this blush brush hair applies the blush right under the cheeks, exactly where it should be.

Powder brush: Not too big and not too small. Just the perfect size. I must be honest I haven'tused this brush much but that doesn't mean it's not good, I'm just not a big powder user.

Fan brush: So you probably think now what the hell is this kind of a brush for! Let me tell you if you don't have on of these fan brushes than you're missing on something really great. You can find them like this one in a thin version but there are also some thicker ones out there. All I can say about the one I owe is that this is probably my FAVORITE brush from this set!!! You can use it to apply blush on your cheeks, highlighter under your eyes and cheeks or you can use it when you want to remove eyeshadaw that landed from your eyelids under your eyes. I often use this fan brush to apply my Bobby Brown mixted shimmer blush as you can see HERE.

For the EYES:

Eye blender brush: I use it to blend two colors one into the other, or to just blend out one color on my lid to take away the heaviness of the color and make it look more decent.

Shader brush: As the name is saying it, this brush is good for applying eyeshadow on the lid. I don't use it much because I think it's a bit too small when you want to apply eyeshadow on the whole lid. But it works also perfectly for inner corners.

Crease brush: So you use it to apply eyeshadow only in your crease. It works also as a blender brush.

Smudger brush: I use this to apply eyeshadow on the whole lid. It's not an extraordinary brush. Also kind of works as blending brush.

From L to R agian: Smudgher brush; Crease brush; Shader brush & Eye blender brush!

Let's move to the duo brushes:

which means they are two sides brushes.

Lash/Eyebrow brush: the lash brush is for a lash line and the brow brush is to brush your brows.

Duo cream liner brush: you have one end that is more straight and the other end is rounder. So these are for cream liners!

Duo cream shader brush: Both ends are pretty much the same, the only difference is the size of them. One is a bit bigger than the other. So these are really perfect for cream eye shadows. They don't glue together as soon the cream shadow is on them and they can even blend them which is really difficult if you use cream shadows because of there difficult formula.

For the LIPS:

Lip brush: The brush is in the black case and you can take it out and use it like this as a short lip brush or you can put the black case on the end of the lip brush like on the picture under here and have a longer lip brush, just the way you prefer it. ^^

I think this brush goes very pretty along with the Zoeva Sweet Love Palette!


I haven't used many of them, 3 or 4 maybe so far but they are great. I love the big choice of colors, for every tipe of skin either you are far or darker :)

So these are all of the brushes I owe, it's a mix of many different brands:

I owe you a Real Techniques brushes review and a post about my Zoeva Metallic Stones palette ;) haven't forgotten about that and I promise it will come soon, just need to find some more time!!!

Thanks for reading and commenting! :)



Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hey Hey!

I'm pretty close to 1000 followers and decided to share a new giveaway with you and give one of you the chance to win this price ;)

This new giveaway includes then OPI NYC Ballet Minis AND the Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box!!!


The NYC Ballet Mini collection:


From L to R: My Pointe Exactly; Don't Touche My Tutu!; Care to Danse?; Pirouette My Whistle

As described on the back:

My Pointe Exactly
See? This gorgeous sheer gray has been right all along!
Regardez, ce magnifique gris translucide vous donnera toujours raison!
Don't Touch My Tutu!
Hands off this wispy white - it's all mine!
Pas touche à ce blanc vaporeux - il est tout à moi!
Care to Danse?
This lilac is up-to-the-minuet in fashion.
Ce lilas remet le menuet à la mode.
Pirouette My Whistle
Drink up! This silver sparkle is just what you need.
À savourer jusqu'à la dernière goutte! Cet argenté étincelant est tout ce dont vous avez besoin!

Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box:


It includes 10 beautiful high quality eyeshadows, all different from each other, and a little eyeshadow primer potion:

You have to turn the cover to be able to see the shadows. Also there is a little eyeshadow brush included and a little mirror on the side.

All the products are brand new and haven't been used yet.

The giveaway starts on 9th July at midnight EST and ends on 24th August 2012 at midnight EST.


To be able to enter this giveaway you have to fill the form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 The winners entries will be verified, so writing your name or e-mail in EVERY field will disqualify you from this contest!!!!!
Irsada ;)

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I LOVE sales!

These are the new goodies I grabbed during the last 10 days of SALES here in Luxembourg :D

They were 70% cheaper than usually! OMG I still can't believe I got them so cheap. Guess I'm lucky.

Let's have a closer look!

Helena Rubinstein Wanted Eyes Palette in 04 moonlight blue:

This is my first item by Helena Rubinstein :) Let's hope not the last.

3 beautiful blue colors from very light to very dark and 1 white color!


Lancome Blush Subtil Highlighter in 002 highlighting peach:

This is a peachy highlighting blush! I would say perfect for my far skin, but haven't tried it yet.

Let get to the Urban Decay eyeshadows :)

If you don't know it so far, I'm gonna repeat how much I love the Urban Decay products! And of course I couldn't stop myself when I saw some of the shadows in sales!!!!
There were of course more shadows but I owed pretty much all of them lol not in the form of these but included in the Urban Decay 15th anniversary eyeshadow collection and the Naked 2 palette I owe. (Click on the links to see)
These 3 I didn't have so far, and just needed them too to complete my collection of UD eyeshadows ;P

Starting with "Stardust BOBBY DAZZLE":

Which is a dirty white color with a touch of simmery peach in it!
I bought already once a single eyeshadow from the Stardust collection, Retrograde! And I thought it was time to get him a little friend ;)

Urban Decay "Mary Jane":

A very beautiful blue-greyish color which I have been wearing almost all day this week ^^ (pics coming very soon) I also love the name of this one.

Urban Decay "Polyester Bride":

This is a shimmery white color! Similar to Bobby Dazzle but not that dirty and more shimmering white particles.

Last but not least, OPI Planks a lot:

Very nice purple color. Review coming!

So that's it for the moment! Of course I will make some more exclusif reviews about these products after testing them ;)

BTW I'm gonna post my new giveaway, to celebrate my almost 1000 followers, in the next 2 days!!!!

Merci et à la prochaine!



Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NOTD: Bling Bling nails - Diamond top coat by Misslyn!

Hi it's been some days,

but I've been pretty busy and my life was a bit troublesome the last days! But now it's alright again though and I found some time to show you my Nail Of The Day.

These are actually my Louboutins Nails reloaded (click Link to see) ;D

Ring by Primark

They kind of look like the space! And I really loved them like this.

The culprit: #746 by Misslyn 'diamond top coat'

What can I say about the polish itself? Hmm, well it's as simple as the polish is. Nice formula, applying goes very well, it's also very fast drying and you can control the amount of glitters you want on your nails :) I really recommand this polish. It's my first and only polish by Misslyn but I'll guess next time I'm in Germany I'll buy more of them.

And there she goes again!

Next time a longer review ;)