Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wanna get NAKED 2?


Wanna get NAKED 2? without taking your clothes of? lol

So I'm a bit late with this review as I owe this palette already since 2 months but hey I was pretty busy… and better late than never!


As you can see the design changed a lot comparing the NAKED palette (which I do not owe so far but happen to hold a few times in my hands) and the NAKED 2 palette, and you also get a little lip gloss with it. For a price that is only a bit more expensive than the NAKED palette.

 It contains 12 beautiful nude and neutral colors! And a really cool two sides brush comes along with it, on one side a shade brush and on the other a crease brush (and kind of blend brush).

And this is the little lip gloss I was talking about, Urban Decay Lip Junkie.

Let's get to the shades and swatches!
(The swatches pics turned out a bit artificial as I made those pics with my I-phone, with flash)

I think, if you take always the first two colors that are next to each other, they match perfectly together and I suppose it was meant that way.
The first color is always matt or less shimmery than the color next to it (except the last color Blackout) and the second color is also always a bit darker than the first one.

I personally loved Half Baked, Chopper and YDK the most and been using them the most.

 First look I created with the Naked 2 palette, using Bootycall (all over the lid) and Chopper (on the out/V corner):

A fine black lid line and your ready for every event :D
More NAKED 2 looks coming!!!
If you want to know more about the foundation I used and fell absolutely in love with (I think I finally found the perfect make-up for my far skin typ, I'm trying it since 3 weeks), I'll tell you more soon... heheeee

What do you think? I like to read your comments, so make me happy and don't hesitate ^^
BTW: I hope you like the design changes I did a few days ago. Check out my new nail polish wishlist on the sidebar and write me if you are intested in nail polish swap!!!!!!!

Au revoir,
mes amis

- Irsada


  1. Nice makeup :)
    This palette is amazing!

  2. I love Naked 2 palette! Love the look ypu created with it!

  3. love the palette and your look, it's really amazing! (i'm from luxembourg too and i was suprised how fast they had the naked 2 at sephora ;) )


  4. Cool ^^
    Well I was stalking every Sephora store in the country since january and thought we got them late but when they were finally available I was so happy!

  5. ech wollt mer dei palett na emmer kaafen an si nach ni dozou komm, d sin sou schein natierlech faarwen:)

    p.s d posch ass perfekt fier meng bicher dran ze maan fier d uni :)

    xx claude

    1. Ech kann se nemmen weiterempfehlen. Benotzen se baal all Dach!
      Ech hun die Posch firun 3 Wochen un engem Meedechen gesin waat bei mir and Agence komm ass an hun se vun allen Seiten gegafft fird Mark ze erkennen weil ech mech net getraut hun hat einfach ze froen, stubg awer naischt do. An lescht Woch wua et dann rem do an ech sin ennerlech ausgeflippt.
      Wollt sws mua seit langer Zeit an den Zara an dann gett dei kaaf, awer sure!


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