Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chanel Peridot Vs. Catrice Genius In The Bottle


today I'm showing you the difference between this two great polishes. 

Catrice #840 Genius in the bottle was said to be a dupe of Chanel #531 Peridot and so as soon as got both in my hands, I was planning this review :)

Let the games begin!

Well they are pretty similar but as you can see from the bottles Catrice Genius In The Bottle is a bit more bronze than Chanel Peridot.

Chanel Peridot:

What can I say about this color? Hmmm, well it's a golden-green foil color, which means if you look from above on your nails they are golden but as soon as you turn the point of view weather from left or right they shimmer green, poison green would I say. The particles of this polish are very nice and you only need two thin coats of it to get to an opaque resultat. And I also believe that you can see from just a short look on it that it's an expensive nail polish. ^^

Catrice Genius In The Bottle:

I do love this color too, you can say it's a dupe bet then again… Idk! Maybe we could say it's a nice alternative polish if you can't afford the Chanel Peridot polish ;)

As already mentioned above, this one appears to be more bronze-greenish. But they do have both that same greenish effect! And I love the fact that Catrice is able to do this kind of polishes :)
The brush is better than the Chanel brush because it's thicker/bigger and I can work better with brushes like that. The only thing I didn't like about this polish is that I almost needed 3 coats of it to get them opaque!

Swatches right next to each other:

 From L to R:
Catrice #840 Genius in the bottle - Chanel #531 Peridot


Here you can see that the Peridot has more finer particles that are also more shinny and it's a also more soft than Genius in the bottle. But yeahhh that are pretty alike...

Final thoughts: I would say Chanel Peridot is the WINNER!!!
But as I already said I like both colors, and Genius in the bottle is a nice alternative to Peridot, as the Chanel polish costs about 22€/25dollars and the Catrice polish only 2,49€/3dollars!





  1. They are not dupes,but they do look very similar! Great comparison!

  2. I actually think that the Catrice polish looks better.

    1. Hmm indoors maybe yes! But wait when the sun comes out, you'ld change your mind if you could see them then in comparison ;) Peridot looks so much better in the sun and I can't wait to wear it this summer. Well… I hope I'm right.

  3. Great comparison. The dupe I have for Chanel Peridot is Jessica Iridescent Eye!

  4. I actually prefer the Catrice one,instead of the Chanel one xD


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