Thursday, December 25, 2014

NOTD - Plaid/Tartan Nails!

Ho Ho Hooo Merry Christmas :)

Just a little post to show you what I came up with yesterday for the holiday/winter season!

I was bored and since I haven't done anything interesting with my nails lately I suddenly had the idea, looking at my plaid Zara scarf, to do plaid nails. And this is the result :D

Two layers of red nailpolish and then I drew some vertical and horizontally black and silver lines. Took me quite some time but I was doing it while watching one of my favorite series ^^


My thumb and three middle fingers turned out quite good thought while I totally screwed up my pinky finger xD Compared to my right hand, my left turned quite good. I have to practise thought...

RED : Avril le vernis #19 Rouge opéra
BLACK : Essence nail art freestyle & tip painter in #09 Mysterious black
SILVER : Essence nail art freestyle & tip painter in #03 Silver Surfer

Hope you like it. Leave a comment please!

And have a nice holiday season,



Friday, December 19, 2014

My experience with the Zigavus Extra Plus Garlic Shampoo!

Hi guys,

I wanted to share my experience with the Zigavus Extra Plus garlic shampoo with you! I know what you must think now, garlic shampoo? Ihhhhhhh how can somebody only use that and what is it good for??? Well, don't worry! This shampoo might be made out of garlic but it doesn't smell like it at all otherwise I wouldn't have tried it xD

Zigavus Extra Plus Garlic/Knoblauch Shampoo




Effects: It takes effect within 10 days when regularly used. It prevents hair loss and straightens hair follicles.
It makes hair healty, vivid resistant and strong, and prevents hair loss thanks to the rich substances in its garlic extract.
The garlic extract shampoo helps you clean the dead layer of epidermis sensitively and prevents dandruff formation. It helps your hair have its natural beauty.
Those who have been hair implanted can use this product with no problem.

Use: Apply a certain amount of shampoo to your hair by first massaging the shampoo over your wet hair, then rinse. Apply the same procedure for a second time and wait for 2-3 minutes. Therefore, the substances within the garlic extract will penetrate into the hair skin. Rinse your hair with plenty of water finally. Do not use any other products in order to benefit from the Zigavus Garlic Shampoo.

Before and after the Zigavus treatment!!!

fyi: I tried to take the pictures from the same distance as good as I could and my pony tail should be at the same place as usual. Also if my hair seems lighter on the right picture it's because I have more highlights in it.

So as you can see, my hair is longer than it was almost two months before the treatment and you have to consider the fact that I was also at the hairdresser and got my hair also cut for about 1-2 cm since it was time again.

I do believe that it's also a bit thicker than it was and slightly more healthier looking, althought I am such a catastrophe when it comes to my hair cuz I'm always straightening it or curling it and often forget to put some oil in it and it's dry as straw almost always anyway.

What I also liked about the shampoo, is that I didn't lose much hair while washing as I did before with other shampoos. Concerning that I would really recommand this to anybody who has a big hair loss problem.

So do I believe that my hair growth was influenced by this shampoo???
My hair does actually grow fast but since I was at the hairdresser and got it cut I would say yes I do believe that this shampoo helped me. A few friends of mine also noticed that my hair is longer :D so I guess this was the prove for me.

If you're interested in buying this shampoo I ordered mine at, for 150 ml you have to pay 20 €, shipping is 4,10 € and you can pay with paypal. I think the price is okay for such a special treatment and since you don't need a big amount of it, only a hazelnut, it can last up to almost 2 months I would say.

I will order and use this again whenever I feel it's time again!!!

Thanks for reading
and have some nice holidays ;)



Thursday, December 11, 2014

Makeup haul : Sleek Arabian Nights palette - I heart makeup blushes - Makeup Revolution

Hello back again!!!

Did you miss me? Cuz it's been almost 2 months since my last post. Sorry for that! Now if you wonder what happened. Life happened. I was busy working, also working out and constantly tired, way too tired and busy to find some time to do post and everytime I was motived to take pictures, my photo programm was on strike and didn't do things I wanted it to do. I also decided to take some time off blogging to return with full motivation and new inspiration. While I was on blogging break I also finally managed to find a new job that I will start on the 2nd of january yaaaaaaaaaay :D 

Good new are, I will earn like the triple I did before and that also means I will soon be able to afford more makeup and other great things LOL

But to come back to my actual blog post, I'm starting with a makeup haul, ordered this stuff a month ago but as already said didn't find the energy and time to upload all these pictures, so here we go... haul:

They promoted the new I <3 makeup brand on their facebook page and that's how these heart shaped blushes got my attention. They immediately reminded me of the too faced heart blushes, which I don't owe yet but remember that raise I'll be given in January, we'll change that soon and then I can even tell you if these are also dupes to them or just a copy cat. Ordered also the Makeup Revolution kajal, yeah also because of the packaging, since I always wanted to try these kind of kajals. And last but not at all least, the Sleek Arabian Nights palette! Don't ask me how many Sleek palettes I owe meanwhile. I can't tell until I look it up.

I <3 makeup triple baked blushes + hightlighter

From left to right: Candy Queen of Hearts - Peachy Keen Heart - Hightlighter

There were one or two more blushes but I only wanted to try these two for the beginning. And this brand also has a bronzer but it didn't make any sense for me to buy a bronzer in winter so I only went for the highlighter because highlighter you can wear every season :)

Blushing Hearts - Candy Queen of Hearts:


Blushing Hearts - Peachy Keen Heart:


The two blushes seemed quite pigmented while swatching them. When you apply them on the cheeks you don't need much product, they apply easy but fade away after a few hours so you need to do a touch up. I find it hard to only use one color, you always seem to take some of the color next to it too but thumbs up that they turned out to be better than I thought and they don't leave any fall out.

 Goddes of Love -  triple baked highlighter :


When I'm swatching this with my fingers it seems pretty pigmented but while using a brush there was almost no payoff or difference over my cheek bone. Also the blushes are very shimmery and there is no need using this highlighter with them. I'm a bit disappointed, I wonder if the bronzer has a similar payoff or is as quite as pigmented as the blushes.

Makeup Revolution Black Kajal

Once again I fell for the packaging and because my sister in law, who is Algerian, is always using one of these, but I think hers is high end cuz this one doesn't perform that well. I only used it so far on my waterline and I believe these are actually only for that. It's okay but doesn't knock me from my seat. They are better ordinary kajals out there!

Sleek i-Divine Arabian Nights eyeshadow palette

This also has a really beautiful packaging but I fell more for the name of it, who doesn't love arabian eyes? I'm a huge fan of these looks. I'm not one of these people who throws away all kind of makeup packages lol I'm keeping some in a drawer... yeah I know why actually?! I don't know I just can't throw away something as nice as this. Since this is a limited edition palette I ordered one for me and one for a friend.


It has a mix of smokey colorful but also neutral colors. Some of the colors are shimmery, some more metalic and others have a satin or frosted finish. The texture of them is great and they are easy to blend.


I like Gold Souk, Sultan's Garden, Simbad's Seas and Valley of Diamonds a lot. I'm very happy with this purchase. And I can't wait to use green with blue and add some gold or aubergine to it. Lots of combinations are possible with this palette! :)

Thanks for stopping by!



Friday, October 3, 2014

Glamour Shopping Week! Lots of promo codes!!!!! :)

Hello Fashionistas,

As some of you might know, the german magazine Glamour is always celebrating their 'Glamour Shopping Week' in the beginning of October. This year it's from the 4-11th October 2014!!!!!

Starting tomorrow, you get provided with a lot of promo codes. So take your credit card out and be ready to spend some money but also to save some ;)

I wrote down all those that might be interesting...


Adidas : 15% on one item! Promo code: glamour2014 on
Asos : 20% GLAMOURHW14 on
Buffalo : 15% Promo code: GLAMOUR on

Douglas : 10% Promo code: GSWK84 for & GSWK85 for
Dress-for-less : 20% and free shipping for the first 200 orders! Promo code: GLAM14DRESS on / at / ch
Esprit : 15% Promo code: GLAMOUR14 on , and
Fashionette : 50€ off! Promo code: Glamour2014 on
Filofax : 20% Promo code: glam2014fx on  

Forever 21 : 15% Promo code: GLAMOUR15 on
Gina Tricot : 25% Promo code: GLAMOURSHOPPING25 on
Görtz : Save up to 20€! Promo code: glam2014 on &
Guess : 20% Promo code: GUESSGLAM20 on 

Hunkemöller : 20% Promo code: GLAMOUR2014 on
IKKS : 30% Promo code: IKKSGLAMOUR on 

Kiko : 20% Promo code: 2DE-GLAMOUR2014 on 
Mirapodo : 20% Promo code: GLAMIRA2014 on
Mister Spex : 20% Promo code: MSXGLAM-1014 on
Monnier Frères : 20% + free express delivery! Promo code: GLAMOUR20DE for Germany, GLAMOUR20AU for Austria, GLAMOUR20CH for Switzerland
Only : 20% Promo code: ONLYGLAMOUR on
Orsay : 20% Promo code: 40014 on : 20% Promo code: GLMR102014 on 
Pandora : 20% Promo code: GLAMOUR on
Rebelle : 50€ off! Promo code: REBELLE50 on 

Roland : 20% Promo code: GLAM2014 on
Sacha : 20% Promo code: NGW20 on 

SinnLeffers : 20% on one item! Promo code: Glam2014 on
s.Oliver : 20% Promo code: sOliverGLAM o : 10% off + a secret surprise! Promo codes: glamstyle2014 on
Swarovski : 10% Promo code: GLAM14 on

Tally Weijl : 20% at shop or use the promo code: GSWFALL2014 on 
Tom Tailor : 20% Promo code: TT-GLAMOUR-1410 on and .at
Urban Outfitters : 20% Promo code: GSWAW14
Uhrcenter : 15% Promo code: glam2014 on
Vera Moda : 20% Promo code: GLAMOUR-VM on and
Zoeva : 20% Promo code: GLAMOUR20 on

If you buy the magazine, you get a card with it that allows you to get most of those promotions also at the stores in Germany themself (or/and Switzerland and Austria)

Thanks for reading!

with Love,


Monday, September 29, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Part 2 : The Amrezy Palette

Hello Chicas,

Here comes part 2 of my Anastasia Beverly Hills post, this time I'm showing you the eyeshadow palette I bought ^^

The Amrezy palette is an eyeshadow palette with 10 shades selected by the wonderful, amazing and world known MUA Amra Olevic better known as Amrezy, and produced by ABH! If you don't know her, you definitively missed something in life, follow her Instagram account @amrezy and check out her blogger page: :D

It's a good mix of matte and shimmery neutral colors, the upper eyeshadow row are all shimmery eyeshadows and the lower eyeshadows are all matte. The range of colors is exactly the kind of range I personally often go for. It has two light colors, that could translate a bit more thought, warm colors that are stunning, and some pop of color with a purple and a green color.

The palette has a really cool leopard print cover and a mirror under the lid. It also comes with a double sided brush which I already managed to loose xD Yes, true story!

All-in-all the shades have a good pigmentation and transfer easily to a makeup brush. The formula is a bit buttery and creamy, but with very little fall-out. They apply easily and blend out flawlessly, except Deep Plum and LBD, they are a bit harder to blend.


My favorite colors of this palette are Glisten, Topaz, Caramel, Morocco & Deep Plum

Vanilla could be more pigmented thought, and I'm not totally satisfied how Iridescent Purple and Emerald turn out on the lid.

This palette is 29 $, I bought mine directly from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website. International shipping is a bit expensive with 18 $ but it arrives in about 12 days. I'm so happy with this palette, I reached out for it almost every day since I got it. Big thumps and congratulations to Amrezy for this creation, great collaboration with ABH!!!


I also created for you one of my favorite looks from this palette to give you a clue what the colors look like applied.

I already showed you how I did my eyebrows and which foundation I used on my skin in my previous post. So I primed my eyes with Clarins Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base Primer, 'TOPAZ' on the lid, 'VANILLA' on the tear duct and under my eyebrow, 'MOROCCO' in the crease and 'DEEP PLUM' under the lower lash line up to the crease and slightly blended in the crease with 'MOROCCO'.

Sephora long-lasting eye liner on the upper lash line and along half of the lower lash line, then I blended the lower line with a pointed brush out.


And if you prefer more a winged eyeliner look you can do what ever look you like more. To make this look even more perfect I also added a beige eyeliner on my waterline but you can also go with a white eyeliner and of course mascara, Artdeco Wonder Lash mascara..

I hope you like what I came up to with. Let me know what your thoughts are about this palette!!!

Soon more post about more Anastasia products to follow ;)

With Love,


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Part 1: Dip Brow Pomade

Hello Girls,

As you recently saw I got myself the Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy palette and got the ABH Dip Brow Pomade in 'Chocolate' for my birthday from a dear friend. I will first review the Dip Brow Pomade for you before I pass on to the Amrezy palette. So here is part one:

My friend asked me in advance which color she should order me since she was about to place an order for herself and I decided to go with 'Chocolate', a color that is not too light and not too dark.

About the product:
  • Waterproof brow color ideal for sultping, defining, and carving perfectly precise brows that won't fade;
  • Smudge-free, creamy formula glides on skin and adheres to hair;
  • Must-have for oily skin and himid climates. Tighten cap to prevent drying; 
  • Cruelty free product.

I have read a lot about this product before and saw that a lot of MUAs I follow on social media use it. I used a lot of other eyebrow products such as eyebrow pencils, eyebrow gels and even eyeshadows to fill in but this is, by far, the best product I've used. And you only need a bit of the pomade.


Before: no makeup at all
After: Dior Skin Nude in the shade #20 & ABH 'Chocolate' pomade

I love this pomade and I think I got the right color for me. It fills in all those little gaps and gives my brow a much needed groomed look. If applied lightly and blended well is very natural looking. It took some practice to get the hang of it but now it's part of my quick morning routine. I don't know about totally waterproof but stays on until you remove it.

Just to give you a small idea of what other pomade colors exist, they do have a few more...
And if you are blond and you don't know which color to use than I suggest you to try the blonde or taupe color!!!

I will buy soon more of their products and keep you updated about them ^^

Have a nice day!!!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Birthday presents!


Since my birthday was some time ago (12th August) I wanted to share my birthday gifts with you! I love presents, who doesn't? It's the only great point about getting older!

I had to wait 2-3 weeks to do this post because most of my family members and friends were having their annual holidays somewhere abroad and it's more fun when you see everything in one post.

Starting with the first gift! My mother left me some money before leaving for her holiday trip and when I was 2 days before my birthday at an outlet where they had an Swarovski store I discovered the one chain from Swarovski that I wanted ever since I entered a Swarovski store for the very first time. It was 1/4 cheaper than at the normal stores and since this was the last one left I couldn't resist buying it anymore, I just had to buy it :D The reason I didn't actually buy it before was because I have another similar necklace also by Swarovski, also with a purple heart, but smaller than this one and somehow another lighter purple than this, I received it about 3 years ago from my best friend. She bought the wrong one xD hahaaaaa She wanted to buy me this necklace below but took the wrong one. 

Some of my closest friends collected their money and bought me these unique Chanel earrings which I love very very much. They are huge and bling bling bling and I will only wear them for special occasions cuz I'm already scared to lose them.

A co worker got me these Konplott earrings with turquoise stones. They are simple and that makes them perfect for the everyday.


My best friend got me this year this wonderful double Stardust bracelet by Swarovski from their new collection <3 You an also wear it as a necklace. I already took some pictures that I'll show you in another post.

Another good friend got me this sheer lace t-shirt and bought me the Anastasia dip brow pomade in 'Chocolate' which I wanted to try for a very long time already. :) yaaaaaaaaay

And since I got some money from one of my aunts, I ordered myself the Anastasia Amrezy eyeshadow palette, which I will soon present you ;)

Since I kind of always by myself something for my birthday, a gift from me to me lol 
I know that's crazy!!! Like who the hell does that??? hahaahaaaa Well meeeeeeeee xD
It's something by Louis Vuittion... can you guess what? :D I'll show you soon in another post heheee

I also got some money from my aunts and other family members... which I spend way too fast.

This year I felt very spoiled but also blessed! Thank you to everyone who got me a gift or gave me some money!!!!!! And a huge thank you to my friends who joined me on a lovely evening with some nice dinner and a great time at bowling.
I love you guys :***



Sunday, August 31, 2014

NOTD - 'Dream On' by Sinful Colors

Hiiii guys,

If you like fuchsia then you'll like the color I picked for my NOTD post!

It's from the brand Sinful Colors Professional and is called 'Dream On' :)

Pardon but I don't know what happed while shooting these pictures, I somehow managed to get something dark on my ringfinger and I didn't even notice until I loaded the pictures up xD


Actually this colors is matte as you can see here below but I like it more with a top coat over it! For me this is totally fuchsia, but maybe you could also say it's a neon popping purple and in the right light it has some amazing bright tones to it.

I applied it over my grown out gel nails (which I filled off quite a bit with a machine I have at home). I applied 2 thin coats and then my Seche Vite top coat.

Funny story, I can't remember when I actually bought this nailpolish, it wasn't recently for sure cuz this year I promised myself I'll stop being such a nailpolish maniac, so it must have been last year. I even forgot I have this polish but I found him in my storage and I fell in love with it all over again. I love this color, it's so 'damn in your face' and perfect to end a summer with.
I'd say this is one of the most beautiful colors Sinful Colors professional brought out and a must-have color for the nails.

Thanks for reading!