Monday, December 31, 2012

PARIS baby - My impressions!

Hello people,

I went to Paris on Thursday for one day. We took the first train "TGV" early in the morning and the last one in the evening. It was a short trip of only one day but I felt full filled after since it was my first time in Paris and who doesn't want to go there one day. We are talking about the city of love and the fashion metropolis ;)


Unfortunately the weather didn't allow us to go on the Eiffel tower itself since it was pretty cold underneath it when we got there, that moment it also started raining and there were too many people waiting so we decided to skip it.

Still can't believe I actually was there even if I have pictures that prove it XD So unbelievable, it feels more like a dream, a really good one ^^

Me and my friend Mersida (which I introduced you to some posts ago, skroll down to see). I was there with her and her husband Haris, which is my cousin. ^^ We had a great time together.

Me in the streets of Paris!

In front of the Louvre!!! The sun just got out that moment so we were really lucky being able to take beautiful pictures in front of the Louvre :)

My outfit 
(In case you've been wondering)
scarf: handmade by my aunt :)
camouflage jacket: Zara
black pants: Zara
studded bag: H&M
boots: Belle Woman
And of course I stopped by to see my friend Lisa :)

I got to see lots of other sights like Notre-Dame, Champs-Elysées, Le jardin de Luxembourg, the Seine river and a few more!

I didn't buy much. I only bought a few little Eiffel tower keychains for friends ...


... and a MAC palette! I actually went to two MAC stores because they didn't had the 4th color I wanted for my palette but I kind of didn't pay attention when I was at the 2nd store and bought the color I wanted in a paint pot... so I guess you'll see a HOW TO RE-POT YOUR MAC EYESHADOW post pretty soon ;) The rest of the money I spent on food and taxis. There wasn't much affordable, Paris is really an expensive city. I went shopping at the famous Lafayette and Printemps galeries where you can find all high end brands (Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Céline, Ralph Lauren, Lancel, IKKS, Rolex, Porenza Schouler Marc Jacobs, etc...) The things I liked I couldn't buy and there was also lots of stuff I can also find in my city.

The colors I got for my palette are:

Cranberry, All that glitters, Vanilla and Satin Taupe (paint pot)

I already miss this amazing city and I'm definitely gonna go there next year (2013) again. I don't know yet when but I hope it will be when it's good weather and next time I will take more money with me. Also I haven't seen Sacre Coeur, the triumphal arch and the famous cemetary Père Lachaise where Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, and other famous aritists are burried... And of course next time I have to go on top of the Eiffel tower for sure :D

The only thing I didn't like was that there where way too many people everywhere, you couldn't look at the things you wanted to, you had to wait till somebody moves and there were always people walking slowly in front of you so that you got pissed off. Also I thought that the service wasn't good, at least where we ate, the waiters/tresses were slow and forgot a lot -.- 

It was an exhausting trip too, you definitely need more than 1 day to see the whole city. One day of walking killed me so much that I probably lost almost 2 kilos on that one day, I probably made at least 35 km by foot.

From Paris with Love,



Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Christmas nails!

Hiii guys,

Some weeks ago, I picked up a few China Glaze polishes. They weren't available in my country until a few weeks ago and now I'm so happy that I can get them here and I'm already waiting for the next collection :)

So this is what my Christmas nails were looking!

To create this look, I used two polishes. One coat of China Glaze Deviantly Daring as a base and 2 coats of China Glaze Glitter All The Way which is from the China Glaze Holiday Joy 2012 Collection. I didn't use a topcoat over it (for these pictures) but I suggest you to do it.

China Glaze Glitter All The Way is a clear based glitter polish with a perfect mix of small purple, red, green and gold glitter. If you apply this polish without any other color as a base it probably reads more Mardi Gras than Christmas. I would suggest you to try it out with one of the four colors that this polish contains. I haven't yet but I've seen swatches from other people. It looks so much different with every other color you choose. And if you choose to apply only this polish, you need 3 coats of it to get it opaque.

credits to pretty purple polish (click on the picture to visite her blog)
The colors remind me of a Christmas tree and I do think I made the best choice ^^

Happy Holidays!!!!



Monday, December 24, 2012

What's In My Make-up Bag???

Hey Hooooo,

I've seen lots of "What's In My Make-up Bag" posts and youtube videos, so it was a matter of time to join this madness ^^ It's always fascinating to see what kind of products other girls are carring with them and gives you a good idea of which products they can't live without.

I'll guess I'll have to start with the brand of my make-up bag. This make-up bag is by Tally Weijl. I have like at least 10 but this is my favorite one when it comes to my everyday use.

I don't like to carry around a lot because I don't like when my bag feels heavy therefore I don't carry foundation, nor blush nor any brushes with me cuz they take too much space. That are the MUST DOs before I leave the house, otherwise I wouldn't leave the house with at least those basics.

  • benefit "Hello falwless" compact powder in Honey: I apply it after my foundation and when I'm on the road I use the mirror of it to check my make-up and fix some parts in case of it.
  • essence 3 in 1 concealer: one of the best inventions ever! The green color is for red spots/zits, the pink color is for under the eyes, for tired eyes to make them not look tired anymore and the beige color you use over the foundation when you can still see some color differences or over the other two colors to neutralize them/adapt them to the rest of the face.
  • Maybelline color tattoo #40 "Permanent Taupe": one of the many color tattoos and my absolutly favorite color of them. It's taupe. In case you don't know this color, google it!!! You miss on something great. This color is really really good for every occasion.
  • Maybelline The Falsies Volum Express Mascara in Black Drama: one of the best mascaras ever! You really get what they promise. (review to come)
  • Maybelline master drama khol liner: the best eyeliner if you want a really black line to contour your eyes or on the waterline. It stay on forever! :D
  • Clinique chubby stick in #05 chunky cherry, #04 mega melon & #10 bountiful blush: these are tinted lip balsams! I carry them in 3 different colors with me, and I might buy even more of them. They are really perfect for the winter season. I'll post some swatches in the next days.
  • YSL rouge volupté in #1 lipstick: I love this pink color... the smell of it not so much but the consistency again is quite perfect and the color holds forever.
  • MAC "Brave" lipstick: the first mac lipstick I bought! From the name you can tell that the color  is quite a decent color, light pink, matt, not too light, not too dark.
  • Bobbi Brown #21 "Pale Pink" lipstick: the only bobbi brown lipstick I owe for the moment but there are more on my wishlist since I absolutely love the formula of it and it also seems to hold forever on the lips and in this case. comparing it to the YSL and MAC lipsticks, I really love the smell of it .
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion mini in Original: I actually prefer the Eden potion but I carry this mini with me on days I don't wear any eyeshadow but all of a sudden decide to wear one or all of a sudden have to go somewhere but don't have much time to do a dramatic eye make-up look. I apply it on my eyelids before I apply Permanent Taupe.
  • essence eyebrow stylist set: I like this little set of two colors. It's a nice set for little money. I mostly use the darker color of it.

These products are the basics I carry with me and also some of my favorite products for the moment. I think I will soon do another post with swatches of them ^^ sometimes I throw some additional stuff in my make-up bag! And the products can also change from season to season so there might be some more What's In My Make-up Bag posts in the future!!! ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post! For me it was fun to open up my bag for you. :)

What beauty items do you absolutely HAVE to have 
in your make-up bag?



Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas in Luxembourg!

Ho ho ho folks! ^^

Since it's almost Christmas, I thought it was a nice idea to show you the Christmas market of my city.

So this is Luxembourg city! The capital city of Luxembourg. You can see in the first picture already two symbols of it: In the back the "Spuerkees" which is a luxembourgish bank with an amazing architecture and in the middle of the Christmas market which is called "Chreschtmaart" in luxembourgish, you can see the "Geele Fra" - Gold Woman, the second symbol.
Also, there is a ferris, which was added for the first time to the normally Christmas market and will from now on be included every year for the Christmas period. This is not the whole Christmas market, actually the market is divided into 3 different parts/3 different places, this is just the most beautiful of it ;)

(credits to

So here you have a closer look at the "Gold Woman" and the ferris


The "Spuerkees" by night:
(unfortunately my camera didn't catch the right light it was surrounded by)

So I spend a lovely day with my good friend Merchelle at the Christmas market, eating good stuff, talking, looking at the people's winter clothes and enjoying life.

Isn't she a cutie? :)
(I hope she doesn't kill me for posting this pictures of her LOL)

And here you can see us togehter!

In case you  wonder about my scarf and cap, they are both by H&M.

So this is basically what my city has to offer! I will be going on the 24th December to Paris and do a post about the way it looked there. I'm very excited about this trip, that will sadly only last for that day, cuz it's my first time in Paris *super-duper-excited* :D


In Love,


Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Polish Picks For Fall/Winter 2012!

Ho Ho Ho,

Time for my Fall/Winter polishes presentation!!! I'm planning this post since weeks so I'm very excited to finally show it to you. Enjoy!

These are my picks :)

OPI - Every Month Is Oktoberfest

This is a blackened plum base, with a dark red micro-shimmer so you can see both plum and a deep red in this. It's definitely a perfect shade when I long for vamp. The pigmentation is perfect, I achieved total coverage in 2 thin coats.

Sally Hansen - 470 Purple Pulse


I know what you are going to think now! Nooo, not another purple polish! But before you scamper off and skip this post, stick around - this ain't no ordinary polish. This Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicures offers something a little bit different: Five products in one bottle.

That's right. You've got:
  1. Base coat
  2. Strengthener
  3. Growth Treatment
  4. Colour
  5. Top Coat 
The color is highly pigmented! For a perfect coverage I suggest 3 coats of it (I used 2 on these pictures) for a glossy look. What I didn't like about this polish is the brush but that's normaI since I don't like the Sally Hansen brushes at all cuz their brushes are wider than regular polish brushes and angle at the edges.



This polish is from the OPI Muppets Colletion. I already did a review about it when I got it, you can see more pictures HERE. ;) I don't have nothing else to add.
This is one of my all time favorites! The only time I wouldn't wear it is for summer.


butter LONDON - Shag

Shag (from the butter London Autum/Winter collection) is a strong and deep copper/burgandy color with lots of gold, orange, and red shimmers in a metallic finish.. Gorgeous shade. Really rich and perfect for autumn and winter. The formula is really nice, it wasn’t streaky at all, smooth and easy to apply and covered in two coats. And even though it is a metallic, it's not plagued by any discernible brush strokes. Just looking at it warms me up ;) (still wearing it atm)

YSL - 26 Bleu Cobalt

I got this color for my birthday this year and LOVE it. When I first opened the gift I noticed it's bright blue color and thought it was stunning. On the nails, it looks darker than in the bottle but as soon as a spotlight hits this color you can see it's real beauty ^^ Deep rich blue, which doesn't show up that great in pictures but has a lovely iridescent, shimmery quality, and actually looks beautiful in just one coat. (but I used two, as usal) The formula is just the right amount of runny.

Kiko - 346 Verdone Chiaro/Olive Drap

No shimmer, no glitter, just a nice olive green cream color, a sort of dull green almost a muted jade, perfect for Autum and Winter. With two coats it's perfecly opaque and super glossy. The formula is quite normal. I was very impressed with the wear time on this shade, really good for a not high classed polished.

Estée Lauder - Metallic Sage

This polish was also a gift for my birthday! It's a polish from last years fall collection. It's a khaki color, Sage is a good name for it, embedded within the greyed-sage base is a beautiful coppery shimmer with plenty little flecks of gold. I was absolutely impressed by the holding of this polish!!! It lasted for at least a week. The bottle is also very beautiful. It's a very heavy glass cube with the Estee Lauder monogram printed in gold on the front. This bottle design is really different from all the other bottles in my stash so it stands out. It's my only Estée Lauder polish but I'm so impressed of this polish that I will get some more in the futur for sure.

OPI - Over The Taupe
(dedicated to my friend Lina ;))

This is OPI Over the Taupe from last summer's Bright Pair collection.
Now for a bit of a lesson about taupe. According to Wikipedia, taupe "refers to any grayish-brown color... [and] derives from the Latin name for the European Mole." It gives kind of a color chart that defines different types of taupe. I had fun with it. Over the Taupe is what Wikipedia would define as "medium taupe," while "OPI Metro Chic is "purple taupe," and OPI You Don't Know Jacques! would be a true taupe, or "dark taupe." 
I really love this taupe cream color ^^ It's opaque after two coats and the formula is a normal OPI formula.

That's it!

I want to excuse for some remaining polish edges, dry skin on my hands and any scratches you can probaly see on my hands (the big ones are from my neighbors cat which can be sometimes really bitchy). Since I'm working since a few weeks incidentally on a gaz station my hands look pretty damaged every day. I try to keep them well-tended but it's hard sometimes. Thank you for your understanding.


BTW I already found the perfect polish for Christmas :D Can't wait to show you! 

Have a nice day!!!!

Hugs and kisses,


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Inspiring Fall/Winter Outfits!


In today's post I'm showing you a collection of Fall and Winter outfits I collected over the last few weeks:

What is your favorite piece in between! or what is missing? ;)

Have a nice Sunday!