Monday, October 31, 2011

My Halloween outfit! ^^

So this is what I'm gonna wear today for a Halloween party in my city. I wanted to keep it simple but classic this year. And I hope you all recognize a devil!


And... I'm so in love with this new skirt that I'm wearing today for the first time!!! (available at New Yorker, in a few colors)


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Me this summer!

I'm sharing a few pictures with you of my 2011 summer holidays in Bar/Montenegro where I actually come from.

 It was a wonderful night and a summer I'll never forget.

This was for my birthday on the 12 August 2011 with my best friend Azra ^^

Love this girl so much, she's a true friend you can always count on!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Parfume explosion!

I think I have enough parfume for the rest of my life…

Do I need to say more?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Essence "I LOVE" ROCK gloss eye pencil!!!

I bought this eye pencil yesterday and tried it out today.

It's from the new essence "I love" collection, and available since September 2011 in every Schlecker, DM, Müller,… everywhere you can buy essence products, for only 1,25 €!!!!

It's a very smooth eye pencil, I'm actually used to harder eye pencils that become smooth after a time. But I don't see any negative point in that. I also like the design of it cuz that statement is 100% TRUE, probably the reason why I bought it without trying it out.

I drew 3 different lines, to show you how glossy it is ^^ and I appreciate that gloss effect very much cuz it's the first gloss eye pencil I bought so far. The color is deep black, beautiful glossy and lasts almost the whole day, especially good on the waterline, which surprised me.

The only negative point: It's not waterproof. (but most eye pencil aren't)

My purchase tip: For 1,25 € it's a very good product with a great finish.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween nails - Catrice #560 "Rusty but sexy"!

As Halloween is close I thought I'll show you the idea I had for my nails ;)

First I used the Catrice #560 Rusty but sexy nail polish, which is a orange-gold metallic color and also very shiny ^^

Then I used the Konad P59 image plate to create this look. First time I used it, well, you don't have much the oppurtunity to use this stamping plate than once a year for Halloween.

right hand

left hand

And don't forget to you as topcoat!!!! I used the essence gel-look XXXL shine.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NOTD: O.P.I. MonSooner or Later

 My nail of the day!

The OPI's Monsooner or Later (India Collection) is such a wearable red polish. You will feel sexy cuz it is a fantastic eye catcher ;) Good for the day and the night!

Carpe Diem/Noctem!!! ^^

Monday, October 24, 2011

Last shopping trip!

 New stuff I bought :D

 green pants are from Zara for 25 €
black dress by H&M for 34,95 €

I bought this two pieces at a little boutique in the city, the white/black one for 19,95 € and the turquoise/black one for 14,95 €

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's all about YVES ROCHER

These are my favorite Yves Rocher products!

I love especially this "Arnica Essentiel" Cold-protection concentrate cream!!!! It gives a really good protection when your outside "PERFECT FOR THE WINTER", your hands will be repaired from one second to the next and the scent is just amazing, it's like the best smelling cream I have used so far ;) You have to try it out. The price is 6,50€ for 50ml.

And I also believe this is the best eye make-up remover in the world.
"Démaquillant Express" for sensitive eyes for 7,20 € for 125 ml.
It even removes waterproof eye make-up and it's perfect for really sensitive eyes!

I also think it looks pretty cool. The blue and the transparent liquid need to be mixed before you can use it, so you just have to shake it until it looks like on the 2nd picture!

I use this product maybe twice a day and I can't live without it anymore.

My tip: In case you used eyeshadow and you have smeared it a bit, just take a cotton swabs, make a few drops of the eye make-up remover on it and then you can easily and precise fix it.

after shaking, ready to use!

This is the rest of my favorites!

Couleurs Nature eyeshadows:
#63 - Blue Morning Glory 12,90 €
#41 - Purple Petal 12,90 €

Luminelle nail polish
bright red #13 - 1, 90 €

Couleurs Nature nail lacquer #81 8,50 €

Pure Calmille face&hand cream 5,90 €

Luminelle Rouge Glossy
#80 Frosted coral 6,90 €


These are some pattern samples I got over the year but I haven't used them so far, so I can't tell you more about this products but I may use them the next weeks and tell you more about them if you wish so. Or maybe you know more about them and can tell me about them!?

All products available at your Yves Rocher store! ;)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


For the today's review I have tried two different color versions, with the matching glitter topper. Once in red and once in purple!
basic nailpolish #241, essence colour & go #72 "time for romance", essence colour & go #26 "break through" and essence nail art special effect topper #1 "it's purplicious" (from left to right)

The red version!

basic nailpolish #241, essence colour & go #72 "time for romance"

essence colour & go #26 "break through" and essence nail art special effect topper #1 "it's purplicious"
The purple version!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Victoria Secret … nails ;)

So I saw this picture some time ago and liked it very much. As I had one pink that looks similar to this, of course some black nail polish AND the SAME image plate, I needed to try it out myself.

And I called them Victoria Secret nails because the design and color combination reminded me of it and I can very well imagine the Victoria Secret girls wearing their nails just like this.

And here is my personal result:

The pink looks like red on the first picture, but it is almost the same pink as above, I swear, you just can't see it very well because my camera sucks!!!)
without flash
 Here it is with flash! As you can see, it's pink NOT red. ^^

with flash

So, this are all the outils I used to creat this nail style:

p2 Color Victim #500 "eternal" (left), essence multi dimension XXXL shine nail polish #57 "Love of Pink" (middle), essence high shine topcoat (right), the KONAD Double side Stamp set and the KONAD Image Plate m57

Close up of the image plate, I used the very right image!

One day in HAMBURG

I wanted to share some pictures I made 2 months ago when I was in Hamburg for a day (went to see 30 seconds to Mars there)
Tiffany & Co.
Agent Provocateur
I had a piece of lemon cake and a camomile tea at STARBUCKS ;)

 and a little bit of sightseeing
beautiful over night!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So today I dyed my hair from very blonde to very dark ^^
I hope you guys like my new style. I didn't want it actually that dark but it turned out like this soooo… the hair dresser said it will wash out and I'm looking forward to that, cuz I think a little bit lighter would even look better on me.

What do you guys think of it?