Thursday, October 20, 2011

Victoria Secret … nails ;)

So I saw this picture some time ago and liked it very much. As I had one pink that looks similar to this, of course some black nail polish AND the SAME image plate, I needed to try it out myself.

And I called them Victoria Secret nails because the design and color combination reminded me of it and I can very well imagine the Victoria Secret girls wearing their nails just like this.

And here is my personal result:

The pink looks like red on the first picture, but it is almost the same pink as above, I swear, you just can't see it very well because my camera sucks!!!)
without flash
 Here it is with flash! As you can see, it's pink NOT red. ^^

with flash

So, this are all the outils I used to creat this nail style:

p2 Color Victim #500 "eternal" (left), essence multi dimension XXXL shine nail polish #57 "Love of Pink" (middle), essence high shine topcoat (right), the KONAD Double side Stamp set and the KONAD Image Plate m57

Close up of the image plate, I used the very right image!


  1. ;) thanks! I really love this one, and it's not that difficult to make.

  2. nice nails!!! i really love it!!!

  3. ooh I want!! I hope you can buy these stamps online!

  4. @Ashii I ordered my stamping plates on a few months ago.


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