Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's all about YVES ROCHER

These are my favorite Yves Rocher products!

I love especially this "Arnica Essentiel" Cold-protection concentrate cream!!!! It gives a really good protection when your outside "PERFECT FOR THE WINTER", your hands will be repaired from one second to the next and the scent is just amazing, it's like the best smelling cream I have used so far ;) You have to try it out. The price is 6,50€ for 50ml.

And I also believe this is the best eye make-up remover in the world.
"Démaquillant Express" for sensitive eyes for 7,20 € for 125 ml.
It even removes waterproof eye make-up and it's perfect for really sensitive eyes!

I also think it looks pretty cool. The blue and the transparent liquid need to be mixed before you can use it, so you just have to shake it until it looks like on the 2nd picture!

I use this product maybe twice a day and I can't live without it anymore.

My tip: In case you used eyeshadow and you have smeared it a bit, just take a cotton swabs, make a few drops of the eye make-up remover on it and then you can easily and precise fix it.

after shaking, ready to use!

This is the rest of my favorites!

Couleurs Nature eyeshadows:
#63 - Blue Morning Glory 12,90 €
#41 - Purple Petal 12,90 €

Luminelle nail polish
bright red #13 - 1, 90 €

Couleurs Nature nail lacquer #81 8,50 €

Pure Calmille face&hand cream 5,90 €

Luminelle Rouge Glossy
#80 Frosted coral 6,90 €


These are some pattern samples I got over the year but I haven't used them so far, so I can't tell you more about this products but I may use them the next weeks and tell you more about them if you wish so. Or maybe you know more about them and can tell me about them!?

All products available at your Yves Rocher store! ;)

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