Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween nails - Catrice #560 "Rusty but sexy"!

As Halloween is close I thought I'll show you the idea I had for my nails ;)

First I used the Catrice #560 Rusty but sexy nail polish, which is a orange-gold metallic color and also very shiny ^^

Then I used the Konad P59 image plate to create this look. First time I used it, well, you don't have much the oppurtunity to use this stamping plate than once a year for Halloween.

right hand

left hand

And don't forget to you as topcoat!!!! I used the essence gel-look XXXL shine.


  1. I love your nails! They are so pretty!

  2. nice :) i had to paint my nails with brushes to do halloween designs xD
    where did you buy this plate?

  3. Those nails are lovely, I'll deffo be wearing them this Halloween!

  4. Thanks peeps ^^ Much love back at ya <333
    @ Alex: I ordered 4 plates on a few months ago.

  5. wow, these are really cool.
    I am goign to do my own Halloween nail polishes, and these have given me great ideas! Thanks!

  6. Aww, this is so kute for Halloween!!



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