Thursday, October 27, 2011

Essence "I LOVE" ROCK gloss eye pencil!!!

I bought this eye pencil yesterday and tried it out today.

It's from the new essence "I love" collection, and available since September 2011 in every Schlecker, DM, Müller,… everywhere you can buy essence products, for only 1,25 €!!!!

It's a very smooth eye pencil, I'm actually used to harder eye pencils that become smooth after a time. But I don't see any negative point in that. I also like the design of it cuz that statement is 100% TRUE, probably the reason why I bought it without trying it out.

I drew 3 different lines, to show you how glossy it is ^^ and I appreciate that gloss effect very much cuz it's the first gloss eye pencil I bought so far. The color is deep black, beautiful glossy and lasts almost the whole day, especially good on the waterline, which surprised me.

The only negative point: It's not waterproof. (but most eye pencil aren't)

My purchase tip: For 1,25 € it's a very good product with a great finish.

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