Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Newspaper print for nails ^^

 I found this picture on a page some weeks ago and I needed to try this out!!!

Here are the instructions you need to follow:

1. Use any color you want for the background & LET THEM DRY.
2. Then you need alcohol and newspapers.
3. Cut a small section of the newspaper out and place it on your nail.
4. Put some alcohol on a cotton ball and place it over the piece of newspaper on your nail.
5. Ready!

 Here you can see how it looks on my nails, I used the P2 Color Victim nail polish #670 "elegant" which is a nice nude color I've been using very often. But you can of course choose any other color you want, I just think it shouldn't be a very dark one cuz then you can't see the newspaper print really good.


  1. Hi Irsada

    Wow, this nails are amazing. I never heared about this type of nail styling before. But i have a question, that i want to ask you: Do you have any kind of favorit news topics which you use on your nails? ;)


  2. hahaaa Well I took the newspapers and decided to go with an article about fashion lol (true story)

  3. That looks great :) And it seems so easy to me.
    Did you buy alcohol at the pharmacy?

  4. @Katkat Nooo I used the alcohol we had at home, from my father! You really don't need a lot! And there is sure someone at your home who drinks alcohol otherwise you could still buy one of these little bottles at the cash register ;) or at the pharmacy if you prefer.

  5. Wow! Thanks for the quick answer! I can't wait to try it :):) I am so happy that I find this post!!!! <3<3

  6. Well I once saw a tutrial on youtube that was really good! I didn't save the link but you could try to find it yourself by typing in "newspaper nails"!!! There must be actually a couple of tuturials ^^ Have fun and maybe you'll share the result? :D

  7. Well, I am a good follower, but a bad blogger :) (And I don't even have a blog) I am too happy when I make sth gorgeous :) So usually I forget to take a picture :)
    But, I will see ;)
    Thanks again!

  8. It seemed easy, but it isn't :( I should practice a lot before I show my newspaper nails to the 'audience' :)
    I saw a tutorial on youtube with water, it doesn't work very well, so next time I'll sacrafice alcohol :)


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