Monday, February 25, 2013

My First Deauty Box!


If you follow me on Instagram (IRSADAxROCKs) you have probably already seen that I got the Deauty Box of February on Saturday! This is a beauty box just as the Glossy Box, Jolie Box, or any other beauty box out there. The Deauty Box is only available if you live in Belgium or Luxembourg, for a price of only 15€ every month! The products that you get are neither samples nor miniatures. Since there is no other box shipping to Luxembourg (where I live) I'm glad I finally found one that does ^^

So this is what my first Deauty Box looks like and I'm really satisfied with it :)

The products can vary from 4 to 6 products. This month there are only 4 but I'm hoping to get next time more cuz I've seen the also send like Essie polishes (that would be nice for a little nail polish addict like me) :P

This is what I actually got:

For those who don't speak any french I'll translate it fast for you in a few words.

L'Oréal Professionnel - Mythic Oil Shampoo (250 ml):

"A shampoo but not any shampoo. The secret of this shampoo is the unique texture! This oil shampoo gives the right shine and nourishes the hair thanks to the argan oil and cotton seed oil. It gives the hair the force & brillance back. It's more than just a shampoo. Full size 200 ml & price 15,20€"

I washed my hair yesterday using this shampoo and I must say my hair's pretty smooth, easy to comb and it smells good. With the mask I use usally my hair tips look a bit better than before. ^^
But of course I only used it once and it probably will show more of its effects after a few times of use. I'll keep you up to date in that case ;)
And it's the full size product!!! How awesome is that :D The price of it is a 20 cents more than the actual Deauty Box costs.

Biotherm - hand & nail treatment (20 ml):


"This product is the right hand cream for cold times like these. It protects the skin, nourishes the fingers and preserves the youth of the hands. It contains vitamin F & D. It's oil free and the size of it allows you to carry it in every hand bag. Full size: 100 ml & prize: 25 €"

I tried it also only once and it seems to be a good product! But so far I can't tell more, I need more time to try it out more often.

Eucerin - wash lotion (75 ml):

"A wash lotion for body and face. Ph neutral for soft skin. It doesn't contain any soap or parabens and only a few foaming agents to clean the skin properly. It protects against drying skin even if you shower a lot. It layers a protection over your skin, for soft and hydrated skin. Full size: 200 ml & prize: 8,45 €"

When I took a shower yesterday I used it. I haven't noticed any big difference, it almost has no smell and is transparent. While applying, I felt like I need a lot of it for my whole body so I think it will be pretty soon empty. I'll keep you up to date!

L'Oréal Paris - Super Liner Blackbuster (full size):

"There's nothing better than a good eyeline for a marvelous a look of feline! It allows an easy and precise line for every look you want, whether you want Cat Eyes or go for the Amy Winehouse look. Easy and fast to apply, a deep black, and it shouldn't be missing in any make-up bag. Full size! Price: 11,90 €."

Another full size product in the box!!!!!!! :D

As you can see on my hand, the line is pretty black when you apply it the thick way and still straight. It stayed very long on my hand, I applied it yesterday morning and it's still on my hand right now when I'm writing this post. I also wore it on my eyes on Saturday night and it stayed well and without smudging! I think I like it a lot.

Final thoughts: I like this months Deauty Box! The only thing that was worrying me in the first place when I opened it were the two L'Oréal products, since I actually didn't want to buy any L'Oréal products anymore, because I personally decided to not support them anymore since they're well known for being the biggest company testing on animals. But I'm looking forward for a new European law that will be imported in a few months that doesn't allow any testing on animals in Europe anymore, and I think even L'Oréal will have to go with the crowd if they don't want to lose billions of customers haaaa ;) And since I can't change what I will get in my coming Deauty Boxes I will keep that stuff and maybe give it away if I'm not satisfied with it.

Thanks for stopping by!

With Love,


Friday, February 22, 2013

Zoeva Metallic Stones Swatches!

Hi my dear follower/reader,

In today's post I finally found the time to swatch my Zoeva Metallic Stones palette for you!!!!

And so this is what the palette looks like:

It includes 28 high pigmented shades :) for only 18€. So I recommand you to order it on their page asap!



First row: dark taupe, copper, I would say the third color is like a very light taupe, then we have some normal brown, dark gray, dark blue and dark purple colors.


Second row: black, light gold, light brown, bronze, rosy brown shimmery, skyblue and a plum.

Third row: shimmery jade, lime yellow, tan, tangerine, light silver, light blue and magenta.

Fourth row: dark green, yellow gold, mango, raw sienna, white, orchid and lavender.

I used a bit the help of google to define the colors better, since I find it a bit hard to name colors. ;)

I'm probably gonna get the Natural palette by Zoeva too and I'll keep you of course in touch about all it's colors!!!!

Have a nice weekend <3

Read you!


Monday, February 18, 2013

NOTD - Essence #121 Gold Fever


It feels like a century that I did a NOTD post so it's been about time!

Let me introduce you to essence 121 gold fever:

It's a gold glitter polish with orange sparkles. You need 2-3 coats of it to get a full coverage and the lasting is pretty good. This might be one of the most amazing colors of the essence polishes! Hard to compare to any other brand, haven't seen this mix so far from another brand. I like the new bottles of essence cuz the color is also on the bottle lid which no other polish has. Really nice color for a drugstore polish. Get it as long as you can!



Monday, February 11, 2013

Outfits - She's Got The Look Part 2!!!


Once again I collected outfits I liked on other blogs or saw on my facebook wall :)

Enjoy the combinations, I hope they inspire you to create your own look!!!

I soooo want this Micheal Kors bag =.=


The End!



Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bags Bags Bags Part 2 + New In!

Heey hoo,

I'm showing you once again what I've been up to the last few weeks concering new bags and some clothes & make up ;)

New bags:
Furla Candy Bag in glitter purple. Very proud of this baby! Love it all the way!!! I know some people might be afraid of that color and all that glitter but that's exactly what I love the most about it, the combination makes it, otherwise it would be only one of these boring Furla candy bags you can see in the city. And if this isn't an eyecatcher I don't know :) As you probably noticed by now purple is my favortie color. I bought this bag on, fast shipping and everything else went fine ;)

H&M leopard clutch, from the new collection. Costs? 20€! ;)

H&M fuchsia bag, I guess also from the new collection. Available in a few different colors for 15€.

JUMEX bag! It's kind of a Micheal Kors Hamilton look alike bag. I bought it because I thought MK hasn't this exact model but turned out after I bought this bag, they do. Anyway, I had and have another MK bag on my wishlist that I hopefully will be able to get my hands on next month. So I'm glad I have this bag that isn't an original MK bag and I can save my money for the one I want more ;)

To be continued... (for sure)

New clothes in:

first row: H&M minted thin pullover (bought on sales :)) & H&M fuchsia pullover (new collection)
second row: C&A purple ombre pullover (also sales) & some new dresses you can take a closer look below!

As for my clothes, you can see this year I'm gonna were pretty bright colors! ^^

H&M black & white leopard dress (new collection) & H&M blue dress (sales)

H&M fuchsia dress (sales) & C&A black and pruple dress (sales)

I don't know why but this year I felt like I should wear more dresses although I'm not that type that wears dresses but everything can change everytime. I also got so many invitations to birhtday parties, weedings and other events so that it's better to have more, than less dresses!!!

New make up:

My new make up goodies!!! Among them, my currently favorite foundation from flomar, and some of their new blushes (swatches coming), also a Rimmel London Matte powder, the Maybelline Big Eyes palette one Catrice powder and 3 lipsticks!

swatches of the catrice lipsticks!!! ;)

So I haven't wore them yet but I'll keep you up to date if I like them or not!!!

That's it.

Read you! <3