Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bags Bags Bags Part 2 + New In!

Heey hoo,

I'm showing you once again what I've been up to the last few weeks concering new bags and some clothes & make up ;)

New bags:
Furla Candy Bag in glitter purple. Very proud of this baby! Love it all the way!!! I know some people might be afraid of that color and all that glitter but that's exactly what I love the most about it, the combination makes it, otherwise it would be only one of these boring Furla candy bags you can see in the city. And if this isn't an eyecatcher I don't know :) As you probably noticed by now purple is my favortie color. I bought this bag on, fast shipping and everything else went fine ;)

H&M leopard clutch, from the new collection. Costs? 20€! ;)

H&M fuchsia bag, I guess also from the new collection. Available in a few different colors for 15€.

JUMEX bag! It's kind of a Micheal Kors Hamilton look alike bag. I bought it because I thought MK hasn't this exact model but turned out after I bought this bag, they do. Anyway, I had and have another MK bag on my wishlist that I hopefully will be able to get my hands on next month. So I'm glad I have this bag that isn't an original MK bag and I can save my money for the one I want more ;)

To be continued... (for sure)

New clothes in:

first row: H&M minted thin pullover (bought on sales :)) & H&M fuchsia pullover (new collection)
second row: C&A purple ombre pullover (also sales) & some new dresses you can take a closer look below!

As for my clothes, you can see this year I'm gonna were pretty bright colors! ^^

H&M black & white leopard dress (new collection) & H&M blue dress (sales)

H&M fuchsia dress (sales) & C&A black and pruple dress (sales)

I don't know why but this year I felt like I should wear more dresses although I'm not that type that wears dresses but everything can change everytime. I also got so many invitations to birhtday parties, weedings and other events so that it's better to have more, than less dresses!!!

New make up:

My new make up goodies!!! Among them, my currently favorite foundation from flomar, and some of their new blushes (swatches coming), also a Rimmel London Matte powder, the Maybelline Big Eyes palette one Catrice powder and 3 lipsticks!

swatches of the catrice lipsticks!!! ;)

So I haven't wore them yet but I'll keep you up to date if I like them or not!!!

That's it.

Read you! <3



  1. That purple bag is amazing!! God seriously, it's really something *O*

    The dresses are amazing <3 Specially the purple one.
    About the makeup, I would love to know what do you think about flomar cosmetics. A friend give me a lipstick from them(although I can't really use's a really scary bright orange colour) and I would love to know more about them.
    I would also love to know what you think about catrice powder <3 I already own the Rimmel London one, but I can take it with me on a daily basics because the packaging is sooooo fragile >> (it's the only complain I have with it)

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. Heeey dear!
      Thank you very much for your kind words <3
      So about flormar: I really love their products, they are so easy to wear! I only owe one lipstick by them which I got last year and I really loved the color, it's pink with a metallic shimmer touch ;) Unfortunately that day I went shopping I had to hurry since my friends don't have much understanding when I spend lots of time in front of a stand. We have to do once a swap of products!!!!!
      Concerning the Catrice powder, so far I like the Rimmel London powder more. But I only used it today and because I wasn't in the mood to wear a heavy foundation I only applied the powder over a moisturizer, maybe it looks much better as finishing powder ;)
      And thank you for the tip, I'll place my Rimmel powder somewhere safe :*

      Big Kiss

    2. oh I get that. My friends always think how weird and strage is the fact that I love makeup and that I try to know a bit of everything. I would love to swap of products with you too! It would be really nice ^^
      Hm...I love the Rimmel London powder, but with that kind of packaging I can't take it with me to do retouch's during the day.
      oh you're welcome! I already broke the "on-off" seal (nor sure how oô) and I'm always worried when I go on trips.

  2. Dei Jumex Posch gefaellt mer super, an dei Catrice Leppenstefter wow. Ech hun nach keng vun hinnen. Wei droen dei do sech? Eister mei naas oder mei matt,dreschen? an haalen se och gudd? well gin souvill leppensteften wou dann farf dann bemol fortgeet an just nach den kontur ass. geif mech freen iwert dein feedback ops de zefridden bass oder net =)


    1. Hey! Also dei Catrice Leppenstefter sin eischter naas. Waat haalen betrefft, naja also ech geng soen em dei 2 Stonnen waat bei engem sou bellegen Drugstore Produkt eischter normal ass, mais wanns du et richteg obdreist also mam Pinsel oder pur Couchen dann e besn mei lang. Fir deen Preis fannen ech se ok, soe mir mol sou ;) An ausserdem wei ech lescht Joer vun engem Make-up Artist aus Treier deen mech geschminkt huet, gesot krut: Mein Liebes, nichts hält für die Ewigkeit!

    2. Oh do huet deen gudden Recht ;) jo bon 2 stonnen ass jo mol net schlecht ne :) suguer deier leppenstefter brengen daat manchmol net ferdeg ;) hues de och neelläck vun hinnen?

    3. Ech haat mir lescht Joer 2 Neon Neelläck kaaf gehaat mais dei wuaren weder Neon nach hun se lang gehaalen. Daat wua daat enzegt waat mech mega entäuscht hut.

  3. totally love the first bag so very gorgeous!! wld love it if you would drop by my blog and follow if u like :D

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting!!!! <3 Of course I'll drop by :)


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