Friday, February 22, 2013

Zoeva Metallic Stones Swatches!

Hi my dear follower/reader,

In today's post I finally found the time to swatch my Zoeva Metallic Stones palette for you!!!!

And so this is what the palette looks like:

It includes 28 high pigmented shades :) for only 18€. So I recommand you to order it on their page asap!



First row: dark taupe, copper, I would say the third color is like a very light taupe, then we have some normal brown, dark gray, dark blue and dark purple colors.


Second row: black, light gold, light brown, bronze, rosy brown shimmery, skyblue and a plum.

Third row: shimmery jade, lime yellow, tan, tangerine, light silver, light blue and magenta.

Fourth row: dark green, yellow gold, mango, raw sienna, white, orchid and lavender.

I used a bit the help of google to define the colors better, since I find it a bit hard to name colors. ;)

I'm probably gonna get the Natural palette by Zoeva too and I'll keep you of course in touch about all it's colors!!!!

Have a nice weekend <3

Read you!



  1. Soooo wonderful colours <3


    1. Danke! Sehr empfehlenswert ;) Ich werde mir definitif noch eine zulegen von den anderen Paletten die sie zur Auswahl haben!

  2. This palette sounds a really nice deal!
    I have to admit, I never felt atracted to big palettes like this (same for the ones that have 120 or 180 colours)
    I really loved the neutrals ^_^

    1. yeah I was a bit affraid it would be a waste of money in the first place but not at all ;) totally worth every penny!!!! <3

  3. Die Zoeva Paletten kann ich auch nur weiterempfehlen ! :) Hab selber 3 Stück & die sind echt ihren Preis wert ! Super Pigmentierung und lange Haltbarkeit.


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