Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY - Pimped up Sneakers! :)

Hiiiiii girls,

Here I am again with a new post! If feels like I didn't do a post in a while althought the last one was last week but still it feels like I didn't show you something interesting but hopefully you don't mind. I was pretty busy the last 2-3 weeks. I had lots of ideas in my head what I could show you in the next days/weeks but not much time and then there was another problem with my internet connection which seems not to work right as it takes half an hour to upload one picture on blogger… so you can imagine how I felt to do new posts. But I took lots of pictures yesterday and so the ideas will be turned into posts asap ;) 

In today's post I will show you how I pimped up some sneakers I bought last year, for about 9,99€ at the german store DEICHMANN, with some studs to make them look cooler! 

This is how they turned out:

The comparison before and after:

Excuse me if they look dirty! But isn't that what real sneakers should look like if you're cool ^^

So I used three different types of studs that I bought together as one package, on ebay for about 10-12€, which you can see in the next pictures.


At the back:

So go get some studs and pimp your clothes up ;) It doesn't have to be shoes, you can put them on shirts, jackets, pullovers,... whatever you want!



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Do It Yourself - Scarf

Heeey hooo,

it was about time for some DIY ideas! So today I'm showing you how to a skirt out of a scarf and do a cool scarf out of a t-shirt . I already posted a DIY picture of how to make a skirt out of a pullover some time ago so today it will be a skirt out of a scarf ;)

Unfortunately, I can't get this picture bigger than this :O

If you have some cool idea let me know! ^^


Saturday, October 20, 2012

My first HAIR & MAKE-UP job!

Welcome back,

In my today's post I'm showing you the look I created recently on a friend of mine!

This is MERSIDA (24 years old), she is my cousin's wife and a good friend of mine. She has two beautiful little children she takes care off the whole time, the girl is 3 years old and the boy almost 1 year old. As she runs the family management 24 hours 7 days a week, she is running out of time to getting dressed and putting makeup on the way she could do! So I wanted to give her a special moment she can forget about everything and remembering how it is to be a woman and remembering her husband why he chosed her ;)

 As she has these bigh brown eyes I wanted to put the spot on them and make them a little more bigger by putting the right edge in the corner and enlarging the with a white kayal on the waterline, which she never did so far... until now. She always wanted them bigger but didn't know how to do it and I guess my hint helped her a lot.

The foundation I used, is by clinique, and really looks gorgeous on her skin. I even do believe her skin looks like porcelain. 100% without alcohol btw!


For the hair I decided to go with a tousled hair bun, that doesn't look to much like a secratary but a bit more sexier ;) and which suits her really great thought!

As it is one of my very first times as a make-up artist I had a bit of troubles with the liner, to really get the kajal line straight but I guess no one is born as a master, skill comes with practice ;)

Products used:
Clinique Superbalanced Makeup (one of the light colors, I think it was Light or Ivory)
Nars Orgasm blush
Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden
Urban Decay Naked 2, Bootycall in the inner and mittle corner and under the eyes, Chopper on the out/V corner
Sephora longlasting eye liner in 01 noir black
Dior Diorshow Iconic mascara
essence kayal pencil in 04 white, on the waterline
Mac brave lipstick
I use to wear this look by the way very often too and I already showed you this tutorial a few months ago in my NAKED 2 reviww (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT).

Her husband really loved it and almost didn't recognize her ^^ and that's the most important thing. I hope you like what I did and continue reading my blog :))

With Love,


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

She's got the look!


In this post I wanted to share some outfit/dresses, I liked, with you! 






Hope you enjoyed the show ;)


Saturday, October 13, 2012

O.P.I. SKYFALL Swatches!

Welcome back,

I promised some swatches of the OPI Skyfall collection for yesterday but somehow my computer didn't want to upload them so here they come, better late than never :)

From L to R: GoldenEye, The Spy Who Loved Me, The World Is Not Enough & Live and Let Die
As described on the back:

All eyes will be upon you when you wear this glorious gold.
The Spy Who Loved Me
A red as romantic as the secret agent inside you.
The World Is Not Enough
This rosy silver is as addictive as it is beautiful.
Live and Let Die
Burn the candles at both ends in this private jet black.


Golden Eye is as name is saying it a gold sequins polish which you can wear as a topper if you use one coat of it over another base color or you can wear it as one color but you need almost 3 coats of it to get it opaque. All over the nail it has some orange reflection and really is an eye catcher. I would say this is probably the most stunning color of the Mini Collection. Only con, it's hard to remove like every other glitter polish. That's the price you will have to pay for wearing this beautiful gold on your fingers.

The Spy Who Loved Me is a bright red color with little gold flecks. The formula is like every other average OPI polish, two coats and average drying time. The finish is glossy. If you like red colors you will love this one ^^

The World Is Not Enough is a taupe-greyish color, hard to define, in the bottle taupe looking, on the fingers more greyish, with pink-red-green flecks. The finish is quite sparkling metallic! You need two coats of it. Drying fast!

Live And Let Die is a dark blue color, which is hard to describe, I would say dark jeans blue with gold and green glitter in it. More gold than green. Very nice and unique color! Fast drying and you can get an opaque covering after one thick coat.

More pictures!!!!

Thanks for reading!



Wednesday, October 10, 2012



Woooooooow it's been today exactly one year since I started my blog and for that occasion I need to reward you! One of my dear followers will have the chance to win these prices ^^

The OPI SKYFALL mini collection, the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box & the DIORSHOW mini maximizer and the Extace mascara!!!

The O.P.I. SKYFALL 007 the BONDettes minis:

From L to R: GoldenEye, The Spy Who Loved Me, The World Is Not Enough & Live and Let Die

As described on the back:

All eyes will be upon you when you wear this glorious gold.
The Spy Who Loved Me
A red as romantic as the secret agent inside you.
The World Is Not Enough
This rosy silver is as addictive as it is beautiful.
Live and Let Die
Burn the candles at both ends in this private jet black.

Urban Decay Delux Shadow Box:

It includes 9 beautiful high quality eyeshadows, all different from each other, and a little eyeshadow primer potion:



This set includes the mini DIORSHOW MAXIMIZER which is a base mascara/lash primer and the DIORSHOW EXTASE mascara. The set promises a Catwalk eye makeup look!

All the products are brand new and haven't been used yet.

The giveaway starts on 11th October and ends on 23rd November 2012!!!

I will mark the giveaway as a gift so that you won't be charges any additional costs ;)

To be able to enter this giveaway you have to fill the form below!

The winners entries will be verified, so writing your name or e-mail in EVERY field will disqualify you from this contest!!!!!
In Love,
IrSada ;) 

P.S.: If I reach 2000 followers I might open a facebook account for my blog :D

Sunday, October 7, 2012

EOTD - Green/Blue eyes!


I recently saw this make-up look on Tv where a make-up artist put on these color combination on a model for a shooting and I just loved it. So today I'm showing you my inspired look!

The first thing you probably think, when you think of green and blue, is that those colors don't go together... but IN my eyes they do and ON my eyes you can see the result:


Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden
The colors are from my Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection Palette (REVIEW here) 
Inner corner: Midnight Rodeo 
Middle: Deep End 
Out corner: Evidence 
Under my eyebrows: Midnight 15 (and a bit under my eyes)
Essence Longlasting eye pencil #15 Bling Bling under my eyes (along the lashes)
Catrice Gel eye liner in #10 Black Jack with Jack Black as liner (along the lashes) and on my waterline
Dior Diorshow Maximizer
Dior Diorshow Blakout mascara

Make sure you blend the colors in together et voilà! ;) 

and a comment would be nice too <3