Thursday, October 4, 2012

H&M Anna Dello Russo haul + thoughts!

Hiiiiii everyone,

Today H&M realsed a new collection designed by Fashion Designer Anna Dello Russo!!!!!!! From today on her collection was available and so I stopped by at H&M to get a look on the whole stuff she desgined. This collection is a bit crazy and contains lot of bling bling accesoirzes so I guess that was the reason why there weren't lots of people waiting this morning or at the store inside. I went after my early class this morning and was lucky to see all the pieces as everything was still available ^^

And here is what I bought!!!!

Drum roll…


I bought these two pieces :D

This bracelet that has a magnet in the middle so I can take him apart and put him easly back together. It reminds me of the gate of heaven! What do you think?

And this golden bracelet that has big charms on it! You can't remove them, they are attached, they are all golden except the cherry one, there is also a 4 bladded clover that is green and a little mirror like the one from snowwhites stepmother and the breechlock is a big starboard with a hanging A charm on it (which stands for Anna of course).

Here are some other pieces of the collection:

My thoughts?

Well I think that there is too much gold, unless you like it that way… but for me there were only 4 pieces I liked, and I only bought these two because of the price. One bracelet was about 30€, the second you can see was 40€, so I spent 70€ for bought. And were are still talking about H&M! So there wasn't even marked from what they are made of which distrubs me. I asked the salewomen and they said it should be better qualty than the ordinary H&M quality but they couldn't tell me for sure if they will stay like this or maybe lose some color, so I didn't want to spent too much money. I also was disappointed from the bag I got (I'll upload a picture later) because it was raining all day here and I put my wet umbrella in the bag when the rain stopped and 10 minutes later while I was walking my bag ripped -.-" and one of the boxes as you can see on the first picture has no damaged xD So they could have been more robust because they look like that when I put it in.




  1. I love how that second bracelet looks, but I wouldn't wear it because it's gold D: I would want it on silver and that price :OO

  2. 30€ and 40€ for bracelets? that too much o.o specially for H&M.
    I do like the design of some things, but I wouldn't spend 30 or 40 euros on's too much I guess.
    anyway, you have a really nice taste! kisuu*


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