Sunday, May 26, 2013



Since my birthday is in less than 3 months I though I should maybe do a little wishlist of what I'd really really liked to get :) who knows, this might be a help to family and friends that are actually reading my blog.


I just fell in love with this black Micheal Kors satchel I saw on another blogger's wishlist and had to add it to mine. It reminds me a lot of the Givenchy Antigona but of course this bag is cheaper and affordable even for a simple student like me. Who knows I might get it myself, a gift from me to me. ^^ (but SOLD OUT at every online store at the moment)

Another Micheal Kors bag I would like to call my own. The Micheal Kors Bedford Ostrich Tote available at Macy's! (but SOLD OUT at the moment)


The Thomas Sabo black pearl chain!

or the Black and White Stripped Charm Box

Since I already have the ring I would like to have the Marc By Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Katie Turnlock Bracelet too :)

Ladurée Key-chain

I'd be happy about one of these 2 too ^^

Konplott earrings

Bild für Ohrstecker Magic Fireball

in dirty white (not sure if this is the right picture but it shouldn't be the white ones, although they are also welcome ;))

Rayban wayfarer sunglasses
cuz I lost mine -.- (I promise to take better care of them if I get a new pair)

One of the amazing Chanel eyeshadow quads would be amazing to receive as a gift too :)

One of the amazing looking Laura Mercier highlighters :)

The Sigma brush cleaning glove. I would never buy it myself, cuz it's like a plastic glove that costs 40€ but if I would receive it as a gift I wouldn't mind ;) cuz if you believe reviews this is a really nice help if you have lots of brushes like me. Available at!


One or two of these very cool looking brushes ^^ Available HERE!

A Mac pro palette for 15 eyeshadows

And before someone thinks that I'm crazy I'll stop myself here. But I might add some more stuff in the coming weeks lol

Can't wait for August, some fun and sun, and nice presents ^^

C ya!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Deauty box of Mai!


Once again I received a deauty box! This month's products:

This month I got 5 products and they all seem to be realted to protect the skin and hair from the sun :)

Garnier Ambre Solaire - BB Cream SPF30 (50 ml)

"Garnier's new innovative sun cream. Thanks to it's SPF of 30 it protects the skin and low-necked from UVA and UVB radiance. No stains, wrinkles and other photoaging + you won't need any other foundation. It's hydrating and protection guarantee a smooth and supple skin, even in the sun." Full size: 50 ml & price: 11,99.

I put it on this morning and I must say I kind of love it, it really doesn't look like a bomb of tan cream exploded on my face but it really blends with the natural skin tone. I like that it has a SPF of 30 cuz I tend to get a sun burn easily. Now I only need some more sun to be able to benefit from it completly. This is a full size product which costs nearly 12€, which is almost the price I pay for my deauty box (15€) so it pays totally off. :D

Klorane -  Oat Milk Shampoo (100 ml)

"Our hair tends to be damaged at this time of the year: sun exposition, salt water, drying, chlorine from the swimming pool and other things. This shampoo of oat milk from Klorane is an unconditional for the most sensitive scalps and the weakest hair. Also a protector of extern agressions and facilitates disentangling. Maybe your new best friend?" Full size: 100 ml & price 5 €.

Really need to try this out since I do have sensitive hair and this would be a dream come true if it really works.

Avène - After Sun Repair Milk (50 ml)

"Nothing better than the feeling of the sun on the skin. Good protection? But you know that already. But taking care of the skin doesn't end there. In order to keep your new tan for a longer time and also for a supple skin you have to go further. And who else than Avène could guarantee that? This after sun repair milk by Avène soothes, calms the rednesses, hydrates and restaures the skin barrier. Easy to travel with and you can take it with you everywhere you go." Full size: 200 ml & price: 15,70 €.

Once again an Avène product! I love this brand and I had some stuff from them before so I am really pleased to get more and more of their great products because for me they always worked well and I don't have any doubts that this one will be different but in case I hate it I'll let you know ;)

Lamazuna - 2 Reausable Cleansing

"Innovation? Neo beauty? Miracle? Call it what you want! Lamazuna makes it easy the everyday with a new technique to remove makeup: the ecological cleaning wipe. You moistrize it with hot water, then put it on the eyes for a few minutes and then pass it on on the rest of the face and MAGIC, your skin is clean again. The best? You can use these again and again even after washing them 300 times from 40 to 90 degrees." Full size: 2 cleaning wipes & price: 4 €.

OMG, this sounds amazing. Gonna try them tonight for the first time :D

bo-ho - sun powder/bronzer in Terra Cotta (9 g)

"Nothing better than a little hint of a tan on the skin for a healthy glow. Don't you feel better when you get to know that it's 100% natural? Without parabens, without mineral oils, without phenoxyethanol, without PEG, Bo-Ho has drawn up a real terracotta oven of 8 hours to give you a thin and light texture, a hydration and a excellent holding. You put it on the forehead, the nose and the cheekbones for a fresh and radiant complexion." Full size: 9 g & price 12,95 €.

This was love on the first sight!!!!!!!! I really wanted a new bronzer in that color and than I got it, like they knew I was looking for it. So it's vegan... yay. And once again a full size product that costs almost 13 € (almost the price of the box).

Final thoughts: I'm more than happy with this month's deauty box! Now I only need some more sun to be able to really use these :D



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

NEW IN: Gifts!

Hi guys,

In my today's post I'm showing you what my dear friend and sister Kelly sent me from the USA ^^
And no, it's not my birthday and neither Christmas yet. We just send us packages with cool and pretty stuff :D Actually I got all that stuff last Tuesday but wasn't able to write a post yet.

I got this cute little black ring with a pink stone.

The LORAC PRO palette (which I've been dreaming of for months)


The LORAC GLOW GETTER palette, which looks perfect for the summer. I actually could have created my last inpired celebrity look (Demi Lovato) with this palette. Scroll down to see the post, it's the the one before this post.

The Urban Decay Ammo palette. It has a few colors that I wanted to buy for a very long time as single eyeshadows, like SIN, SMOG, MAUI WOWIE :)

The Urban Decay supercurl curling mascara and the all nighter long lasting makeup setting spray. These two are the only one that I could also buy here and I was thinking about buying the all nighter but for some reason I didn't do it (don't know why) and now I have both. :)

The Maybelline eyeshadow quad in Olive Martini

2 Maybelline color tattoos in the colors #35 Cool Crush and #40 Seashore Frosts

A NYX blush in the color MOCCA

And last but not least the spotlight falls an this wonderful Essie polish in the color "DJ play that song" and which I love a lot.

So I wanted to thank Kelly A LOT for these amazing products that I can't get here (except 2) and I'm also buying stuff for her as well at the moment ;)

I'll keep you updated for new stuff coming in! And I'll try to post some swatches soon. Sorry that I wasn't able to write much last week, it was pretty stressful and I need to start studying soon since my last exams are next month.

Read you soon!

Much love,


P.S.: Since a few days I got my internet connection fixed and now it's working perfectly ;)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Celebrity Inspired Make-up Look: Demi Lovato!

Welcome to my blog!

So I saw this look on Demi Lovato that she was wearing on X-factor, about 4-5 months ago and I liked it a lot. Then they did a little print tutorial in the German Intouch magazin a bit later with suggestions of make-up that could be used to create this look and so I decided to go for it and try it out. But like always I'm running late with the post since my life became so busy.

I gotta say I really like the orange-turquoise color combination. It's kind of a great look for spring and summer ^^ It fits her outfit she was wearing that day but I believe you can wear it also with more normal clothes, a summer dress or sth like that, and rock the look :)

My Demi Look:


P2 Perfect Face Oil Control Base
REVLON PhotoReady Foundation in #004 Nude
Bourjois Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer in #51 Light Radiance
Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder (for contouring)
Bobbi Brown Shimmer  Brick in "Pink Quartz" (for highlighting)
Benefit Coralista Blush
Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in #006 warm beige

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden
Maybelline Big Eyes Palette in #01 Luminous Brown (orange and middle white color)
Urban Decay "Chopper"
Catrice Eye Shadow Pen in C02 Birds Flying High (turquoise color)
Rimmer London Extra WOW Lash + Benefit They're Real! Mascara
Sephora Long-lasting Eye Liner 
Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner (water line)
Essence eyebrow Stylist Set (dark color)

Sleek MakeUp Pout Polish in #964 Peach Perfection (for moiztrizing)
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in #612 Peach Pearl Diamonds


I thickened my eyes brows more than I would personally wear but Demi has so thick and fuzzy eyebrows compared to mine that I didn't wanna fill them in too much and make it look like I'm wearing two dark brown beams over my eyes ;) And yes I am aware of the fact that they are probably not symmetrical (which they probably never are since I'm very bad in filling them in or even shaping them). Also does Demi seem to wear some fake lashes but I would only put some one if I would wear this look for a night out. In that case I would use some individual lashes that you can place everywhere you wanna create dramatic long lashes.


Closer look


I'm already looking forward to show you which other celebrity looks I like too and would wear myself ;) Many more to come!

Have a nice weekend!!!!!!

My first post of this year was also an celebrity inspiring look. If you wanna know how what my Kristen Stewart make-up look looked like click >>>HERE<<<

Much love,


Monday, May 6, 2013

Primark : Heart Curler Pillows


Remember this? 

These are the heart curlers I bought at Primark some weeks ago and I promised I'll tell you what I think of them. Instructions who it works are below!!!

After you washed your hair and dry blowed it, you basically take some sections of your hair and roll the curlers from the points to the hairline. Then you leave them in your hair over night and take them out the next morning!

The result?

It will look like this:


I kind of looked like I was wearing a dark Marylin Monroe wig. I was a bit surprised of the result when I took them off the other day, I wasn't expecting them to turn out that curly. They were basically lifted up. I though I looked very strange with them at first but after some hours I got used to this look and it even stayed like this until the next day. ^^

Pros and Cons?

Pro: They were super cheap and very easy to apply.

Cons: OMG! If you believe that these little heart pillows are looking confortable, let me tell you THEY ARE NOT! It was a nightmare sleeping with them xD Everytime I felt like changing the side (which happens a lot during the night) it wasn't that easy with these curlers since I got up at that moment and had to lift my head and then put it on the side I wanted to lay on, you can't just turn your head easily from one side to the other on the pilow, they will drag you back to the position you were sleeping on for minutes/hours before.

Thoughts: If you don't mind having something in your hair while sleeping or you are used to it, this might be worth a try. It's also great if you wanna create a 30s/40s look ^^
You might also wanna try it out differently and only take them up to the middle of the hair which I haven't done yet since the unconformity is a pain in the ass for me. But I might try them again and then I'll update you if my opinion about them changed or not.

Read ya,


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Giveaway Winners!!!

Hey ho,

yesterday my Urban Decay, Ciaté & Real Techniques giveaway ended and the winners have been picked ^^

1st Winner 
chosen by rafflecopter is:

Your price?


2nd Winner
chosen by me is:

Diana Ramos

Your price?

30$ on for Real Techniques brushes
(this can be 1 set + 1 brush or 3 maybe 4 single brushes)


Not everyone can always win and if I was rich I would give away some brushes & polishes to everyone. Unfortuantely, I'm not so this time there are only 2 winners but I don't know yet what my next giveaway will be and how many winners there will be ;)

Thank you all for participating and your support!!!

Have a nice weekend!