Monday, May 6, 2013

Primark : Heart Curler Pillows


Remember this? 

These are the heart curlers I bought at Primark some weeks ago and I promised I'll tell you what I think of them. Instructions who it works are below!!!

After you washed your hair and dry blowed it, you basically take some sections of your hair and roll the curlers from the points to the hairline. Then you leave them in your hair over night and take them out the next morning!

The result?

It will look like this:


I kind of looked like I was wearing a dark Marylin Monroe wig. I was a bit surprised of the result when I took them off the other day, I wasn't expecting them to turn out that curly. They were basically lifted up. I though I looked very strange with them at first but after some hours I got used to this look and it even stayed like this until the next day. ^^

Pros and Cons?

Pro: They were super cheap and very easy to apply.

Cons: OMG! If you believe that these little heart pillows are looking confortable, let me tell you THEY ARE NOT! It was a nightmare sleeping with them xD Everytime I felt like changing the side (which happens a lot during the night) it wasn't that easy with these curlers since I got up at that moment and had to lift my head and then put it on the side I wanted to lay on, you can't just turn your head easily from one side to the other on the pilow, they will drag you back to the position you were sleeping on for minutes/hours before.

Thoughts: If you don't mind having something in your hair while sleeping or you are used to it, this might be worth a try. It's also great if you wanna create a 30s/40s look ^^
You might also wanna try it out differently and only take them up to the middle of the hair which I haven't done yet since the unconformity is a pain in the ass for me. But I might try them again and then I'll update you if my opinion about them changed or not.

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  1. uh i love that kind of things that wave our hair while we are sleeping. I tryied one thats very comun on japan.

    Here is the post if you wanna see it:
    This ones are confy to sleep in.And i can use heat to make the process faster.
    Anyways you look so gorgeus ^^

    1. I've seen those already a few times!!! :)
      But I don't know where to get them. They look funny. But I'm probably too stupid to apply them, I've seen so many videos I still don't get it xD

  2. Dei gesinn mega putzeg aus mee wannste mol net drop schloofen kanns..nee merci xD


    1. Et huet sou genervt an deelweis weigedoen wannst de den Kapp gehuewen hues.

  3. They look really nice *-*
    But I get how uncomfortable they can be D:
    But those curls looked really pretty on you *-*


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