Sunday, May 26, 2013



Since my birthday is in less than 3 months I though I should maybe do a little wishlist of what I'd really really liked to get :) who knows, this might be a help to family and friends that are actually reading my blog.


I just fell in love with this black Micheal Kors satchel I saw on another blogger's wishlist and had to add it to mine. It reminds me a lot of the Givenchy Antigona but of course this bag is cheaper and affordable even for a simple student like me. Who knows I might get it myself, a gift from me to me. ^^ (but SOLD OUT at every online store at the moment)

Another Micheal Kors bag I would like to call my own. The Micheal Kors Bedford Ostrich Tote available at Macy's! (but SOLD OUT at the moment)


The Thomas Sabo black pearl chain!

or the Black and White Stripped Charm Box

Since I already have the ring I would like to have the Marc By Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Katie Turnlock Bracelet too :)

Ladurée Key-chain

I'd be happy about one of these 2 too ^^

Konplott earrings

Bild für Ohrstecker Magic Fireball

in dirty white (not sure if this is the right picture but it shouldn't be the white ones, although they are also welcome ;))

Rayban wayfarer sunglasses
cuz I lost mine -.- (I promise to take better care of them if I get a new pair)

One of the amazing Chanel eyeshadow quads would be amazing to receive as a gift too :)

One of the amazing looking Laura Mercier highlighters :)

The Sigma brush cleaning glove. I would never buy it myself, cuz it's like a plastic glove that costs 40€ but if I would receive it as a gift I wouldn't mind ;) cuz if you believe reviews this is a really nice help if you have lots of brushes like me. Available at!


One or two of these very cool looking brushes ^^ Available HERE!

A Mac pro palette for 15 eyeshadows

And before someone thinks that I'm crazy I'll stop myself here. But I might add some more stuff in the coming weeks lol

Can't wait for August, some fun and sun, and nice presents ^^

C ya!



  1. you wishlist is amazing *-*
    I really love the bags! Specially the first one!!
    I Hope tat you can get everything you wish!!
    Please Take Care,

  2. aah meng wonschlescht ass och laang:)
    schein wahl hueste getraff, zumuels dei eischt poscht vun MK :)
    schein fotoen, viel makeup-products:)

  3. Love the pretty michael kors bag !!!

  4. Thank you girls!!! I hope that at least 1-2 of my friends saw this post :)


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