Tuesday, May 21, 2013

NEW IN: Gifts!

Hi guys,

In my today's post I'm showing you what my dear friend and sister Kelly sent me from the USA ^^
And no, it's not my birthday and neither Christmas yet. We just send us packages with cool and pretty stuff :D Actually I got all that stuff last Tuesday but wasn't able to write a post yet.

I got this cute little black ring with a pink stone.

The LORAC PRO palette (which I've been dreaming of for months)


The LORAC GLOW GETTER palette, which looks perfect for the summer. I actually could have created my last inpired celebrity look (Demi Lovato) with this palette. Scroll down to see the post, it's the the one before this post.

The Urban Decay Ammo palette. It has a few colors that I wanted to buy for a very long time as single eyeshadows, like SIN, SMOG, MAUI WOWIE :)

The Urban Decay supercurl curling mascara and the all nighter long lasting makeup setting spray. These two are the only one that I could also buy here and I was thinking about buying the all nighter but for some reason I didn't do it (don't know why) and now I have both. :)

The Maybelline eyeshadow quad in Olive Martini

2 Maybelline color tattoos in the colors #35 Cool Crush and #40 Seashore Frosts

A NYX blush in the color MOCCA

And last but not least the spotlight falls an this wonderful Essie polish in the color "DJ play that song" and which I love a lot.

So I wanted to thank Kelly A LOT for these amazing products that I can't get here (except 2) and I'm also buying stuff for her as well at the moment ;)

I'll keep you updated for new stuff coming in! And I'll try to post some swatches soon. Sorry that I wasn't able to write much last week, it was pretty stressful and I need to start studying soon since my last exams are next month.

Read you soon!

Much love,


P.S.: Since a few days I got my internet connection fixed and now it's working perfectly ;)


  1. So many nice things *-*
    I seriously don't understand why lorac won't sell their products in Europe. Specially the Lorac Pro! It's pure perfection!!
    Could you please do some looks/tutorials with these palettes? :3
    By the way, (I sent an e-mail, but I'm not sure if arrived or not ;;A;;), the package arrived yesterday <3 Thank you Thank you Thank you <3

    Please Take Care!

    1. Yeah I don't get it either!!!! I've fallen in love with my lorac pro palette. It's so pigmented. I was planning to do first swatches but of course I've got at least one celebrity inspired look, that I wanted to share with my dear readers, to come. ;)

      I already replied you ^^



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