Friday, January 24, 2014

Deauty Box Of January!


New year, new Deauty boxes! ^^

Starting with the Deauty box of January:

Menu of January:

This month I received 5 products! 4 full size products :)

PLANTE SYSTEM - Lip balm (full size)

"A good lip balm is always useful, especially when considering distributing enchanting kisses. This stick made ​​of beeswax and vegetable oil is 100% natural and contains no petrolatum or paraffin. Apply this creamy balm as often as you want and your lips are deliciously soft and kissable. Full size & price: 6,5 €."

I tried it only once on the lips but it feels quite nice and moistrizing on the lips.

Edit: I really strated to like this lip balsam. The formula feels nice on the lips! But unfortunately they aren't moisturized for a long time.

NARCISO RODRIGUEZ - Eau de Parfum 'For Her' (4 ml)

"With this sensual fragrance, there literally romance in the air. 'For Her' is described as a sweet fragrance and flowers in which the musk is in the spotlight. Rodriguez has created 'For Her' for the modern woman, free, conscious of her own sexuality... so perfect for this Deauty Box. Full size: 50 ml & price: 78,61 €."

This scent smells like flowers. But I'm sorry this smells more like something my grandmother would wear. I don't think it smells young.

Edit: Still didn't use it more than once. I guess it failed.

ROCK BEAUTY LONDON - 4 Eyerock liner stickers (full size)


"To perfectly apply eyeliner takes some talent. Your talents lie elsewhere or your appointment is already ringing the doorbell? These 4 eyeliner stickers from Rock Beauty will reap business. The British brand isn't yet available in Belgium, so you are among the first to test it. A hot look in three seconds, anyone resisting? Definitely not your date... Full size & price: 5,99 €."

HMMMM... I DON'T KNOW! I mean the idea of it is cool but THESE stripes are way to thick, I can't imagine yet how this is supposed to look on my eyes or on any others eyes. I'm a bit disappointed about this product since I won't be using it or at least only one of them.

Edit: Ehm I found this at Claires lately... the only positive about it was that it costed almost the double at Claires. Still haven't tried any of the stickers.

JM - Nailpolish in Daredevil (full size)

"Men do not understand it but it is so we never have enough nail polishes. They will, however, no objection when we will appear radiant and treated (head to toe) in the doorway. This nail polish is beautiful ... so beautiful that we only wear it for fun. But this, of course men don't have to know. Full size & price: 10,95 €."

This seems to be my favorite product from the box. It screams more summer than this time of the year but I don't have a color like this yet and since a girl can never have enough nailpolishes (my opinion) I'm glad to add this little fellow to my collection. I actually like this color more than the black nailpolish I got last month which turned out to be just a normal black nailpolish that didn't show any of the red sprarkles, it contains in the bottle, on the nails.

Edit: The color looks really nice on the nails, I was positive surprised but then again disappointed concerning the lasting of it, it look good without splitting for only 2-3 days.

AVRIL - Eyeshadow duo in plum & lilac (full size)

"Do not underestimate what a good eyeshadow can do for your pretty eyes. Sometimes a subtle accent is enough and sometimes you want a more intense look. This April duo can create two looks since the eye shadow is highly pigmented and lasts very long. In other words, the night can be long. Full size & price: 2,30 €."

After swatching the colors, they look quite okay. I really like the plum color. Pigmentation is okay but not comparable with brands like Urban Decay, Chanel, Dior, ... but what do you expect for 2,30 €?!

Edit: Okay, this was a surprise too. You can actually creat a lovely (smokey eyes) look with these ^^ and with a good primer they will last all day.

Final thoughts: I'm a bit disappointed about this months Deauty Box. I don't think that any of the products has the wow effect that would compense the other lame products. Sorry Deauty this time you didn't get me. I would probably not spend any money on these products if I would see them in the store. Well I guess you can't be always satisfied. I read a lot of people are often disappointed with their boxes, not particulary with the Deauty box but with other boxes too.

Have a nice weekend!


Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Life On Instagram!


Just a little post about what I'd been doing/posting on my Instagram lately! ^^

I'm trying to eat a lot healthier than I used to and since a few months I'm basically eating 3-5 meals a day (3 full meals + sometimes snacks like nuts & fruits), the most amazing part of that change is that I kind of became a breakfast person which I would always skip in the past because I never felt hungry in the morning but now that my eat habits have changed I am hungry as soon as I get up :)

I went to some amazing concerts lately and met amazing people :D

and I bought lots of new stuff LOL

especially watches and bags :P

So if you like what you see then click on this link >> IRSADAxROCKs << and you can follow more of this madness ;)



Sunday, January 12, 2014

SOI - The perfect gift for a woman!

Hello everyone!

Here I am again, I've been very busy the last days and also a bit sick, even to weak to write a short post like this one but now I'm already doing better.

So today's post is something I found out about some months ago but then forgot about and then I found the article I read about it again. I want to make your life a bit easier, if you are a bagoholic like I am then this could be very interesting ^^ 

Appearently, a woman is spending 76 DAYS of her life with finding whatever she is looking for in her bag (keys, phone, lipstick, ...). To stop this, two german inventors have the sollution and it's called SOI. It's a light that you put in your bag and as soon as your hand comes near the light it will turn on and you will find whar ever you are looking for within seconds :D
It's small (41 grams), slender, can be switched into every handbag and thanks to it's high quality LEDs, battery life is enhanced and lighting power increased. Change of batteries is simple to carry out.

Sounds great? This is definitely on my wishlist now and with a price of only 25€ (withougt shipping costs) super affordable and if you are a guy reading this buy it for your girlfriend! She will be super happy about receiving this as a presend ;)

You can order it online on their OFFICIAL STORE buy clicking on this link or if you live in Germany there are a lot of stores in which you can get it, just check out the shops on their page ^^

Hope this is a helpfull post and have a nice week!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve Look!


I actually can't believe we're writing already 2014, for me it still feels a bit like 2013. And this is my first post this year *excited* :D And it's of course about new year's eve and the make up I was wearing that night. For the eye makeup I used my Sleek Vintage Romance palette I recently bought. I think in 2014 I will do more of makeup looks than I tend to (sorry for that btw)

P2 perfect face oil control base
REVLON Photo Ready foundation in 004 Nude
BOURJOIS bronzer primer
  SLEEK contour & highlighter (in light from the bronzer palette)
MAKE UP FOR EVER mat bronzer in #30
NARS orgasm blush 
RIMMEL LONDON Stay Matte powder in 005 Silky Beige
URBAN DECAY All Nighter long lasting makeup setting spray


NYX lipliner pencil in Deep Pruple
ARTDECO #35 lip lacquer (is darker than it probably looks like on the pictures)

URBAN DECAY eye shadow base in 'eden'
SLEEK 'Propose in Prague' in the crease (6th color, 1st row)
'Court in Cannes in the V zone and along upper lashline (3rd color, 1st row)
'Meet in Madrid' applied WET on the rest of the whole lid (2nd color, 1st row)
& 'Pretty in Paris' as highlighter under the brows (1st color, 1st row)
MAYBELLINE express liner (upper line)
CATRICE gel eye liner in 010 'Black Jack with Jack Black' (waterline)
BOURJOIS volumizer mascara
P2 eyebrow express in '021 perfect brunette'

I had a fabulous night with some fabulous girls of mine and I hope you had much fun too if not I wish you at least a wonderfull 2014 with lots of health, luck and great moments. Enjoy it!

Keep it rocking!