Sunday, January 12, 2014

SOI - The perfect gift for a woman!

Hello everyone!

Here I am again, I've been very busy the last days and also a bit sick, even to weak to write a short post like this one but now I'm already doing better.

So today's post is something I found out about some months ago but then forgot about and then I found the article I read about it again. I want to make your life a bit easier, if you are a bagoholic like I am then this could be very interesting ^^ 

Appearently, a woman is spending 76 DAYS of her life with finding whatever she is looking for in her bag (keys, phone, lipstick, ...). To stop this, two german inventors have the sollution and it's called SOI. It's a light that you put in your bag and as soon as your hand comes near the light it will turn on and you will find whar ever you are looking for within seconds :D
It's small (41 grams), slender, can be switched into every handbag and thanks to it's high quality LEDs, battery life is enhanced and lighting power increased. Change of batteries is simple to carry out.

Sounds great? This is definitely on my wishlist now and with a price of only 25€ (withougt shipping costs) super affordable and if you are a guy reading this buy it for your girlfriend! She will be super happy about receiving this as a presend ;)

You can order it online on their OFFICIAL STORE buy clicking on this link or if you live in Germany there are a lot of stores in which you can get it, just check out the shops on their page ^^

Hope this is a helpfull post and have a nice week!


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