Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My 2 Years Blog Anniversary Giveaway!!!


Since I'm celebrating my blogs anniversary these days again, it's time to give something away to ONE LUCKY follower of mine ^^


From giveaway to giveaway it gets harder to pick the right stuff to give away! But I hope you like what I choosed this time ;)


Nails inc.  Bling It On Midnight Set


 'Encrust your nails like never before with Bling It On Midnight. Instant embellishment for dazzling nails'
  • 2 x Bling It On Midnight pots
  • 1 x Blenheim Terrace nail polish
  • 1 x Kensington Caviar Top Coat
  • 1 x application tray
  • 1 x dusting brush

Benefit they're REAL mascara

 full size & travel size

'They're real! mascara lenghtens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates beyond belief. The jet black, long-wearing formula is smudge-proof & budge-proof... and the specially designed brush reveals lashes you never knew you had!'

Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge

> high defintion results
> online tutorials make you the expert

'Redefine your skin with our miracle compexion sponge. It's versatile design evenly blends makeup for a smooth, enhanced finish.'

Benefit Rockateur blush

'It's time to rock! For a "rush of heat," sweep this provocative powder on cheeks... it's a show-stopping flush.'


I swatched my blush for you but you'll get of course a brand new one ;)

flash & without flash

To be able to enter this giveaway you have to fill out the form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
All the products are brand new and haven't been used yet.
The giveaways starts on 30th October and ends on 6th December 2013!!!

I will mark the giveaway as a gift so that you won't be charged by any additional costs ;)

The winners entries will be verified, so writing your name or e-mail in EVERY field will disqualify you from this contest!!!!!


In Love,


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Deauty Box Of October!

Hello again!

If you missed me I'm back with a new post. It's deauty time again!

Deauty box of October:

Menu of October:

Plante System - eye gel concealer (Full size)

"Take care around your eyes with this organic gel concealer by Plante System. A product specially formulated for the sensitive area of the face that brings a refreshing and decongestant immediate effect through a complex of natural assets. It works on dark circles, deflates and reduces pacts, tones and firms. A real boost to your look! Full size: 15 ml & price: 10,00 €."

OMG I prayed for a product for around the eyes and here it finally is! I so need this, you have no idea! Now that the season changed, from warm to cold, from light to dark, I sleep so bad lately. And you can see that. So this is really what I needed.

Edit: I'd say quite a good product. While applying you can feel how it gets into the skin. :)

NUXE - prodigious cream (15 ml)

"Your skin is marked by fatigue and stress? Relax, Nuxe handles all this with the prodigious cream, the best seller from this brand is a moisturizer and refreshes. It protects against oxidative stress, the main cause of skin aging. Give your skin a concentrated three active anti-oxidants: the immortal blue, the blue Ageratum, and cocoa extracts. Full size: 40 ml & price: 24,50 €."

Hmmm, I love the prodigious oil I got in my first deauty box, so maybe this finds a special place on my stackler too :) We'll see...

Edit: If only I would pay more attention to my stackler... or wouldn't be so tired before going to bed.

Paul Mitchell - tea tree, mint and lavender shower gel (Full size)


"The aboriginals of Australia use the tea tree oil for centuries for its energy virtues and healing properties, whether for small skin problems or muscle pain. Today, Paul Mitchell brings you all these benefits directly into your bathroom. This nourishing body wash you viviliante transmits energy to start the day. A real treat for your senses! Full size: 200 ml & price: 18,50 €."

This sounds good but it smells awefull... so far! I haven't used it yet but maybe I change my mind.

Edit: This has quite a strong scent to it. I don't like that and it didn't feel so great on the skin.

Redken - forceful 23 hairspray (75 ml)

"The reputation of this hairspray is legendary! Many celebrities and famous hair stylists appreciate it's quick drying formulation and non-sticky finish. This spray not only gives XXL volume to your hair, but also energy, tone and radiance. Take control of your hair and apply the lacquer to dry hair. The result? Volume, vitality and brilliance, all day! Full size: 400 ml & price: 20,00 €."

Perfect, I run out of hairspray. hahahaaaa

Edit: LOVED this!!!! So sad it's already empty :(

Ducray - extra gentle shampoo (75 ml)

"Dull hair, lack of shine and vitality? With the softness of it's formula, this extra-gentle shampoo respects the scalp, disciplines your hair and restores vigor, beauty and brilliance. Both sweet and stimulating the hair, it can be used daily by the entire family! Full size: 300 ml & price: 12,30 €."

Well, I have now so many shampoos, sent by Deauty and bought by me, that this product will probably have to wait before it's going to be used.

Edit: Hmmm, gentle yeah, stimulating the hair? not so sure about that.

Final thoughts: Hmmm, I like half of the stuff and the other half I already have at home. So this month the box could have been more special. And I want more makeup lol 

After all this Deauty bla bla I just wanted to inform you that tomorrow I will start a NEW GIVEAWAY ;) So if you wanna see the price and participate, stay tuned!!!

In Love,


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Autumn Look!


Since it's Autumn, it's time to take out all the fall colors like brown, burgundy, green, orange & yellow ;)

That goes for clothes such as for the eyes! I bought a new eyeshadow palette. Sleek Vintage Romance, which is a brand new palette, to be more precise. It includes bright brown, pink & purple and darker colors in it and they all have the names of cities like for example: pretty in Paris, Meet in Madrid, List in LA, Romance in Rome, ... 11 of 12 colors are shimmery except one, 'Purpose in Prage' (which I used in my crease). Really beautiful colors for a ridicilously cheap price.

 Pullover - H&M
Blouse - H&M

Laura Mercier oil free foundation primer
Revlon Photo Ready foundation in 004 Nude
MAC RiRi Diamonds Frost (highlighter)
Zoeva mineral highlighter in A53 Summer light
NYX blush in 02 Dusty Rose
Rimmel London Stay Matte powder in 005 Silky Beige
Urban Decay All Nighter long lasting makeup setting spray

NYX eye shadow base
Sleek 'Court in Cannes' eyeshadow (from the vintage romance palette, lid, blended out)
Sleek 'Propose in Prague' (from the same palette, crease, blended out)
Catrice gel eye liner in 010 'Black Jack with Jack Black'
Benefit they're Real! mascara
P2 eyebrow express in '021 perfect brunette'
P2 pool side party (for the brows)


NYX lipliner pencil in 810 Natural
MAC Syrup lipstick

Hope you like the look and are not as sick as I am at the moment ^^

Thanks for reading!!!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Zweibrücken (OUTLET) + Saarbrücken Haul!

Hey my lovely readers,

As you probably might have figured out by now I LOVE SHOPPING!!!! And I finally were able to go to a nice fashion hotspot where you can make quite some great deals. Yepp, outlets, love them, designer outlets, can't be enough of them!

So yesterday I went to Zweibrücken (Germany) and on our way home we kind of stopped by in Saarbrücken as well where I bought one thing from Primark and Mac and Starbucks.

The Style Outlets Zweibrücken

Armani, Ralph Lauren, Hallhuber, Swarovski, Mango, Versace, Fossil, Marc o'polo, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Liebeskind, Adidas, Nike, Bench, Converse, United Colors of Benneton, ... and many more.

Plus they had a promotion, from the 5th to the 12th you can get some extra 10-20% in most of the stores there with the Glamour shopping card that was included in the german Glamour editions =D

Since I bought this magazine last month and discovered that the Style Outlets are included in their promotion I was really really excited, such as my friend who joined me. But unfortunately the card wasn't included in my magazine since I bought it here in Luxembourg and the card was only sold in Germany. But we went to the information center when we got there and we got a new magazine WITH CARD FOR FREE

My haul

I spent most of my money at the Ralph Lauren store, these are my first purchases by this amazing brand, and I'm not a Polo shirt wearer at all but I liked these on me and so they are my first Polo shirts =D

RALPH LAUREN BAG in blue-red

and some Polo shirts ^^
(yeah I know it's a lot of purple but I LOVE purple)


I also bought a grey Polo shirt for my little brother!

MICHAEL KORS watch in rose gold

I finally have an MK watch yeahhhhhhh and guess what?

I only payed 129€ for it in total bahahahahaa one of the best deals in my life!!!


I already have this ring in white but I bought it in this pink-tangerine color two because it was 22€ instead of 35€ in the stores here and I haven't seen this color here at all.

The Body Shop

Also picked this green eyeshadow and this berry lipstick by the body shop up.

Haul from Saarbrücken


Can't have enough clutches!



Whenever I can go to DM I have to buy nailpolishes, and I love these P2 sand polishes so I bought a bunch of more colors from the range! 

What do you think of these two bracelets? Don't they remind you of something? Something like the new Swarovski bracelets that came out recently?!? Well for me they look a lot alike.

Funny story, I saw the second bracelet on a friend last Saturday and I said to another friend sitting next to me 'Look she bought one of the Swarovski bracelets that you see on everyone right now' and my friend heard me and turned around saying 'No, it's not from Swarovski! I bought this for 5 bucks at DM in Germany' LOL I know... XD

And you know what? They weren't even 5€ but only 3,95 € hahahaaaaaaa so I got two of them, the first one is more matt then the second one if you haven't noticed it.

MAC Cosmetics

Since I can't buy MAC here and we were randomly in Saarbrücken I had to head to Douglas and buy something from the new Rihanna range :D I picked up a cream highlighter/blush in the color DIAMONDS

Sorry, I'm so far you can't really see it.


I'm the proud owner of a Starbucks cup now! yeahhhhhh it's been about time!

 I really enjoyed this shopping trip that lasted all day! I must say it's really worth to check this outlet out ;) and I can't wait to go there again! But next time I hopefully have an even larger budget :P

HAVE A NICE WEEKEND! and keep shopping!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

NOTD - P2 Volume Gloss '120 Urban Queen'



It feels like ages since my last NOTD post! So here we go with a nice color by P2 (available only in Germany as far as I know) called Urban Queen from their Volume Gloss polish range!
These new Volume Gloss polishes came out this year, they have an cube bottle, which I think looks more expensive, and the brush is larger compared to the regular range, which I like better.


'120 Urban Queen'

with flash light:


While the color in the bottle looked to me like light grey in the store and not so spectacular, I thought the gloss finish might turn it into a more beautiful color than it acutally is, but the real color on the nail has a grey-mauve undertone which makes it quite a really really nice color. 
Lasting is okay! They tend to tipwear after 3-4 days, which I think is really okay for a 2 bucks polsih aka drugstore polish. Full coverage after 2 coats. The gloss effect is also nice, it kind of looks like I used a top coat over it, although I didn't! But I don't think you can compare them with gel nails, sorry P2!

I really like this color and I will use it more often for sure! You can wear this with every outfit I guess.

Sorry, if my cuticles are disturbing looking! I'm washing my hands like every 10 minutes at work (because I have) so it's kind of hard to keep them nice. I try my best.