Thursday, October 3, 2013

NOTD - P2 Volume Gloss '120 Urban Queen'



It feels like ages since my last NOTD post! So here we go with a nice color by P2 (available only in Germany as far as I know) called Urban Queen from their Volume Gloss polish range!
These new Volume Gloss polishes came out this year, they have an cube bottle, which I think looks more expensive, and the brush is larger compared to the regular range, which I like better.


'120 Urban Queen'

with flash light:


While the color in the bottle looked to me like light grey in the store and not so spectacular, I thought the gloss finish might turn it into a more beautiful color than it acutally is, but the real color on the nail has a grey-mauve undertone which makes it quite a really really nice color. 
Lasting is okay! They tend to tipwear after 3-4 days, which I think is really okay for a 2 bucks polsih aka drugstore polish. Full coverage after 2 coats. The gloss effect is also nice, it kind of looks like I used a top coat over it, although I didn't! But I don't think you can compare them with gel nails, sorry P2!

I really like this color and I will use it more often for sure! You can wear this with every outfit I guess.

Sorry, if my cuticles are disturbing looking! I'm washing my hands like every 10 minutes at work (because I have) so it's kind of hard to keep them nice. I try my best.




  1. p2 is a great nailpolish brand,their prices are unbeatable :) i think this greyish-lilac looks quite pretty :)

  2. Looks amazing *-*
    We don't have P2 here yet. Just Essence and Catrice. But that colour is amazing for the fall!
    Please take care, have a nice day!!*


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