Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Deauty Box Of October!

Hello again!

If you missed me I'm back with a new post. It's deauty time again!

Deauty box of October:

Menu of October:

Plante System - eye gel concealer (Full size)

"Take care around your eyes with this organic gel concealer by Plante System. A product specially formulated for the sensitive area of the face that brings a refreshing and decongestant immediate effect through a complex of natural assets. It works on dark circles, deflates and reduces pacts, tones and firms. A real boost to your look! Full size: 15 ml & price: 10,00 €."

OMG I prayed for a product for around the eyes and here it finally is! I so need this, you have no idea! Now that the season changed, from warm to cold, from light to dark, I sleep so bad lately. And you can see that. So this is really what I needed.

Edit: I'd say quite a good product. While applying you can feel how it gets into the skin. :)

NUXE - prodigious cream (15 ml)

"Your skin is marked by fatigue and stress? Relax, Nuxe handles all this with the prodigious cream, the best seller from this brand is a moisturizer and refreshes. It protects against oxidative stress, the main cause of skin aging. Give your skin a concentrated three active anti-oxidants: the immortal blue, the blue Ageratum, and cocoa extracts. Full size: 40 ml & price: 24,50 €."

Hmmm, I love the prodigious oil I got in my first deauty box, so maybe this finds a special place on my stackler too :) We'll see...

Edit: If only I would pay more attention to my stackler... or wouldn't be so tired before going to bed.

Paul Mitchell - tea tree, mint and lavender shower gel (Full size)


"The aboriginals of Australia use the tea tree oil for centuries for its energy virtues and healing properties, whether for small skin problems or muscle pain. Today, Paul Mitchell brings you all these benefits directly into your bathroom. This nourishing body wash you viviliante transmits energy to start the day. A real treat for your senses! Full size: 200 ml & price: 18,50 €."

This sounds good but it smells awefull... so far! I haven't used it yet but maybe I change my mind.

Edit: This has quite a strong scent to it. I don't like that and it didn't feel so great on the skin.

Redken - forceful 23 hairspray (75 ml)

"The reputation of this hairspray is legendary! Many celebrities and famous hair stylists appreciate it's quick drying formulation and non-sticky finish. This spray not only gives XXL volume to your hair, but also energy, tone and radiance. Take control of your hair and apply the lacquer to dry hair. The result? Volume, vitality and brilliance, all day! Full size: 400 ml & price: 20,00 €."

Perfect, I run out of hairspray. hahahaaaa

Edit: LOVED this!!!! So sad it's already empty :(

Ducray - extra gentle shampoo (75 ml)

"Dull hair, lack of shine and vitality? With the softness of it's formula, this extra-gentle shampoo respects the scalp, disciplines your hair and restores vigor, beauty and brilliance. Both sweet and stimulating the hair, it can be used daily by the entire family! Full size: 300 ml & price: 12,30 €."

Well, I have now so many shampoos, sent by Deauty and bought by me, that this product will probably have to wait before it's going to be used.

Edit: Hmmm, gentle yeah, stimulating the hair? not so sure about that.

Final thoughts: Hmmm, I like half of the stuff and the other half I already have at home. So this month the box could have been more special. And I want more makeup lol 

After all this Deauty bla bla I just wanted to inform you that tomorrow I will start a NEW GIVEAWAY ;) So if you wanna see the price and participate, stay tuned!!!

In Love,


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  1. Nuxe's products are amazing! Their night cream is amazing. I had problems with my previous one from nivea, but nuxe's is something special.
    Maybe I'm too adicted to it, but I love tea tree products! (they do wonders to my acne problem!)

    But I agree with you, a bit of makeup would be really nice!

    Please take care, have a nice day!*


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