Thursday, May 31, 2012

My all time FAVORITE: Yves Rocher Eye Make-up Remover


remember one of my very first posts I ever did? It's called 'It's all about Yves Rocher' and in that post I basically went into raptures about the Yves Rocher Eye Make-up Remover!

That enthusiasm hasn't changed a bit. I still LOVE this product and I don't know how I would survive one day without it.

So it has changed a bit it's appearance and I think it really looks better now :)
and cuter with the little purple flower on it now!

But the blue bubble liquid is still there ^^

So as already said, I use this product every day at least twice!!! In the morning when I do my make-up for the day and I need to remove bits of the eyeshadow that turned into a chaos, in those situations this product is just the perfect solution cuz it has just a little whole as oppening, so if you let a drip of it on a cotton swab, there you have your perfect remove brush ;)
And if I come back from work/school/or a party I just put some more drops of it on a cotton pad and the eye make-up is faster gone than I can say Yves Rocher!

That's it already.



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

butter LONDON Powder Room Laquer Remover!!!


Give it up for the butter LONDON Powder Room Lacquer Remover!!!

Cuz this nailpolish remover really deserves some standing ovations : D

This is a 100% vegan product! It removes in an instant with it's gentle, acetone free formula.
No formaldehyde, No toluene, No DBP, Not animal tested.

I only need one single cotton pad with a bit of this magical product and it removes all of the polish I wanna get rid of :)
and I normally need like almost 3 pads when I use an ordinary nailpolish remover!

I've got so much love for this product, next time I'm at the store where I bought it, I'll buy at least 3 bottles of it, as the bottle itself is only 60ml, you can see the size of it on the picture below compared to one of the butter LONDON nailpolishes (btw Rosie Lee)

Guess all the pretty things, are small things ;)

The price of this lacquer remover is about 5 €/$, which is maybe a bit expensive for a nailpolish remover but it's totally worth it!!! And did I tell you already that I LOVE this product!!!! And it smells so good =_= and the bottle is so cute, and I love also the fact that the liquid is pink. ^^ Enough of my uncontrollable enthusiasm for this product!

It's simply the best nailpolish remover I've ever bought!!!!



Saturday, May 26, 2012


Bonjour mes amis,

I've been wearing some really cool leo foils by Claire's cosmetics for almost a whole week and this is the review that I created for you ;)

YSL Arty ring (L) - H&M ring (R)


Claire's cosmetics nail foils - Price: 7,95€ 

These leo foils are mettalic. They popped my eyes when I entered Claire's and the price was very nice so I decided to try them out ^^

The applying is really really easy and I had no problems at all with bubbles or parts on the sides that didn't want to glue :D I took me only 10 minutes to get them on my 10 fingers and I still have 8 left (I might use them for nail polish looks with only one foil on the hand)
FIRST day:
Sorry once again for my dry skin! I know it doesn't look good and presentable.

They look almost as good as the first day!

Starting a bit to get white on the tips, but just a bit ;)

Not a big difference from the third day to the fourth day!
FIFTH day:

They became a bit more whiter on the tips but still good looking, don't you think? Cuz I am washing my hands permanently xP
SIXTH day:

They became a tiny little more whiter but still good looking for me ;)

I removed them on the 6th day because as much as I loved them on the beginning and they surprisingly were longlasting, with no bubbles at all… I just needed a change, as I always change the color of my nails at latest after 5 days xD (#NailFreak)

I only can recommand these awesome nail foils!!!

Read you soon again,

- Irsada

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yves Rocher couleurs nature duo: KISSED BY THE SUN!

Hi guys,

So today I'm leaving you some pics of a make up look I created lately.

I used Yves Rocher's coleurs nature eyeshadow duo: #11 Sunflower and Cinnamon, I call this make up look Kissed by the sun!

I used the darker color Sunflower mostly all over the lid and on the out corner and the other lighter color Cinnamon in the inner corner and on the lower lid right under the lashes.

Black liner along the upper lashes, mascara and some black eye pencil on the waterline and the look is compleated ;)

I LOVE the Yves Rocher eyeshadows, they are so great pigmented and they have beautiful colors and I feel like they last forever. I still have the eyeshadows I bought a lifetime ago and they still look the same and the formula is the same. CHECK OUT the other reviews I did about Yves Rocher products!!! (<<< LINK)
I just think they should be less expensive… when you buy only one eyeshadow.

This is it for today! I'm pretty busy keeping up with my internship and studying right after for my exams that will start soon (and by soon I mean in less then 2 weeks) ugh but I'll try my best to keep posting stuff for you.




Thursday, May 17, 2012



It feels like it's been some time since I did a NOTD. And also reviewing you a Catrice polish. So I decided not to wait anymore and presenting you this fascinating polish called
'Million Styles effect top coat CO4  SHAKE IT! FLAKE IT!' by Catrice.

You've probably seen this effect already with other nailpolish brands.
There are a lot of dupes for this one.

It says: Get unlimited styling options with only one effect top coat! Gives every nail lacquer or bare nail an extraordinary finish.


I'd suggest you a dark polish as base. Unfortunately you can't recognize Butter London 'Branwen's Feather' but I'll do another review on that polish ;)

Here you can see all the color reflections ^^ Now isn't this cool or what?

And here are two polishes responsible for this look:
  • As base I used Butter London's Branwen's Feather
  • And then the CO4 Shake it! Flake it! over it.

Can't wait trying this effect on other colors ;)


Some nail-polish-freak!

aka Irsada

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hey people,

Yesterday I went to the hairdresser, after counting the remaining days down desperately I finally made it to my appointement.

So I've been very very unsatisfied with the way it looked the last weeks. The last time I went to the hairdresser was a few days before new year eve to get some dark highlights, and before that I colored them in September from blonde to dark. After a few months I got the ombre effect, which means dark above and lighter on the tips.

The last 2-3 weeks I felt my hair looked unsuportable bad. Washed out (like an old blue jeans you've been wearing for years, waiting for it to finally break) and also very damaged. And also they used to get very fast greasy, I was annoyed washing them already on the 2nd day or using dry shampoo and even when I straighted them with the hair straighter they didn't look that straight, I already thought my straighter is broken xD



and here you can see it from the back:

I had no idea it looked so bad from behind before seeing the left pic (but who knows how good/bad his hair looks on the back xD). Well as you can see on the right it's just the way it should be. It became a beautiful brown shiny color and I got them a bit shortened as the tips were broken. So much easier to comb now ^^

I LOVE the result!

Finally it looks like hair again :D
Now it's so easy & shiny, and it's the 2nd day today, I woke up and they were like yesterday when I went to bed, and most important not at all greasy!!! No need to wash them today.

I feel like reborn, like the Pheonix resurrected from the ash ;P


With Love,


Saturday, May 12, 2012



I reached already over 800 readers and this needs to be celebrated, and didn't I promise you a new giveaway. ^^

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My Spring pick:

O.P.I. Spring minis

Dutch Tulpis -- OPI on Collins Ave. -- Passion -- Rapidly Top Coat

3 beautiful colors and the fast drying top coat ;)

My Summer pick:

Urban Decay "beauty with an edge"

Description on the back: SHOW ME SOME ELECTRICITY! These high-voltage nail shades are the "new accessory! you've been dying for! In bold sold brights and a few pearly finishes- these six shades screams summer. We'll save you the boredom of straight-laced hues. Please. 

(I totally agree, they just look amazing and so right for this summer :D)

 with flash light!

All the products are brand new and haven't been used yet.

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Irsada ;)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chanel Peridot Vs. Catrice Genius In The Bottle


today I'm showing you the difference between this two great polishes. 

Catrice #840 Genius in the bottle was said to be a dupe of Chanel #531 Peridot and so as soon as got both in my hands, I was planning this review :)

Let the games begin!

Well they are pretty similar but as you can see from the bottles Catrice Genius In The Bottle is a bit more bronze than Chanel Peridot.

Chanel Peridot:

What can I say about this color? Hmmm, well it's a golden-green foil color, which means if you look from above on your nails they are golden but as soon as you turn the point of view weather from left or right they shimmer green, poison green would I say. The particles of this polish are very nice and you only need two thin coats of it to get to an opaque resultat. And I also believe that you can see from just a short look on it that it's an expensive nail polish. ^^

Catrice Genius In The Bottle:

I do love this color too, you can say it's a dupe bet then again… Idk! Maybe we could say it's a nice alternative polish if you can't afford the Chanel Peridot polish ;)

As already mentioned above, this one appears to be more bronze-greenish. But they do have both that same greenish effect! And I love the fact that Catrice is able to do this kind of polishes :)
The brush is better than the Chanel brush because it's thicker/bigger and I can work better with brushes like that. The only thing I didn't like about this polish is that I almost needed 3 coats of it to get them opaque!

Swatches right next to each other:

 From L to R:
Catrice #840 Genius in the bottle - Chanel #531 Peridot


Here you can see that the Peridot has more finer particles that are also more shinny and it's a also more soft than Genius in the bottle. But yeahhh that are pretty alike...

Final thoughts: I would say Chanel Peridot is the WINNER!!!
But as I already said I like both colors, and Genius in the bottle is a nice alternative to Peridot, as the Chanel polish costs about 22€/25dollars and the Catrice polish only 2,49€/3dollars!




Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wanna get NAKED 2?


Wanna get NAKED 2? without taking your clothes of? lol

So I'm a bit late with this review as I owe this palette already since 2 months but hey I was pretty busy… and better late than never!


As you can see the design changed a lot comparing the NAKED palette (which I do not owe so far but happen to hold a few times in my hands) and the NAKED 2 palette, and you also get a little lip gloss with it. For a price that is only a bit more expensive than the NAKED palette.

 It contains 12 beautiful nude and neutral colors! And a really cool two sides brush comes along with it, on one side a shade brush and on the other a crease brush (and kind of blend brush).

And this is the little lip gloss I was talking about, Urban Decay Lip Junkie.

Let's get to the shades and swatches!
(The swatches pics turned out a bit artificial as I made those pics with my I-phone, with flash)

I think, if you take always the first two colors that are next to each other, they match perfectly together and I suppose it was meant that way.
The first color is always matt or less shimmery than the color next to it (except the last color Blackout) and the second color is also always a bit darker than the first one.

I personally loved Half Baked, Chopper and YDK the most and been using them the most.

 First look I created with the Naked 2 palette, using Bootycall (all over the lid) and Chopper (on the out/V corner):

A fine black lid line and your ready for every event :D
More NAKED 2 looks coming!!!
If you want to know more about the foundation I used and fell absolutely in love with (I think I finally found the perfect make-up for my far skin typ, I'm trying it since 3 weeks), I'll tell you more soon... heheeee

What do you think? I like to read your comments, so make me happy and don't hesitate ^^
BTW: I hope you like the design changes I did a few days ago. Check out my new nail polish wishlist on the sidebar and write me if you are intested in nail polish swap!!!!!!!

Au revoir,
mes amis

- Irsada