Thursday, May 31, 2012

My all time FAVORITE: Yves Rocher Eye Make-up Remover


remember one of my very first posts I ever did? It's called 'It's all about Yves Rocher' and in that post I basically went into raptures about the Yves Rocher Eye Make-up Remover!

That enthusiasm hasn't changed a bit. I still LOVE this product and I don't know how I would survive one day without it.

So it has changed a bit it's appearance and I think it really looks better now :)
and cuter with the little purple flower on it now!

But the blue bubble liquid is still there ^^

So as already said, I use this product every day at least twice!!! In the morning when I do my make-up for the day and I need to remove bits of the eyeshadow that turned into a chaos, in those situations this product is just the perfect solution cuz it has just a little whole as oppening, so if you let a drip of it on a cotton swab, there you have your perfect remove brush ;)
And if I come back from work/school/or a party I just put some more drops of it on a cotton pad and the eye make-up is faster gone than I can say Yves Rocher!

That's it already.



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