Saturday, May 26, 2012


Bonjour mes amis,

I've been wearing some really cool leo foils by Claire's cosmetics for almost a whole week and this is the review that I created for you ;)

YSL Arty ring (L) - H&M ring (R)


Claire's cosmetics nail foils - Price: 7,95€ 

These leo foils are mettalic. They popped my eyes when I entered Claire's and the price was very nice so I decided to try them out ^^

The applying is really really easy and I had no problems at all with bubbles or parts on the sides that didn't want to glue :D I took me only 10 minutes to get them on my 10 fingers and I still have 8 left (I might use them for nail polish looks with only one foil on the hand)
FIRST day:
Sorry once again for my dry skin! I know it doesn't look good and presentable.

They look almost as good as the first day!

Starting a bit to get white on the tips, but just a bit ;)

Not a big difference from the third day to the fourth day!
FIFTH day:

They became a bit more whiter on the tips but still good looking, don't you think? Cuz I am washing my hands permanently xP
SIXTH day:

They became a tiny little more whiter but still good looking for me ;)

I removed them on the 6th day because as much as I loved them on the beginning and they surprisingly were longlasting, with no bubbles at all… I just needed a change, as I always change the color of my nails at latest after 5 days xD (#NailFreak)

I only can recommand these awesome nail foils!!!

Read you soon again,

- Irsada

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  1. These look beautiful on your nails and I cannot believe they lasted so long!!!

  2. you change your nails every 5th day??
    i feel bad now because i change them almost EVERYDAY XDXD
    nice mani with the leo nail foils :)

    1. No, like every 3rd :P 5 days wearing these was long for me thought hahaaa

    2. ok good XDXD
      i cant go 5 days with the same mani either :/


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