Tuesday, May 29, 2012

butter LONDON Powder Room Laquer Remover!!!


Give it up for the butter LONDON Powder Room Lacquer Remover!!!

Cuz this nailpolish remover really deserves some standing ovations : D

This is a 100% vegan product! It removes in an instant with it's gentle, acetone free formula.
No formaldehyde, No toluene, No DBP, Not animal tested.

I only need one single cotton pad with a bit of this magical product and it removes all of the polish I wanna get rid of :)
and I normally need like almost 3 pads when I use an ordinary nailpolish remover!

I've got so much love for this product, next time I'm at the store where I bought it, I'll buy at least 3 bottles of it, as the bottle itself is only 60ml, you can see the size of it on the picture below compared to one of the butter LONDON nailpolishes (btw Rosie Lee)

Guess all the pretty things, are small things ;)

The price of this lacquer remover is about 5 €/$, which is maybe a bit expensive for a nailpolish remover but it's totally worth it!!! And did I tell you already that I LOVE this product!!!! And it smells so good =_= and the bottle is so cute, and I love also the fact that the liquid is pink. ^^ Enough of my uncontrollable enthusiasm for this product!

It's simply the best nailpolish remover I've ever bought!!!!




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