Monday, July 22, 2013

Deauty Box Of July!

Hello again,

This month's deauty box arrived on time :)

Deauty box of July:

This month I didn't get an ordinary deauty box but the first eco friendly deauty box that containts 5 products that are 100% organic!!!! They call it the Deauty Respect Box.


Menu of July!

Even the menu card was out of a different material than usual! It's printed on paper residues fruits and nuts based as well as recycled materials.

AVRIL - Bio certified pencil in copper bronze (Full size)


"With this certified pencil for the eyes and ecocert labeled, you could create a perfect summer look. Composed of 100% natural indegrents, he is advisable for sensitive eyes. He's perfect to create a retro look, to enhace your summer tan. Full size & price: 3,00€"


Pigmentation looks great! Can't wait to try this little new goodie!

AVRIL - nailpolish in #19 red opera (Full size of 7 ml)

"Thanks to Avril, you'll have summer air on your nails. The plus of this polish? He doesn't containt any formaldehyde toluene or paraben! And yet it last very long and dries in record time. Full size & price: 2,30€."

Well, we'll see about that! I guess it's time to remove my current nailpolish and try this one.

The Body Shop - Shea Sugar Body Scrub (Full size)

"This dous and nourishing scrub will be ideal to prepare your skin to the sun. it is composed of organic sugar, soybean oil and shea butter from Ghana, all Fair Trade. The body shop ensures a fair and regular income for small farmers while contributing to the development of community projects such as school construction. Full size & price: 5,50€."

This smells sooooooo great, it feels like a really good peeling for the skin!
And it feels great to know that when you actually buy this or one of the other scents that you support school constructions in Africa. ^^

René Furterer - Shea Decovery Kit (3 x 15 ml)

"The René Furterer shea range contains shea butter from Burkina Faso from fair trade. Not only Fair Trade products but also particularly suitable for dry and damaged hair. Nourishing shampoo: full size 150ml & price 13,25€; Revitalizing cream: full size 100ml & price: 19,95€; Concentrated nutrient; full size 100ml & price: 17,35€."

The kind of hair I have! Since I dyed my hair blond some years ago it still hasn't recovered yet and I like trying new products that are especially made for that type of hair. So I tried them this morning and I don't know yet what to think of them. In all 3 is only like half of the product left, I'll guess I can only use them once more. What I dislike too is that for the shampoo such as for the condionner you have to wait twice 2 minutes, which I don't like because I'm such a unpatient person I can barely hold the 2 minutes condionner in my hair each time ;) and I the nourrishing cream smells strange, I don't know if I like the smell or not...

ALEPIA - Organic Black Caramel Premium Soap (Full size)

"This thick paste is traditionally used by women of the country Maghreb to remove dead skin cells. Take a hot shower or a hot bath to open the pores, then you put on a coat of black soap, leave it for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water. The skin is then ready for a scrub. You can use a traditional loofah or even better the shea scrub from The Body Shop included in this Deauty box! Alepia products do not contain parabens or other pollutants. Full size & price: 16,95€."

The past doesn't look good in my eyes, kind of discusting in the hands and it smells... not good either but I don't doubt what it's made for and that it's made of 100% natural product. So I tried it this morning and I found it kind of difficult to apply it even on the skin, most of the product glued on my shoulders and it was hard to blend it. But I have to be honest, when I removed it with the second hot shower, my skin felt so great ;)

Final thoughts: yaaaaaay my first nailpolish (nailpolish addict talking!) I like the fact that they did such a box and that I can experience organic products, which are often so expensive for someone like me. You automatically feel better than with normal products that contain everything possible in them and probably have also been animal tested without your knowledge. I also LOVE the fact that 4 of 5 products are full size products that cost 27,75€ together if you would try to get them seperately, which proves once again that the box is totally worth it. (Furterer samples not included)

Hava a nice day and week! ^^


Sunday, July 21, 2013



I graduated!!!!!


wohoooooooo I finally have my diploma in Management! ^^

I had my doubts because I thought I failed two exams but it turned out I only failed one of them and they gave me the chance to repeat em some day ago and I was told I passed. You can't imagine what a great feeling that was and still is. For me it means so much. I spend 4 years of hard studying, lots of sleepless nights, and lots of nervwracking moments behind my desk. Finally all that hard work payed off and I can proudly say I passed all of my exams, without cheating!!!! 

But those are not the only news I have!

I also got some extensions some days ago :D


The first picture was taken too close so that it kind of looks like it's almost the same lengh but as you can see above it isn't ;) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the result!

It's the first time I got extensions! Real hair of course. Felt strange at first but now I got used to it. Amazing feeling!

SORRY for the bad I-phone quality!!!!!!!

It's been an exciting week!
May your new week be awesome too <333

Lots of hugs & kisses,


Monday, July 8, 2013

My wedding styling!

Hey guys,

Last weekend one of my many cousins got married!!!! ^^ As you might know I have Balkan origins and that means there was of course a big Balkan wedding with lots of folklore dancing ;) That was a hell of a wedding, my feet hurt like hell for at least 2 days and I was tired for a few more days. 

This is my cousin in her beautiful white wedding dress:

My cousin with her husband

In her other dress, with her two brothers:


And here you can see me with some family of mine! 


I was wearing a long black H&M dress with a upper and bottom part that is semi-transparent and oppen on the sides which is really great when you dance. I knew I wanted to wear a long dress since everybody else would wear a short dress and I also wanted to try out this new semi-transparent trend ^^ I was also wearing a black satine waterfall jacket over it cuz back then it was still freezing and not as hot as these days.


My gold bag was also from H&M, the gold-black chain was borrowed from a friend who actually got it from another friend of mine while a shopping trip in NY. I was so busy that morning that I didn't had the time (or maybe also forgot about it) to put on some earings or other jewellery. And my black shoes with little black stones, that shimmer in the light, are from Jumex. I like them but I will never ever wear new shoes to a wedding again lol Up to 8 hours in new shoes can't end good!


I got my hair done by a friend that works a hairdresser. Once again I wanted something different than usual. I went for a hair bun with a braid that goes from the front to one side and I also had a braid under my hair bun. (First 3 pictures are right from the hairdresser, no make up alarm!).


And this is what it looked like when I was done with my styling and ready to leave for the wedding! I really loved it and I also got a lot of compliments for it :D A huge thanks again to my friend Jess for that!


Since I was in such a hurry I wasn't able to take pictures of my makeup from that day and after I got back from the wedding it wasn't that good looking anymore (lot of tears of joy, you know ;)) and so I recreated it ^^


Don't be scared about my highlighting and contoring, I know I look like a crazy person with war paint!!!! xD But blended out it turned out into this:


P2  Perfect Face makeup base
Revlon Photo Ready foundation in 004 Nude
Zoeva cream highlighter and bronzer (concealer palette)
Sleek Face Contour kit powder in light
Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Pink Quartz (more hightlighter)
NARS Organsm blush
P2 Ferfect Face! finish powder in 010 white brilliance
Urban Decay All Nighter long lasting makeup setting spray

I was applying first the face primer, then the foundation, the I was using the highlighter and contor color from the Zoeva concealer palette and after I blended them out I had to do the whole highlighting and contoring thing again with powder (that's what you do for a long lasting, powder over cream ;) as powder of foundation). And then I also applied some blush and transparent powder over the whole face + the UD all nighter spray.


NYX lipliner pencil in 810 Natural
MAC Please me lipstick

For the eyes I decided to also go for gold-black eyes! ^^

Catrice prime & fine eyeshadow base
Sleek yellow/gold eyeshadow (from the sunset palette, lid, blended out)
Sleek matt black (from the same palette, crease & upper lashline, blended out)
Sephora Jumbo Liner in Gold (on top of th lid, slightly blended out)
Maybelline Liner Express eye liner in black
Benefit they're Real! mascara
Catrice gel eye liner in #10 Black Jack with Jack Black (waterline)
Essence eyeborw stylist set (dark color)
Catrice lash/brow designer (to keep my brows in shape)

As mentioned above I was in such a hurry when I got back from the hairdresser that I had to do my makeup very fast and I had no time left to put on false lashes, nor to put on more jewellery nor to do my nails xD I guess for the next wedding I will plan sooner and better!


I wish my cousin all the best with her husband. May they be happy together for the rest of their lives :)

Have a great sunny week!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Deauty Box Of June!

Hello again,

My Deauty Box of June was a bit running late this month, they had some delivery difficulties. I got my box 5 days later than usual and this weekend I was at a wedding that sucked me dry of energy for the last 2 days, so that's why this post is only published today!

Deauty box of June:

This time I got 6 products but in fact there are only 5 and one is a gift for men!

Menu of June!


CATRICE - Mascara Glamour Doll Volume (Full size)

"This summer, we play with cat eyes and hell of lashes! An intense black with an innovative brush, that's what the Catrice Glamour Doll Volume mascara is. the brush removes just the right amount of material. the pins separate the lashes nicely while applying, for a natural result. Volume and intensity: all in this tube! Full size, prize: 3,99€."

I tried this mascara twice and I can't find anything bad to say about, doesn't smudge, but at the same time it's not that good as they claim it to be. I don't see much more volume, it's only a simple drugstore mascara. But who knows maybe I should use it a few times more to really be able to review it.

CATRICE - Ultimate Colour "It's a Matte World" lipstick (Full size)


"A glamour lipstick and a must have color, that's "It's a Matte World" by Catrice. It's creamy texture won't dry your lips and it takes only two coats to get an intense color. It's long lasting and can even be applies as blush just pat the lipstick with your fingertips gently on your cheekbones! A red coral to wear for any occasion. Full size, price: 3,99 €."

I haven't tried it yet on my lips neither on my cheeks! But on the back of my hand it looks really nice. I'm into matte lipsticks at the moment so this could be fun. ^^

Estée Lauder - Revitalizing Supreme face (5 ml)

"This high-performance, multi-action creme has the power to respond to skin's changing needs--and helps significantly reduce the appearance of multiple signs of ageing: lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness, dehydration. Younger look, smoother skin, clearer, more radiant appearance. Skin is deeply hydrated, and looks firmer, more compact, supple and thoroughly revitalised. It helps skin cells boost natural age-resisting functions. Full size: 50 ml & price: 85 €."

I don't know if I really need anti-aging cream yet lol but I'll keep it and use it wisely ;)

Etat Pur - Actif Pur A92 (430 mg)

"Escin pur Active is recommended for heavy legs. With heat, fatigue, dawdling or repetitive static positions, an impression of heavy legs may be felt. This active is indicated to prevent the occurrence of feelings of heavy legs and to alleviate them once they have happened. Escin is a natural molecule very widely used in pharmacy and dermatology for its phlebotonic, soothing and draining properties. Full size, price: 14, 80 €."

I wonder if this really works. But I rarely have heavy legs. This might be something for my mother since she often claims to have them.

Lamazuna - Alps soap (100 g)

"What is better that a soap from the traditionnal alps? Known for natural soaps, the economic capital of Syria offers what it's best in, with a delicately scent. Soft and perfect for all skin types. It's especially recommended against acne, eczema and dry skin. Full size, price: 3,90 €"

Since I tend to acne, eczema and dry skin this sound perfect for me O.O Can't wait to try it out!!!! In the last month's deauty box I got those 2 cleaning whipes by this brand.

Eucerin - Silver Shave Shaving Foam For Men (30 ml)

Anti- irritation & anti-micro-cuts!

So this is the additional product for men I got with mine. Since I suppose you are a girl, I won't go into describing this product and give it asap to my little brother!!! ;)

Final thoughts: This is certainly an interesting box this month, and the fact that I got this time 4 full size products is amazing!!!! The only thing that makes me sad is that I saw on Instagram some people's boxes (that got theirs on time) got the Catrice Nude eyeshadow palette instead of the mascara, and since I was so close to buy it some time ago (but refused because I have enough eyeshadow palettes) I was happy in advance to get it after all and then I didn't get it xD. Well, well, I guess I have to buy it myself after all. 

 Have a nice week!