Monday, July 22, 2013

Deauty Box Of July!

Hello again,

This month's deauty box arrived on time :)

Deauty box of July:

This month I didn't get an ordinary deauty box but the first eco friendly deauty box that containts 5 products that are 100% organic!!!! They call it the Deauty Respect Box.


Menu of July!

Even the menu card was out of a different material than usual! It's printed on paper residues fruits and nuts based as well as recycled materials.

AVRIL - Bio certified pencil in copper bronze (Full size)


"With this certified pencil for the eyes and ecocert labeled, you could create a perfect summer look. Composed of 100% natural indegrents, he is advisable for sensitive eyes. He's perfect to create a retro look, to enhace your summer tan. Full size & price: 3,00€"


Pigmentation looks great! Can't wait to try this little new goodie!

AVRIL - nailpolish in #19 red opera (Full size of 7 ml)

"Thanks to Avril, you'll have summer air on your nails. The plus of this polish? He doesn't containt any formaldehyde toluene or paraben! And yet it last very long and dries in record time. Full size & price: 2,30€."

Well, we'll see about that! I guess it's time to remove my current nailpolish and try this one.

The Body Shop - Shea Sugar Body Scrub (Full size)

"This dous and nourishing scrub will be ideal to prepare your skin to the sun. it is composed of organic sugar, soybean oil and shea butter from Ghana, all Fair Trade. The body shop ensures a fair and regular income for small farmers while contributing to the development of community projects such as school construction. Full size & price: 5,50€."

This smells sooooooo great, it feels like a really good peeling for the skin!
And it feels great to know that when you actually buy this or one of the other scents that you support school constructions in Africa. ^^

René Furterer - Shea Decovery Kit (3 x 15 ml)

"The René Furterer shea range contains shea butter from Burkina Faso from fair trade. Not only Fair Trade products but also particularly suitable for dry and damaged hair. Nourishing shampoo: full size 150ml & price 13,25€; Revitalizing cream: full size 100ml & price: 19,95€; Concentrated nutrient; full size 100ml & price: 17,35€."

The kind of hair I have! Since I dyed my hair blond some years ago it still hasn't recovered yet and I like trying new products that are especially made for that type of hair. So I tried them this morning and I don't know yet what to think of them. In all 3 is only like half of the product left, I'll guess I can only use them once more. What I dislike too is that for the shampoo such as for the condionner you have to wait twice 2 minutes, which I don't like because I'm such a unpatient person I can barely hold the 2 minutes condionner in my hair each time ;) and I the nourrishing cream smells strange, I don't know if I like the smell or not...

ALEPIA - Organic Black Caramel Premium Soap (Full size)

"This thick paste is traditionally used by women of the country Maghreb to remove dead skin cells. Take a hot shower or a hot bath to open the pores, then you put on a coat of black soap, leave it for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water. The skin is then ready for a scrub. You can use a traditional loofah or even better the shea scrub from The Body Shop included in this Deauty box! Alepia products do not contain parabens or other pollutants. Full size & price: 16,95€."

The past doesn't look good in my eyes, kind of discusting in the hands and it smells... not good either but I don't doubt what it's made for and that it's made of 100% natural product. So I tried it this morning and I found it kind of difficult to apply it even on the skin, most of the product glued on my shoulders and it was hard to blend it. But I have to be honest, when I removed it with the second hot shower, my skin felt so great ;)

Final thoughts: yaaaaaay my first nailpolish (nailpolish addict talking!) I like the fact that they did such a box and that I can experience organic products, which are often so expensive for someone like me. You automatically feel better than with normal products that contain everything possible in them and probably have also been animal tested without your knowledge. I also LOVE the fact that 4 of 5 products are full size products that cost 27,75€ together if you would try to get them seperately, which proves once again that the box is totally worth it. (Furterer samples not included)

Hava a nice day and week! ^^



  1. This is probably one the best boxes i've seen!
    That eye pencil color is so pretty *-*

    1. Yeah I like that it's so eco friendly!
      BTW do you like your new RT brushes? ^^


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