Monday, July 8, 2013

My wedding styling!

Hey guys,

Last weekend one of my many cousins got married!!!! ^^ As you might know I have Balkan origins and that means there was of course a big Balkan wedding with lots of folklore dancing ;) That was a hell of a wedding, my feet hurt like hell for at least 2 days and I was tired for a few more days. 

This is my cousin in her beautiful white wedding dress:

My cousin with her husband

In her other dress, with her two brothers:


And here you can see me with some family of mine! 


I was wearing a long black H&M dress with a upper and bottom part that is semi-transparent and oppen on the sides which is really great when you dance. I knew I wanted to wear a long dress since everybody else would wear a short dress and I also wanted to try out this new semi-transparent trend ^^ I was also wearing a black satine waterfall jacket over it cuz back then it was still freezing and not as hot as these days.


My gold bag was also from H&M, the gold-black chain was borrowed from a friend who actually got it from another friend of mine while a shopping trip in NY. I was so busy that morning that I didn't had the time (or maybe also forgot about it) to put on some earings or other jewellery. And my black shoes with little black stones, that shimmer in the light, are from Jumex. I like them but I will never ever wear new shoes to a wedding again lol Up to 8 hours in new shoes can't end good!


I got my hair done by a friend that works a hairdresser. Once again I wanted something different than usual. I went for a hair bun with a braid that goes from the front to one side and I also had a braid under my hair bun. (First 3 pictures are right from the hairdresser, no make up alarm!).


And this is what it looked like when I was done with my styling and ready to leave for the wedding! I really loved it and I also got a lot of compliments for it :D A huge thanks again to my friend Jess for that!


Since I was in such a hurry I wasn't able to take pictures of my makeup from that day and after I got back from the wedding it wasn't that good looking anymore (lot of tears of joy, you know ;)) and so I recreated it ^^


Don't be scared about my highlighting and contoring, I know I look like a crazy person with war paint!!!! xD But blended out it turned out into this:


P2  Perfect Face makeup base
Revlon Photo Ready foundation in 004 Nude
Zoeva cream highlighter and bronzer (concealer palette)
Sleek Face Contour kit powder in light
Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in Pink Quartz (more hightlighter)
NARS Organsm blush
P2 Ferfect Face! finish powder in 010 white brilliance
Urban Decay All Nighter long lasting makeup setting spray

I was applying first the face primer, then the foundation, the I was using the highlighter and contor color from the Zoeva concealer palette and after I blended them out I had to do the whole highlighting and contoring thing again with powder (that's what you do for a long lasting, powder over cream ;) as powder of foundation). And then I also applied some blush and transparent powder over the whole face + the UD all nighter spray.


NYX lipliner pencil in 810 Natural
MAC Please me lipstick

For the eyes I decided to also go for gold-black eyes! ^^

Catrice prime & fine eyeshadow base
Sleek yellow/gold eyeshadow (from the sunset palette, lid, blended out)
Sleek matt black (from the same palette, crease & upper lashline, blended out)
Sephora Jumbo Liner in Gold (on top of th lid, slightly blended out)
Maybelline Liner Express eye liner in black
Benefit they're Real! mascara
Catrice gel eye liner in #10 Black Jack with Jack Black (waterline)
Essence eyeborw stylist set (dark color)
Catrice lash/brow designer (to keep my brows in shape)

As mentioned above I was in such a hurry when I got back from the hairdresser that I had to do my makeup very fast and I had no time left to put on false lashes, nor to put on more jewellery nor to do my nails xD I guess for the next wedding I will plan sooner and better!


I wish my cousin all the best with her husband. May they be happy together for the rest of their lives :)

Have a great sunny week!



  1. Thanks for sharing your cousin's wedding photos. I've a soft spot for weddings, especially since my own was so memorable. Your cousin looked absolutely stunning, and I liked your makeup too.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

    1. Thank you very much hun! I actually love weddings and to dance. Can't wait for the next wedding. New wedding, new dress, new makeup ^^ and a new luck.

  2. I wish all the best luck for your cousin!!
    Both her look and yours were amazing!!

    1. Thank you very much my dear!!!!! <3 I look a bit like I could also go to a funeral but then again I like that it's not as colorful as I would usually go or other people.

  3. Deng cousine geseit wonnerschein aus.alles guddes gewenscht :)
    dei eischt foto vum make up ass schon bessen witzeg,ech mengen ech geif dat niemols sou schein ,,verblend,, kreien :) ganz flott


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