Sunday, May 25, 2014

DM Haul (Drugstore/Drogerie)


Here I am again! I was at DM some day again and I wanted to show you what I bought this time.


Starting with makeup!

I repurchsed one of the maybelline Fit me foundation sticks, this time I decided to take another number, #250 sun beige instead of #120 classic ivory, because believe it or not I got a little tan and now I feel like #120 is too light for me. These sticks are so great, the formula is quite nice, it has a good coverage and is easy to blend with the fingers or makeup brush :)
I also restocked my favorie pen that I like to use for my eyebrows. I'm talking about the essence longlasting eye pencil in 'hot chocolate'. It's just the perfect color for my eyebrows.
I also bought one more Astor soft sensation lipcolor butter in #011 feling feline. That would be my 3rd 'chubby stick' by Astor.
I also needed to buy new tweezers because I lost mine and I needed to do my eyebrows so badly and since this one was so cheap, not even 2€ as I remember, it does the job quite right.
And last but not least I got turned on by the new Astor lipsticks from the Heidi Klum collection. The Dorient recommended one of the a few days ago and so I had to take a closer look at these and I was quite impressed by them too. Very pigmented while swatching! I haven't put any of them on yet but since it's almost summer, this summer screams for bright lipstick colors. :D


A little swatch of the 3 colors I bought! The Dorient mentionned that she thought ARTY looks similar to MAC Impassionated and it comes really close to it thought. I do have bouth too. If you wanna see a comparison of those two colors just let me know and I might put up some swatch pictures. I think I picked the 3 best colors from this collection and if I also like them on my lips I might buy a few more.

For my nails I had to buy some nailpolish remover since I was running out of it. I bought one with sponge, love these to remove glitter nail polish and I bought a simple one for quick removement. I also picked up 3 colors from the brand P2, two of the new satin supreme colors and a green one from the regular collection.

I bought hair removing cream for my legs cuz in summer I don't like to shave them since I always get little pimples on my tights and I find it easy to avoid this buy using removement cream plus this make them even a bit tighter. Bought my favorite tooth paste and I also bought a handlotion that has shea butter and argan oil in it. I might have said it a 100 times so far but I have really dry hands and it's sometimes hard to keep them moistrized over the whole day since I often forget to put hand cream on them. So by buying a hand lotion with a pump I find it easier to use this after using my regular hand soap. ^^


I went back to an old favorite of mine that I always bought back then when we had Schlecker's in Luxembourg (they are closed now).  And I bought already 2 cuz these are not very big and I wanted a little stock of them cuz I decided to not use the bebe young care and rexona deodorant that I normally use. I don't know if you have already heard of the big scandal lately in the news. Almost every deodorant has aluminium in them and this substance can cause cancer. And that's why I won't use them anymore!!!!

I also grapped a bit of food at DM. Bought 3 fitness bar with vanilla-strawberry  and a beetroot-horseradish cream. Had to buy this one since I was so impressed by the color and already saw someone on instagram using this one, that I had to have it for myself. BTW these fitness bars are by far the best I've ever tried. They were only 50 cents one, I think next time I'll grab a bunch more ;)

That's it for today! ^^


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Early Birthday Wishlist :P

Hiiii guys,

Like last year I decided to do an early birthday wishlist to give my friends & family already a hint what I would REALLY like to get :P No one likes presents more than me and no one hates bad presents as much as I do. To avoid this I made a little template with things that would be amazing as birthday presents :D

1. The Larsson & Jennings swatch with black leather strap. I'm aware that this baby costs 247€. It looks similar to my Daniel Wellington watch but I love this look and I would like to have a watch with a black clock-face ^^
2. I fell in love with these Tory Burch bracelets. I'd most like it in black but orange and pink look amazing to me too :P
3. Since I have a new phone (i-phone 5) I also need a new phone case. And the one that hit my eyes is this cute bunny phone case by moschino. Available at for 65€.
4. About 420€... yeah worth a try... lol maybe there is a crazy person out there who wants to see these on me?!
5. A few new brushes by Goss Wayne (LOVE him) would be nice. A whole set is too expensive I know but a few... :O Available at
6. The new Karl Lagerfeld fragance that came out this year in March. I think it smells really good.
7. And since fragrance is always a good idea... the new Guerlain La petite robe noir fragrance would be nice to receive too :)

To be continued...