Sunday, September 29, 2013

Deauty Box Of September - The Apothecary Box!


What a surprise! My deauty box of the September turned out to be a an apothecary box!!!

And this is what I'm talking about:

Menu Prescription of September:


Plante system - precious serum (Full size)


"We selected for you a green/bilogique exceptional treatment to effectively fight against the signs of skin aging. This intensive anti-wrinkle moisturizer and high serum contains hyaluroique acid and edelweiss flower from the Alps, known for its moisturizing and restructuring properties. The skin is smooth, firm, hydrated and more resistant to external aggressions. Full size! Price: 19.75 €."

I thought that the package of it looks really cheap, like most biologique packages probably do but when you open it, it contains a really nice and rich looking bottle. ^^ I can need this really good now that I work more than ever before. 

Eucerin - balm hands (30 ml)

 "With this hand cream Eucerin ends dry hands from the cold! Here is a real moisturizing and nourishing lasting balm to take good care of your hands, to make them soft, smooth, comfortable and protect from outside attacks. It is also extremely suitable for very dry and sensitive hands due to its neutral pH. Full size: 75 ml & price: 7,80 €."

This comes right on time!!!! Cuz I'm a person that washes her hands like every 10 minutes and yesterday my aunt made fun out of me, she said that her hands are more soft than mine... and they really were... like seriously? -.-" We have to change that, right Eucerine?

ROC - Retin-Ox Correxion (15 ml)

"When it comes to taking care of our skin, we can always count on ROC. With the time passing, the production and quality of collogène and elastin decreases. This results in the appearance of wrinkles on the face and eyes. Thus, ROC has combined three powerful anti-wrinkle technologies in a day cream: Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Biopeptides. This powerful cocktail of ingredients visibly reduces wrinkles while giving you quick results. Full size: 40 ml & price: 32,50 €"

 Quick results, yes please!!!! hahaaaa ;)

Weleda - silky body milk with rose organic butternut (20 ml)


"Finally, a milk for the body that combines organic, sensory pleasure and efficiency! This body lotion helps the process of natural regeneration of the skin and gives it elasticity and smoothness. The bilogique wild rose oil, jojoba oil and witch hazel make skin visibly smoother. His little something extra? It's delicate scent of damask rose. Full size: 200 ml & price: 13,99 €."

Hmmm I don't know. For me it's not very much for a body milk, this feels like a sample, I don't know if you I could use it more than once if I put it everywhere on my body. And that little extra something is a bit too much for me. It smells too much like rose for my personal taste. 

Weleda - mild shampoo or millet (18 ml)


"Treat yourself to a moment of pampering in the shower with this shampoo Weleda. It cleans your douceut scalp while preserving the tone and natural hair shine. This product is formulated with extracts of organic millet, macadamia nut oil and organic sage extract bio officinale. The result? Your hair is softened and refreshed, your scalp is stimulated and purified. Full size: 190 ml & price: 9.99 €."

Also, unsatisfied with the size! It could be a bit more thought. I haven't tried it yet but it smells terrible. We'll see.

René Furterer - Astera serum (2 x 10 ml)

"This serum, without rinsing, provides immediate effect icicle scalp. He immediately soothes and sustainably. The scalp regains comfort while preserving external aggressions. To enjoy it's benefits is simple: apply the serum all over the clean damp scalp, line by line, without rinsing. Full size: 75 ml & price: 17,00 €."

Hmm the last René Furterer set of shampoo, conditioner, and oil I got some months ago did nothing to my hair. I hope this doesn't dissappoint me too.

Weleda - shampoo & conditioner (2 x 10 ml)

I don't know why but these two little sachets are not at all mentionned on the Deauty Menu/prescriptio. But I can tell you what's on the back of the sides!

"Oat Replenishing Shampoo. With its delicate scent, this shampoo smoothes the hairs's surface, and reduces breakage and split ends and improves suppleness.
Oat Replenishing conditioner. With its delicate scent this conditioner smoothes hair's surface, adds moisture and restores the hair's natural resilience. 2 x 10 ml & price: unknown."

Final thoughts: I like half of the stuff and can't wait to use it, the other half I'm not sure what to think of because I'm worried that they won't satisfy me at all. You can't always get what you want! But the idea of an apothecary box is okay. Sometimes we forget to get things like these when we need it the most. ^^

Have a nice Sunday!


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  1. That serum is really pretty <3 Could you please review it later?
    This months box is really nice :3
    Please take care! Have a nice day!*


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