Friday, September 13, 2013

Fashion Cravings + Bloggers To Follow!

Fashionistas hey hooo,

Here I am again! I know it's been more than a week since my last post but I've been so busy working (replacing some people that took their summer holidays or those who fell sick) and in my free time I felt more like doing some fitness to keep up with my "tired from work body". But I hope the worst time is over and I'm looking for a new job at the moment.

Meanwhile I got into a black hole that is filled with lots of beautiful stuff I'm thinking about to buy for myself! Some of these are featured in this post :D Enjoy my picks and maybe you could help me to choose!?

KENZO embroidered tiger sweater

as you can see on Izortze from (more pics >>> HERE <<<)

The olive color looks kind of cool too
KENZO - embroidered tiger sweater 6

as seen on the lovely Selena Gomez

and Brandy who wore almost the same last year at an event!

or the grey one?

seen on Kaling Cheng from (more pics >>> HERE <<<)

I really love how this sweater looks like. Pretty cool hein? But pricy for a sweater (I don't even wear sweaters a lot) Price: 195€!
Worth it? Shall I buy one?

Céline luggage mini crossbody tote

as seen on Nicky Hilton (LOVE her)

BTW she owns a black KENZO sweater ;)

Valentino Rockstud patent t-strap pumps in the color poudre:

Price: 945€

as seen on Tamara Kalinic aka theGlamandGlitter from
(more pics >>> HERE <<<)

BTW she owns a blue KENZO sweater ;) 

Red Diane von Fürstenberg Lip Clutch (in a bigger size than this)

as seen on Amandine from (more pics >>> HERE <<<)

I just think this is a very cool looking clutch, that not everyone would wear. Price: 295€

One of these Céline tshirts!

It doesn't have to be the original but can be selfmade from etsy or like this one from Romwe. Price: can vary depending where you buy it. More pictures right under the next 2 pictures!

Lookbookstore jacket
Double Lapel Fit-and-flare Blazer - WhiteDouble Lapel Fit-and-flare Blazer - Black

as seen on Luisa from (more pics >>> HERE <<< & >>> HERE <<<)

Price: +/- 45€

White or black? or maybe both? :P

Decisions, decisions, decisions,... HELP??? Oh my poor little wallet! I better find a new better payed job asap. Meanwhile you guys go follow the blogs I mentionned!!!!!





  1. the valentino rockstuds are gorgeous!

  2. I want to kick my blogger so badly --' He didn't show me your blog posts :<
    Anyway, I love your choices. Specially that grey shirt *-* It's amazing for the fall time!
    I also really love that Lookbookstore jacket (I would say black for the fall and winter time)

    Please take care, have a nice day!*

    1. Hi my dear! My blogger sometimes does the same and seems to eat up some posts.


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