Tuesday, September 3, 2013

OROFLUIDO Exclusive Editon!!!!

Hi my lovely ladies,

This is a short post just to give you an important informormation! My favorite hair oil Orofluido has launched an eclusive edition of it's famous beauty elixir which comes with an exclusive lip gloss. And guess what? That lipgloss has even a little mirror on one side, and if you want to apply it in the night or while your at a club, it has also a light included which will make applying so much easier.

What is the Orofluido beauty elixir?

"Beauty treatment for all hair types, with Argan, Cyperus and Linseed oils. Use it on damp or dry hair to discipline and add instant shine."

But you can also use it on dry skin! And omg this smells sooooooo great that everytime I put some on I wanna eat it hahahaaaaaaa Yes, that good! And what it makes? It's an magic potion for dry hair!!!! I think that says it all!

About the lip gloss!

"Long lasting lip gloss with Argan, Cyperus and Linseed oils and the delicious fragrance of Orofluido. Provides a repairing action on dry lips. With light on the cap and a mirror on one side."



Probably the coolest lip gloss I've ever seen. Or which other brand does a mirror and light? It looks like honey (nude color with some sparkle) and smells delicious as they described it! I wanna eat this too! And it's perfect for my dry lips and especially now that autumn and winter are knocking on my door.

This limited edition costs about 27 €, so get it as soon as you can!!!!!!

Have a nice week!


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  1. That amazing *-*
    I would wear that lipgloss with a nice smokey eye!
    Please take care, gave a nice day!*



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