Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Deauty box of August - the 1 year anniversary box!

Hi Ladies,

It's deauty time again! And this month's deauty box is a special one because the Deauty box is already celebrating it's first birthday!

Pity, I couldn't enjoy these wonderful boxes from the begining on but I'm glad I found out about them cuz no other box is delivering to my country (Luxembourg). 

This month's special box contains 5 full size products that cost all together more or less 48 €. And there are two extras, one headband out of silk and as a client you can pick up an extra shower gel by Bioderma in the iU stores (but unfortunately they are only in Belgium).

Deauty box of August:

Menu of August

Bioderma - Sensibio H20 (Full size)

"Sensibio H20, is the 'must-have' micellaire solution: 1 flacon of Sensbio H20 is sold every 8 seconds in the world. And so every beauty addicts of the world have adopted this make up remover and cleaner. Full size: 100 ml! Price: 9,20€."

I wanted to buy this for ages but always forgot it or never found them in the stores I was looking for a cleansing solution. Yesh!!!! Can't wait to see if it's really that good. And it's true that I've seen so many beauty gurus using the cleaner of Bioderma.

Maybelline - Baby lips (Full size)

"Stop it with the classic lip balms! This cute little stick is the latest trend in the balms era: nourishes your lips with it's rich formula of shea butter, antioxidants and vitamins. Don't wait for the winter to heal your lips! Join the "Baby Lips" revolution. Full size! Price: 3,99 €."

I had this baby ball in blue, can't remember what taste it was, wasn't much using it althought it was good, maybe this one tastes better.

Garnier - Lisseur Optique (Full size)

"This revolutionary basic complexion concentrates light reflectors with exceptional optical properties for a matte immediately effect, that's filling and smoothing the skin. For best results, apply the base after your day cream. Full size! Price: 10,99 €."

Hmmm not that I need this already at my age but you never know. I'll give it a try anyway thought ;)

Clinique - Rouge Longtemps All Heart (Full size)


At Deauty, we celebrate our anniversary with color! Entrust your smile with the big brand Clinique lipstick that combines comfort and long-lasting. This red satin under the shades of brick, beige and pink is perfect for any occasion. Full size! Price: 21, 47 €."


I must say this is my first Clinique lipstick! I never was really a fan of their lipsticks, they never catched my attention when I was at the counter, althought I love their Chubby Sticks!!!! I'm really glad that I got this little goodie to maybe change my mind about their lipsticks. Color looks good thought. ^^

Avril - Blush (Full size)

"Brighten your complexion with this delicate blush thanks to April. Very pigmented, easy to apply and blends perfectly, it will enhance your cheeks with a veil of fresh and natural color. The plus? It contains no parabens! Full size! Price: 2,00 €."

The pigmentation looks quite good to me. And I love these little goldish shimmer in it. We'll see if it can keep up with my other peach blushes. I also love the fact that this one is paraben free :)

Final thoughts: I really enjoy this month's Deauty box! All the stuff looks nice to me. The fact that all of these are full size products and would cost me almost 50 €, if I'd buy them seperately, is amazingly awesome. This box really payed off!!!!!! The only con in my eyes are the extra gifts they are promising, I can't really benefit from them, the sild headband I don't know what to do with it and I wish they would have included that shower gel by Bioderma immediately in this box. But all in all as I said before I'm really satisfied with this one!

BTW I'm thinking about doing a "Back to School Giveaway! It might be already up by the end of next week. I still have to buy some stuff for it ;)

Have a nice day!



  1. this box seems interesting..do they ship internationally? :)

  2. I wish we could have boxes like this in Portugal (I bet you are getting tired of me saying this every time I comment xD ), our boxes are a serious joke compared to this one.

    Btw, I have used bioderma for a while (the sebium version) and I love it!!
    Please take care, have a nice day **



    1. That's pity to hear! I wish I could start a company like that and send out great boxes with stuff the girls will like FOR SURE. (if I ever do I'll let you know ;))

      I like it so far a lot ;)

  3. IU get et io lo och hei zu Letz. an da Belle etoile :) hun ma main lo grad do bestallt. :)


    1. Ahsou wirklech???? Wosst daat mol net xD Daat ass gudd, mais bon sin sou selten an da Belle Etoile an fuhren lo net extra nemmen weinst dem Duschgel ;)

  4. i think i have to subscribe to the box again :)


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